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Astra Creed JhatN3a

Power - **
Agility - *****
Toughness - ***
Intelligence - **
Willpower - ***

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Astra Creed
Alias(es): Kitty
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Birthday: July 15
Sexuality: Bisexual

Height: 4’11”
Weight: 92 lbs
Hair: Black with red highlights
Eyes: Aquamarine

General Appearance: Standing at just under five feet tall, Astra is disarmingly short for her age. Despite this, however, Astra carries herself with confidence and pride.  She has messy, short black hair with one or more red streaks in it depending on her mood. Her skin is pale, and her eyes are aquamarine. She wears a wide variety of clothing, from somewhat skimpy to casual, normal clothing. About the only thing you’ll never see her in without good reason is a frilly dress. Those just don’t mesh with her tomboyish personality. Astra is petite, though not overly skinny for her height, and moves rather gracefully. When on missions, she often wears a set of red fingerless gloves.

Personality: Astra is a strange mix of ferocious and disarmingly innocent, possibly due in part to her extreme case of amnesia. She can’t remember anything before a few months ago, save for her magic, her name, and a few subconscious habits she doesn’t even understand if they’re pointed out to her. She is at times as fierce and angry as a wild tiger, and at others as calm and curious as a newborn kitten. She is driven by her curiosity and a need to rebuild her life, though she seems to not care that much what her old life was like. It is something she would like to know, but is content in her new position with her guildmates and friends.

Astra is a loyal companion and friend, though she isn’t always the most sensitive – not that she means to be insensitive. She will often say she is the only one allowed to insult her friends, partially because if she means to insult them, it is only a joke, while others who mean it should not be allowed to get away with it.

She is also incredibly competitive, unable to stop herself from getting worked up even at the smallest game. As a result, she is often avoided when people are looking for other people to join in on their fun. She doesn’t understand why she’s rarely invited. To her, even when she’s shouting angrily at someone she’s having good fun.

Astra has an odd sense of right and wrong, though she doesn’t understand why people consider a lot of rules bad to break, or why they are rules in the first place. Whatever happened in her past, she is essentially a blank slate beyond her personality and what she has learned since joining her guild.  She wants to do whatever’s fun and also won’t hurt other people who don’t deserve it.

Astra is sensitive about her height, wishing she was as tall as other girls, though she won’t mention it unless someone else does. If they do, however, she’ll usually insist unhappily that she isn’t *that* short.

Astra also seems to have had her brain a bit scrambled when whatever happened took her memories, and in addition to the lack of social norms, she also tends to think in strange, nonlinear thoughts that cause her to say or do unusual things that come to mind, some of which don't make sense to other people.

Animals -  Who doesn't like animals? They're furry, warm... sometimes scaly and cold... and they are all just asking for Astra to pet them.
Social Interaction - Anyone who knows Astra knows she loves to talk. Anyone who has known Astra for more than a couple of weeks also know she lacks knowledge about what is and isn't okay to do with people. At least she has fun.
Competition - As angry and shouty as she can get when she's competing with someone, Astra would always say she had a great time when she was in a competition with people. She has a better time when she wins, though.

Being made to behave - Astra doesn't understand why people put rules on things all the time. A lot of stuff isn't even hurting other people, so why can't she climb that fence or shout in a library or wear a skimpy outfit to a social function?
Being left out - Astra can try to force her way into situations without even realizing it. The problem is... a lot of situations she isn't welcome in. This includes competitions around the guild hall, oftentimes.
Hurting other people - Astra hates when people get hurt because of something she does. 'Don't hurt other people' is basically the one rule she lives by.

Curiosity - Astra is a curious individual. She has a lot to relearn, and everything is more or less new to her again. She wants to experience it all.
Rebuilding her life - She doesn't want her old life back. Something in her head just tells her she doesn't miss it. How can you miss something you don't even remember? She wants to see things and feed her curiosity, and make the life she wants with her new situation.

Losing who she is - Astra is aware she probably isn't the same person she was on some level. But for better or worse she likes who she is. She doesn't want people's rules or even her own forgotten past to take who she is from her.
Getting kicked out of Lamia Scale - Astra is a wild child, but she mostly behaves when she has to. Partially because she is told she represents her guild, and if she's bad enough, even someone who needs help like her can be kicked out.

Occupation: Guild Mage, Ne'er-do-well
Family: Astra has a mother and father named Maria and George, as well as a brother who is slightly older than her. She has no memory of them.
Medical Conditions: Amnesia - Astra's amnesia is not a simple case of hitting her head and forgetting. Something terrible happened to her, and her memories have been literally ripped from her head.
Pets: Astra would consider a rock a pet if it caught her attention just right.
Hometown: Lamia Scale Guild Hall
Secrets: Astra has no secrets that she is aware of, though truly everything in her history is a secret, even to her.

Early Childhood

Astra was born to a poor family with no history of wizardry or spellslinging of any kind. Her family worked hard to bring food to the table, an Astra lived a relatively normal life. She was an average girl who followed her older brother around all of the time. Her brother did chores and odds and ends to help the family, and as a result, the small girl often did the same. Even at the age of four she was considered a hard worker even though she couldn’t do much. She was always short for her age, and it was hard for her to do what her brother did. Still, it didn’t stop her from trying.

Late Childhood

By the time she was ten, Astra had grown quite a bit, though she was still short for her age. Her family had finally started making more money, and the brother and sister duo found that they could actually enjoy some of their earnings from their chores. One night, Astra brought home an old book about the history of wizardry in Fiore, and she found herself enthralled. Her family had always talked about wizards like they were some sort of mystical beings that the normal people didn’t interact with that much – wizards usually banded together with other wizards, after all. She read the book many times, and even got her brother hooked. She became interested in learning magic for herself, but without a teacher or any practical knowledge of magic she didn’t make much headway.


Astra was becoming frustrated with her inability to teach herself magic at thirteen years old; despite any books she could get ahold of using her hard-earned allowance. She started looking for a teacher during her spare time, and spent less time with her brother. Eventually, she found a teacher – a mysterious and serious woman by the name of May Lafleur. May was a wandering wizard who had mastered a unique brand of magic she called Aura make. She promised to teach Astra the magic as well, and the pair trained for the next four years. Astra studied hard and learned fast, and by the time she had barely turned eighteen, she was ready to graduate May’s training.

The Incident

Unfortunately for both Astra and May, May had enemies. Those enemies caught up with her at last, and may was the first to pay. Though she was a very powerful wizard, May was no match for over a dozen wizards, and she went down fighting, taking nearly half of them with her. The rest of them turned on Astra, who fearfuly fought as well. But ‘graduate’ or not, she was most certainly not a match for the wizards who had taken down her teacher. After a short fight, one of the wizards grabbed her by the head, and using his special brand of magic, he tried to destroy her mind completely, killing her outright.


Astra woke up later, having been found by Lamia Scale members and taken care of during her two week long coma. She seemed to be in good health, and her cuts and bruises were mostly healed. The only major problem was: The Astra that had been attacked was gone, replaced with an Astra with only a few memories left: Her name and her magic. Astra was different than she was. She had lost literally almost everything she had ever learned that weren’t basic skills. She had no knowledge of social norms, and acted oddly. Her brain seemed to have been addled in the attack as well, and she behaved oddly.  She was highly social, though she didn’t seem to understand what was acceptable and what wasn’t. Whatever had happened… she wasn’t the same Astra as before.

Now, it is two months later. She has had enough time to start adjusting, and she has made some friends within her guild, though many are still adjusting to her oddities. She aqcuired the nickname Kitty because of her curiosity that stems from her lack of real world knowledge. She hasn’t traveled far from Lamia Scale, and has become a full-fledged member with the goal of relearning life, and forging herself a new one.  She has become a loyal member of Lamia Scale, and is happy to do her part to help the guild and its members, blissfully unaware of the horrors she witnessed the day she became who she is today.

[Guild & Magic]

Guild: Lamia Scale
Guild Tattoo: Jade, on her upper left  arm

Magic: Aura Make
Caster or Holder: Caster
Description: Aura make is a magic that allows the user to form objects from their own raw magical energy. It isn't elemental, and she doesn't create icicles or wooden dolls. Everything is formed from her pure magical energy, and as a result, the weapons, armor, and other items she makes are easily distinguishable as her own, reflecting her own inner self through the dark red color everything she makes is. The objects may or may not have special textures, but they are all tied together by the theme of matching her own magical aura.
Strengths: Aura make magic is a lot like other maker magics. It can create forms that resemble inanimate objects or creatures, and in her case, Astra can do both.  The magic is limited by her imagination rather than the form an element could take, and as a result it is versatile even for a versatile magic. Her magic has a lot of raw strength due to her own natural magical ability, and it is well-balanced and able to take on many situations.
Weaknesses: Aura make magic is strong and versatile, but it lacks most forms of buffing or debuffing the user. It also has no ability to directly manipulate other objects, and the objects she forms can’t be used by other people, even while she sustains it. Once the objects leave her hands, they dissipate within mere seconds, making them useful for throwing or firing, but not for letting other people use. Aura make has no element either, and thus gains no special advantages over certain types of mages. She is on even ground with just about everyone she fights , elementally speaking.

RP Sample:
The guilds had  convened, sending members from Fairy Tail, Lamia Scale, and Blue Pegasus. Shadow Heart had become a true threat to Fiore, and all of the guild masters knew they needed to send people to team up and strike at one of their hideouts that Fairy Tail’s Ace, Vanix Tracy had discovered. “I was sent because I’ve got Archive magic,” one of the Blue Pegasus members pointed out. “You were sent because we could use the power of a dragon slayer, right?” he nodded to one of the other women, a green-haired woman that Astra hadn’t spoken to yet.

“And I’m here because they said they could use the break,” Astra piped up, breaking their little contest with her simple sentence. Everyone stopped to turn and look at her. She simply shrugged and grinned.  “What? They said I needed to get out more so I volunteered.” Yeah, they were all looking at her now. At least they’d stopped. “Can we get some lunch before we go?”

A few of the people rolled their eyes, most of them went back to comparing abilities. She didn’t care about any of that. She was already looking for something to occupy her time while she waited for them to decide on a plan of action. She wasn’t much for plans. Or thinking.

Username: PatriotArrow

Face Claim: Matoi Ryuuko (Kill la Kill)

Desired starting level: 2

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