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Nessa Fylan

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Nessa Fylan

[Attributes] (Insert *'s in each category using the guidelines in the attribute topic)
Power - ***
Agility - ***
Toughness - ***
Intelligence - ******
Willpower - ***

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Nessa Fylan
Alias(es): Nesy (although only her father really calls her that)
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Birthday: April 26
Sexuality: Bisexual

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 135 lb
Hair: Purple
Eyes: Blue

General Appearance:
As far as appearance goes, Nessa isn't particularly special. She's of average stature with an equally average, if slender build. While not particularly muscular or chiseled, as some might say, the work she does requires a certain amount of hard labor as well as the ability to fit into small places; this being the lead reason behind her figure. That aside she just enjoys staying active overall, but she's not exactly the type to work out 24/7 either. Because of her constant runs from town to town, either as train maintenance or testing out one of her inventions, Nessa does sport a healthy tan on her otherwise light toned skin.

An almond shaped face is home to a pair of piercing sapphire orbs, which hide behind a pair of thin-framed glasses. Her bright eyes are naturally highlighted by their contrast with the purple locks that frame the young gal's features. Partially because of her work, Nessa keeps her straight hair sort; never falling longer than the back of her neck. At the front, the many bangs that fall are kept over the eye line so as to not be bothered with them. Again, because of the nature of her work, make up is reserved for special occasions, with the closest thing otherwise being dark grease stains on her face from time to time.

As far as clothing goes, Nessa likes to keep it ultra casual. A simple shirt, cargo pants or jeans and runners are the extent of her daily attire. Some work gloves and a tool belt aren't rare either. If anything, the one accessory the young lady never leaves home without is a pair of goggles which she normally keeps strapped loosely around he neck. These are normally worn during work or during situations where wearing just her glasses might be inconvenient.

A genius of sorts, Nessa could just as well be considered an expert at what she does. Of course, aside from her incredibly high intellect, it does help that her family has been in the engineering business for at least 3 generations. Not to mention she was raised by only her father, who would take her on numerous trips along the railroad; where she would develop her own liking of machines. At this point however, the girl is way beyond the liking stage and has fallen into full fledged obsession.

As they say, genius brings with it a number of odd quirks and bits of eccentricity. Unfortunately for the young gal, Nessa is no exception. Her obsessive behavior for example, extends far beyond just her liking of machinery. She's the type that is constantly wanting to 'fix' everything; whether it's broken or not. Then there's her interest in odd or unusual magics. Seeing such magics have a tendency to spark a desire to build a machine to replicate them with little regard for efficiency or side effects. Owners of said magic should be wary; Nessa's been known to stalk people... or worse... in order to understand their abilities.

Not to fear though. Despite her oddities, the young mage is relatively friendly and there hasn't been a report where anyone has been seriously harmed by her 'gathering of information'. Her inventions are a completely different story though. It is wise to stay as far away from her testing areas as possible. It's well know that glorious explosions of comical effect tend to be more common than the glorious successes she enjoys.

Do note her relatively flat chest, never bring it up, and for your sake, never confuse her for a boy. Causing the young lady extreme annoyance of any sort can and will be punished with the many, wonderful mysteries of 'Hammerspace'. Beware, she is also a fan of mechas and has a tendency to make her inventions more complicated than they need be.

Prone to random heroic outbursts, it is also worth noting that the girl is a quick thinker; able to change plans and battle strategies on the fly if need be.

Complex Machinery, specifically the unnecessarily complex variety and by extension, working on said machinery.
Unusual Magic, to the point of stalking the wielder.
Taking stuff apart. Essentially fixing what may or may not be broken just to see how it works.

Having her inventions openly insulted or criticized.
Being confused for a guy, which tends to happen thanks to her tomboyish appearance and mannerisms.
People trying to dampen her creativity. Those who try to add logic to everything and demand her inventions be simple disinterest her. If she wants to build a giant robot, she will build a giant robot; end of story.

The building and improvement of machinery. As long as there's machines, someone will have to be there to fix them. Even if they're not broken, some will be fixed regardless.
There's also her long-standing dream of building a heroic, giant robot to battle the forces of evil.

The forces of evil, whether openly known or some kind of imaginary Omniscient Council of Vagueness created by her own hyperactive mind, Nessa is determined to build a giant robot to defeat them.
She also fears failing in her endeavors; being unable to leave behind an awesome invention for generations to come.
More importantly, there's an underlying fear of what she might find if she were to look for her mother. The main reason why she believes in simply living with the fond memories she has of her.

Occupation: Fairy Tail Mage. Also acts as an on-call engineer for the Hargeon-Clover railway.
Family: Riona Fylan (mother), Bradach Fylan (Father), Ceallach Fylan (Grandfather)
Medical Conditions: N/A
Pets: N/A
Hometown: Born in the small settlement now known as Kunugi Village, she current makes her home in Magnolia for quick, easy access to the Fairy Tail guild hall.
Secrets: N/A

Born to Bradach and Riona Fylan, our young heroine's epic tale begins not much differently than that of the average citizen of Fiore. And up until the war that struck the country in recent times, it would remain fairly normal for the young gal. Nothing of grandiose proportions, nor particularly heart wrenching tragedies that would cause er to turn a blind eye on society. No, this was a girl that was born to a big-hearted, hard working father and a loving mother; at least for the time she was actually there.

You see, Nessa was born to a family of engineers, admittedly of the magic variety. Her father, like his father before him spent long arduous days on or around the railways that lined much of East Fiore. Because of his constant need to travel long distances and generally time consuming work, it was rare for Bradach to actually spend much time with his family. Despite this shortcoming, he did always try to spend the little time they did have together as best as possible. So for the girl it was always a happy time when he was around. It was quite the different story for her mother however, as her daily travels usually showed her other couples enjoying the simple things that she had lost, but so badly longed for.

Of course, she would never dare let anyone see her pain. For her daughter there was nothing but the love and tenderness only a mother was capable of. Regardless, hide this pain was all she could accomplish and eventually she was unable to deny it. Nessa was only 10 years old when she last saw her mother. She had left with that strange man with the fancy uniform; one she would later come to know as that belonging to the Magic Council. It was a difficult time for the family. Despite his imposing, sturdy appearance, Bradach was nowhere near as good at hiding his emotions as his now gone wife. Try as he might to put on a believable mask for his daughter, it was not an easy task. Nonetheless, he was an optimistic man, a man who's speeches were something you would find in those memorable storybooks she liked so much. A manly hero of epic proportions, that was the kind of man he was; at the very least in his daughter's eyes he was.

Having nowhere to leave young Nesy, as he called her, it wasn't rare to find the girl traveling the railways with her father. A custom that lasted several years and would concrete her place as the heir of the family trade. Of course, there was always grandpa, but even during those times old Ceallach had already put his days of 'real' engineering behind; dedicating himself instead, to the creation of silly inventions. Not exactly the mad scientist, the man was still crazy enough to have some over the top gadget to entertain his granddaughter. Naturally, this only made her more interested in delving into the family trade.

Much to the delight of the two men, their little gal was unnaturally intelligent and with teachers like hers, had little trouble picking up the basics of their work. One could say the flip side to this was the girl's ceaseless creativity. Much to the chagrin of everyone around, much of her own inventions ended up causing more damage than they did good; many dropping the blame on crazy, old grandpa for teaching her to make such abominations in the first place. Despite this, life continued more or less as normal until the Valland Empire arrived with their promise of war and conquest.

With a common enemy sweeping across the country like wildfire, much of the populace banded together to form resistance groups, even as their own armies were being outgunned across Fiore. The Fylan family, along with a number of their fellow mages working on the railroads joined the ever scrappy Fairy Tail guild in order to amass a larger fighting force. While undoubtedly outnumbered at every turn, the guild's spirit never wavered and those who 'lived for the railways' did their part as well. The engineers threw safety and logic out the window, developing all kinds of weaponry and wacky inventions in an attempt to even the odds with the ever encroaching enemy.

Most memorable among their achievements was the whole idea of turning the train into a sort of mobile fortress. While not completed until closer to the end of the war, it did play a role in retaking much of the areas as it could move allies quickly throughout East Fiore with relative safety. Some also chose a more active approach, implementing their mechanical weaponry in guerrilla tactics. Inflicting heavy blows on unaware enemy armies before they could even get a chance to engage anyone.

Eventually, as word came that the Magic Council had bounced back from its fall and Fiore's armies were launching a counteroffensive and with the aid of reinforcements, Fairy Tail and its growing number of allies started taking a more direct approach on driving out the invaders. With more and more battles being won all across the country it was only a matter of time before the sun of victory rose over the horizon; and with that, it was all over. People would once again return to their daily lives and life would be back to normal; or as normal as one could be after something like that.

Soon after peace was declared Bradach returned to the railways he so loved and fought for. Grandpa too, went back to his cooky inventions at his old home in Kunugi Village. Nessa on the other hand, decided to stay with the guild that had taken them in during their time of need. Watching new people come and go as the dust of war still settled around them, the young wizard would continue to work hard. Improving both, the art of her trade and her ability as a mage, until both would become as one in her hands.

[Guild & Magic]

Guild: Fairy Tail
Guild Tattoo: Back of left hand; maroon in color

Magic: Requip: Engineer
Caster or Holder: Caster
Description: This magic stands out from the rest of its kind by the fact that it doesn't call forth 'personal equipment' as much as it 'summons' vehicles (these will generally be treated as armor) and other such machinery. Weapons are usually made to fit these vehicles, with some interchangeable parts to fit different variants. That said, some of the smaller machines, whether automated or not can act as both weapons or shields in a pinch. Hailing from a family of engineers, the majority of Nesy's constructs are home built.

Strengths: Versatility and mobility, most of the time, are key here. These vehicles can range from things like small, automated mines to lofty constructs; such as unnecessarily detailed, mechanical combat suits. Because of the variety of the machines, combat usage can extend to nearly any reach imaginable. The fact that these are still vehicles, means travel is made much easier thanks to the built in speed a number of the machines have. Like the vehicles, the weaponry used in conjunction with them has extensive variety; not to mention it's built in such a way that it can be mixed and matched with the constructs.

Weaknesses: Because a majority of the weapons used for this kind of magic are made specifically to be implemented on the vehicles, a major weakness of this magic is a low number of weapons usable by the mage themselves. With a few exceptions, most weapons are too large and heavy or just too awkward for human use. This means that having the vehicle incapacitated during battle could leave the user in a very vulnerable state. Also, while the vehicles can reach high speeds, they lack the agility and precision movements most living things are capable of. Not to mention indoor use of this magic is particularly difficult.

RP Sample:
It was your typical summer day in Kunugi, a gentle breeze blew warmth across the village with a comforting whistle. One that played to the rhythm of the many rare birds singing in the area. Considering the size of the town and the fact that it was more or less surrounded by wilderness in all directions, strange species were quite normal there; with people actually raising more concern when they were nowhere to be found. Bird watching was no concern of hers however; she'd done that throughout much of her younger years in the village. No, she was actually indoors, comfortably sitting under the shade that the roof of her grandfather's house provided.

Nessa sat in her room, alone, frantically working on a new gadget. She'd come to visit the old man whom, to her delight, shared her interest for wacky machinery, but he was out on an errand at the moment. It was fine though, there was plenty of work to be done. An orb, about the size of a small soccer ball, was grasped firmly in her left hand. It had brass colored plating, with various opening showing wires or seemingly complex clockwork. On her right hand, the gal held a tiny wrench; working at something under the plating. It was only a matter of time before her hand slipped, bumping a pair of slightly exposed wires together and causing a tiny spark to flow into the round object. Grandpa had warned about those wires earlier, but she'd ignored him. Now, as the metal sphere began to glow with an intense white light, the gal was beginning to regret that decision. Within seconds, the light filled the entire room flowing outside through the windows. The girl getting no chance to do anything, but describe her shock in words.

"OH FU---!" A massive bang drowned out the remainder of her words and moments later the smoke cleared. Nessa sat in the exact same position she had been earlier, coughing out smoke from her now comically blackened body. Her left arm still extended to hold the no-longer existing orb she had been working on. At least the breeze that was now coming into the room was nice.

Face Claim: Lucca Ashtear - Chrono Trigger

Desired starting level: 3, because mechanical chocobo, that is all. ;D

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Re: Nessa Fylan

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Hiya Elly. I'm taking over the grading of this one since it hasn't been touched yet, and I know you've been working on the concept for awhile.

I think everything looks great, except that the magic is awkward the way you have it. I've actually been considering it in the background and I think mechanics- wise (ha! mechanic...) that using a reflavored Celestial Summoner magic would work better. Armor just doesn't mesh well with the concept, nor would weapons for that matter.

Essentially instead of needing keys and things I would let you come up with a different method of summoning, though overall the use would be the same, with your own flavor twists. The only downside is you'll lose 3 *'s from attributes. With what we have now that would work best. PM me or leave a message here when you decide what to do or want to bump it. Once that's taken care of you'll be all set!


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Re: Nessa Fylan

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Alright, we talked about this in the cbox so no need to repeat it here. You look fine to me. As long as you're required to ride or drive or wear any of your things to work, it can count as armor. You just can't wear any armor with it. So without further ado...


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Re: Nessa Fylan

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