Tatsuma's Spells

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Tatsuma's Spells

Post by Tatsuma on Mon Mar 31, 2014 8:51 pm

Tatsuma's spells

dragon slayer eating ability:

Spell name: Dragon Slayer Ability - Eat Lightning
Element: Lighting
Rank: Character Level
MP cost: N/A
Effect: Tatsuma may eat lightning and gain nourishment from it as if eating regular food. This does not apply to his own spells. In addition, he may eat a lightning spell used on him up to a rank equal to their own. Higher level spells cannot be eaten. Once eaten, he regains MP up to the spell's MP cost at a rate of 10 per post. The ability cannot be used while still regaining MP from another spell. In addition, the character is immune to the effects of lightning element from any natural source. Higher level lightning spells may still affect Tatsuma at half of the normal power and cannot be eaten. He is only effected by lightning from spells that are at least two ranks higher.

Lightning Dragon Roar:

Spell name: Lightning Dragon Roar
Element: Lightning
Rank: 3
MP cost: 25
Overcharge cost: 50
Effect:  Tatsuma inhales a large amount of air before exhaling and a blast of violet electricity as he shouts "Lightning Dragon Roar!" The blast covers a small area when overcharged but only strikes a single target when used normally. With the non-overcharged version a lightning bolt streaks across the area, with the overcharged version a wide blast of lightning energy is exhaled in a wave. The resulting damage leaving anyone struck feeling numb and unsteady.

Power: **(*)
Area: (*)
Extra: Shocking, ranged, Overcharged

Lightning Palm:

Spell name: Lightning Palm
Element: Lightning
Rank: 2
MP cost: 15
Overcharge cost: 30
Effect: Tatsuma races forward, striking a target with a full palm strike. In the regular version his hand crackles with electricity, an opponent hit with the palm strike is struck with powerful blast of electricity. With the overcharged version the lightning crackles around his entire body before being discharged at the enemy and affecting the area in front of his palm. Additionally, in the overcharged version the palm strike does not actually have to connect.

Power: ****(*)
Extra: Overcharged, shocking

Lightning Flash:

Spell name: Lightning flash
Element: Lightning
Rank: 1
MP cost: 10
Sustain cost 5
Effect: Tatsuma is able to increase his speed greatly, allowing for his fighting style to be used to its utmost and to put him on more even terms with an enemy. This makes him more difficult to keep up with and allows him to use his momentum to add to his assaults. A brief flash of electricity over the whole of Tatsuma's body is all the warning most people get as his speed increases. His body flickers, as he moves as a blur, allowing him to increase his momentum.

Power: (**)
Extra: Buff, targets self, sustained, Cloaking


Shock Shield:

Spell name: Shock Shield
Element: Lightning
Rank: 1
MP cost: 20
Effect: This shield blocks very little damage. While the electromagnetic field causes some of the damage to be siphoned off, the main function of the shield is to retaliate against an attacker which in turn causes them to be numbed and slower, giving Tatsuma the edge to overpower his enemies while they are recovering. The shield shatters and becomes ineffective for protection if the attack is at more than *** power total, meanwhile he takes half the damage inflicted is at **** or more. If the spell is three or more ranks higher it simply blows right through, providing no protection at all.

Tatsuma's body seemed to exude electricity creating a visible electromagnetic field outlined tightly over his body. This is always used in overcharge mode. In addition the shocking effect is tied to reflected damage since it is electrified on contact with his shield.

Power: (**)(*)
Extra: Defending, ReflectiveX2, Overcharged, shocking


Lightning Dragon Burst:

Spell name: Lightning Dragon Burst
Element: Lightning
Rank: 1
MP cost: 20
Effect: This ability is always used in Overcharge mode. A sphere  of electricity arcs from Tatsuma's hands, feet, or forehead and upon striking the enemy causes a shock to their nervous system resulting in paralysis. A split second wave of electricity over the part of the body firing the sphere flickers just as it is fired. Once launched the discharge covers a small area.

Power: *(*)
Speed: (*)
Area: (*)
Extra: Overcharged, binding, lingering
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Re: Tatsuma's Spells

Post by Guest on Wed Apr 02, 2014 8:45 pm

Hey I am the Magic Mod Sinon~ I am here to check your spells...Please hold on as I verify your spells...
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