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Tabitha Wolfe

Post by Tabitha Wolfe on Thu Apr 03, 2014 1:49 am


Power -   ***
Agility -      ****
Toughness -   ****
Intelligence -  **
Willpower - **

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Tabitha Raven Wolfe
Alias(es): Tabby, Black Widow, Ventriloquist
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Birthday: 10-15
Sexuality: Bisexual(though she has never been interested in a man, but she could be convinced. She will play who she needs).

Height: 5’7”
Weight: 130lbs
Hair: A very pale purple that is sometimes gray looking
Eyes: Ice blue

General Appearance: Tabitha has very fair skin. She does not tan, nor does she try to get into the sunlight. The darkness is a friend and she can use it to her advantage. She likes to bite her lip, and she likes to stay smiling. A smile is the best mask a girl can have. Not a mask for any sort of silly sadness, just a mask against her intentions. She has a very lithe body, best for fluid movements and grace.

She has a maid’s costume because she sometimes goes and does housework for people. People trust their maids. People trust the unimportant people to remain unimportant. Normally she never wears that outfit though. She opts for things that are fitted against her body. She doesn’t have to wear anything that shows off, but she does like things to be fitted. She often has her knives on her, and by often, always and obsessively.

She has beautiful blue eyes that can turn red at the use of some of her magic. She has short hair with longer strands braided in front on either side of her face. Her hair is lavender. At times it appears more silver or more purple in different light.

Personality: “What do I like most? Oh, not murder. Murder is like candy, fun sometimes, but you’ll get sick with too much. What I like most is… control.” Tabitha really does enjoy her power. It fuels her. To let herself become vulnerable would be a horrible mistake. She doesn’t have to make every single decision, but she needs to know that as soon as she wants to differ from something else, she can have her way. It is a greedy thing to want control, but at its core it shows her lack of trust. She doesn’t trust people. Strangers, allies, guild mates. It isn’t that she has anything against them necessarily, she just views trust as both a luxury and a weakness. If she found someone she could trust, that would be a luxury, but if they proved unworthy, a costly mistake.

“Hello sweetheart, got a minute to meet my knives?” Lovely from a distance. Like touching fire. So beautiful you yearn for a touch, but it burns when you get too close. That seems like a good description of Tabitha. She can be very endearing, very charming, and very convincing, but you’d best not get too close. She prides herself on drawing people in and getting them where she needs them. In part it is control, but in part it is just fun. Maybe she enjoys some people. She does have people she likes after all. Despite being manipulative, she actually can be very fun to be around at times.

“Don’t pretend you know me. You don’t know me. Pretending to be less ignorant than you are is not attractive.” She doesn’t like to tell people how to annoy her, but sometimes it does show. She gives people a certain amount of knowledge about herself. She shows them some things, but that doesn’t mean they know her. It would scare her on some level if people suddenly started knowing her. Besides that it makes her feel judged. People really do not know why she does every little thing she does. She has reasons for things. It isn’t arbitrary. She feels that how she is, who she is, and what she does are all justifiable. People have to die. She’s speeding up the process. People have to lose. She just wants to be the winner. People have to suffer and people have to gain, and if she can swing the tide in her favor or the favor of those she likes… it would be stupid not to.

Likes: Knives, sharp objects, sweets, feeling healthy, high fives, conversations, the silence of night, thunder storms, blue dresses, good attention, and control.
Dislikes: Weakness, illness, a slow death, rain that lasts far too long, humidity, being corrected, having to ask a lot of questions, soup, beggars, cowardice, and father figures.
Motivations: Feeling she has a purpose in life, gaining control, forming useful bonds, and proving every day that she is in charge of her own destiny.
Fears: Losing control. The idea of getting sick and dying slowly. Her own mortality. Trusting people.

Occupation: Guild Mage
Family: Ginger(deceased mother) and Christopher(estranged father).
Medical Conditions: No.
Pets: She likes to claim that all the rats in the world are her pets, but she doesn’t actually own any pets.
Hometown: She does in fact have a house in Crocus, but she spends the majority of her time in at the Shadow Heart guild hall.
Secrets: Anything about her history. Most anything she can think of that she didn’t personally show them.

Her mother died. Let’s start there. Tabitha really doesn’t like to dwell on it. In fact, it chills her to think about it, and that makes her feel weak. Weak, young, vulnerable. She hates it all so she just doesn’t think about it. No one needs to know, so she never speaks on the subject. Fine by her. Unfortunately, her story didn’t go the way she wanted it to, so why should the telling? She resents that comment by the way.

Ginger and Christopher. He always called her Ginny, or his Gin. She was his alcohol. That was exactly what he said about it. He also claimed to deeply love their daughter, Tabitha, but she questions the sincerity of that statement after how things went down. Gin got very sick, horribly sick. She was bed ridden by the time Tabitha was three. Every day Tabitha would come home from school and go check on her mother. She would draw pictures, or tell stories. She did whatever she could to bond with her mother. She even started practicing with the violin when she was six. Ginny always said Tabitha was a beautiful little girl and she was going to grow up and do beautiful things. Tabitha believed her mother. She said that everything was going to be alright. And then Ginny died.

Ginny was too young. She was still in her twenties, not even her late twenties, and she died, leaving behind her distraught husband and her eight year old daughter. The world didn’t work that way. How could it? It wasn’t fair. Things were supposed to be beautiful and work out. Instead Tabitha’s mother, her best friend, got sicker and sicker for five years until she died. It was so hard for Tabby to talk to anyone about her feelings. Her father was emotionally as distant as he could be, and if she couldn’t talk to her father, the only family she had now, who could she talk to? Other children didn’t understand, so Tabitha bottled it up. She bottled it up just like her father emptied bottles each night. His alcohol was gone, so he replaced it with another alcohol, a real one.

When Tabitha turned ten her father started hanging around some woman. Tabitha instantly loathed this woman. When her father was home he was a sad, angry, distant drunk. When he did talk to Tabitha, most of the time it was to complain, or insist she clean the house. Or yell at her for playing her violin to loudly. “Mommy said it was beautiful, and I should practice.” “Your mother is dead!” She grew to hate her father over the years, but that didn’t mean he could replace her mother. He could never replace her mother, she would rather he die as well. She hated everything at home.

Things deteriorated even more in the next year. Christopher kept snapping at his daughter when they were alone. She was too rude to his girlfriend. She was ungrateful. She was living off of him, she could at least show him respect. Well he didn’t deserve respect, so he could go die. The fighting got very bad. When he said he was marrying this woman Tabitha exploded at him. He told her that she wasn’t welcome in his house. She wasn’t going to be a part of his new family. He didn’t want his new wife to have to put up with his ungrateful daughter. She was going to have to leave. She said she was glad to leave, and she walked out, at eleven years old. She left everything, but even as it started raining on her all night, she told herself she didn’t care. She didn’t want anything that man had given her.

She started playing with her magic to get by. She found another town to live in, but she was still alone. Stealing coin purses or small objects from people could only get her so far. It was hard to survive, but she wasn’t going to let anyone tell her how to live. She was going to have her own life, and she didn’t need anyone. She needed herself, and that was all. She pretty well irritated a wizard one day when she cut the string of his coin purse with her string magic.

She had found a knife a few years back, and at fourteen, she was fully capable of taking care of herself. She yanked the coin purse back to her hiding place and was on her way out. Another successful job. Unfortunately the man noticed, quite quickly, and chased after her. Tabitha ran until she hit a dead and held her knife at him. She wasn’t used to being caught or confronted, so inside she felt fear. She showed nothing but confidence. He laughed at her knife and said that the little girl had best give him his money back or he would have to hurt her for it. She told him never to underestimate little girls with knives. When he game at her she threw the knife past him, missing on purpose. Of course he laughed again, but he didn’t laugh so much when she yanked the knife back with her string magic and it lodged itself in the back of his leg.

Well he was a lot more powerful than she’d initially suspected, and he easily overpowered her, but he didn’t kill her. She was a bratty street urchin, but he liked her anyway. He was part of a dark guild, and if a certain smart mouthed knife wielder wanted to come check it out, he would maybe forgive her for stealing from him. The stab wound was nothing to be forgiven, it showed power, and he did appreciate power. She liked him some, so she came with him. She did eventually join the Dark guild, but as all the guilds were dispersed, she eventually found herself without a guild. Shadow Heart fixed that a year and a half ago. The man ended up somewhere else, but that is fine. Tabitha doesn’t need anyone but herself, even if the guild is a nice asset.

[Guild & Magic]

Guild: Shadow Heart
Guild Tattoo: On her right hip bone. Dark red.

Magic: String Magic
Caster or Holder: Caster.
Description: She magically project string from her hands. The magical strands have their own strength, but can be broken by other magical forces. She can drop these strands at any point, or they can fade on their own. These strands are often nearly invisible, being that they are usually quite thin and translucent. They can exhibit a color if the user wishes. These strings can be made at differing lengths and thickness. Lastly the strings can be manipulated almost like an additional limb, and manipulate other objects around them.
Strengths: The magic is as versatile as the power put into it allows it to be. It can vary in size and length. The primary purpose of this magic is to manipulate things. It can be used to trip, pull, restrain, or at times push. It is a vast and nearly invisible magic. When used with enough speed the spells can cut in their own right. It is useful as a stealth tactic, it is useful in setting traps, and it appears to move objects without them being touched which can lead to confusion and distraction.
Weaknesses: With every good there is bad. This magic can be used well with appropriate hand gestures, but it requires she use of hands. The strings must originate from the user’s hands, so completely blocking off the hands will prevent using this magic. The hands can be bound and still produce this magic string, but it can throw off the aim of these spells if the hands are disrupted. The magic can then adjust for this, but with such a speed and stealth based magic, the first hit is crucial. It is best at distracting or otherwise manipulating things, but this magic is usually affecting things, not being used as the end result.

RP Sample:
The air was still crisp around Crocus. Often times Tabitha spent her entire day at or around the guild hall, but not this week. She had been on a job all week. It wasn’t that she job itself took so long, no, she prided herself on quick work. It just so happened the job was a ways of. Someone needed to stop breathing, and a few knives to the back of the skull had done the trick. It was getting there and getting back that was a nuisance.

It was nice to be back home. She hadn’t grown up in Crocus. She grew up far from this amusingly dishonest little town. The home of royalty until their lives were snuffed out. Now the home of the kind of people who snuffed out lives. She did appreciate the irony, not that most people knew Shadow Heart’s Guildhall was here. That was exactly how it needed to be. You couldn’t play cards if you just laid all your cards out on the table. It was just improper.

So Tabitha had on a pair of satin black shorts, a royal blue blouse, and a long black coat. The coat reached her mid-thigh, and her black leather thigh high boots just met it. She showed about an inch of skin between her boots and her shorts but she liked it that way. She wasn’t cold so she didn’t care what anyone else thought. Her lavender hair was braided on the two sides of her face, and then down in back, as per usual. She liked it that way. It was familiar, and there were times that familiar was good.

She hadn’t gone to her house, she went straight for the guild hall. She wanted to find a new job, perhaps. Perhaps she just wanted to check in from the last one. Yes, that did sound good. She could go buy some groceries, she had nothing to eat at home. Or maybe she would eat out. It had been a long trip and she wasn’t in the mood to do chores like cooking. She sauntered on into the guild hall, smirk on her face, looking for the appropriate person, or anyone really. She was in a social mood.

Face Claim: Izayoi Sakuya - Touhou.

Desired starting level: 2.
Tabitha Wolfe
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Re: Tabitha Wolfe

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Got a really solid App here! So there's nothing left to do, but say

Tabitha Wolfe, Shadow Heart, cleared for level 2 - Welcome to the REVOLUTION!

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