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Joyce Clover

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Power * * * *
Agility * * * *
Toughness * * *
Intelligence *
Willpower * * *


Full Name
Joyce "Lucis" Clover

Blazing Heart of Fairy Tail
Princess of Eternal Flame
Blaze Valkyrie



14th January




125 lbs

Dark red

Dark red, sometimes appear to be shiny red.

General Appearance
Joyce Clover, she is definitely a beauty with big charming eyes which are dark red in color, sometimes that graceful eyes of her appear to be shiny red because of the reflection of light, and so most of the time, her glowing red eyes can be seen during her battle due to her performance of her powerful fire magic. For most beautiful girls, they look glamorous because of their hairstyles, and so Joyce too. She has a long smooth hair that has its nature color, dark red, and her hair is long and smooth. Whenever she turns her head, her hair will wave in an elegant way, slowly and pretty. Besides that, she has stylish bangs and sides which are long enough to cover parts of her side face. A small nose and a soft lips make her a peerless beauty with her perfect face and a slim body with quite average-sized breasts and an hourglass body shape. Since she is a mage that uses a sword to battle along with her fire magic, she can keep her body slim and well-built. Although what Joyce possesses is fire magic, she has a healthy wet skin which is smooth and is considered as average light skin complexion.

As for her clothings, she prefers wearing a belly-exposing sleeveless zip-up tank-top with a high collar, then an exterior which is a long-sleeved jacket with the back of it hangs lower at about calf. However, she has several outfits for this matching with various bottoms and different colors of her entire outfits, so I would like you to refer them in the picture for a better knowing of her appearance with her various outfits, but the one that she loves the most is the first one in the reference picture.

Joyce is certainly a friendly and kind girl who likes to make friends with others, but her acts of friendship to boys are often giving them a bad view on her even though she treats them as very best friends. This is because that most of the boys would think that she falls in love with them, while she is actually being good to them as a good friend only. Since Joyce does not really care about the 'relationship' thing, she will make very good friends with males too, and therefore whenever the boys who crush on her see her talking with other boys, they get jealous and make a conclusion that they decide her as a playgirl. Joyce does not really like these boys as she thinks that they are childish for misunderstanding her as their lover. Some of them even think she is just using them and taking benefits from them as they are willing to do anything for her. She is not suitable becoming couples with someone as the boy would always be jealous.

She is also considered emotional because sometimes she prefers to stay alone, keep quiet and does not even want to talk to anyone but just sitting there alone. She even would end up crying without anyone's knowing. However, she acts happy in front of others to hide her loneliness, and you seldom see her real happiness to be shown because most of the smiles and laughs from her face are just a mask covered on her true face full of sadness and desperation. She hopes that there is someone who will understand her and only if there is a boy who cares and understands her, and does not get jealous at all no matter what.

As for battles against others, she will have her soul burning and be serious. She is a calm mage who faces battles positively with confidence, especially battles that involving the crisis of her friends and the guild. Whenever she sees her friends being harmed, she will be in a black mood and blow a fuse. However, she is always careless during her fights as what she cares about is to defeat her enemies. She will always stand up and keep fighting, believing the Goddess of Victory is always there around her. She is also a loyal mage to the guild and she is willing to do anything for the guild, unless she thinks that she is doing something wrong. In short, she cares more about others than herself. Why do I say this? She has a strong sense of justice that she thinks helping others is what she must do in the world.

Fairy Tail

Arrogant People
Dark Mages
Dark Guilds

Justice - It is always the motivation that she stands for, since she considered herself a knight. The soul to protect the world and keep it peace is always there in her heart. She treats justice as her duty other than doing quests for herself and the guild.

Friendship - Although Joyce was a depressed girl who is always showing meaningless happiness, she would sometimes have real happiness with those she truly calls friends, and so protecting her friends is also one of her motivations for living in this world. Without them, Joyce's life would be colorless and only black and white.

Parents - Her parents did something that really gave her a hard time during her childhood, which she must survive alone when she was a youth. However, she does not hate her parents at all, but is still loving and waiting for them as before, while she is looking for their trace.

Death - Joyce fears death, and who is not? Death takes away your life, and you become powerless and meaningless in the world, because you are just a corpse. However, if she really is dying, she hopes to die deep in the trusts and memories of the guild, because it can still considered meaningful for her as a mage of Fairy Tail to sleep for ever in the depth of history.

Losing the magic - Joyce really does afraid of losing her power taught by her master, because she has been through this year with only the magic and her swordsmanship, nothing else, so losing her power is considered losing all she can do to fight and she will be like falling from the top to the depth of hope.

Being loved - This is what Joyce really does afraid of, because she does not know how to deal with it and what to do when she is being loved if she does not want to accept it.


She is a guild mage, but she considers herself a knight as she has a strong sense of justice.

Lucifer Lucis - Father - Status Unknown
Sorath Clover - Mother - Status Unknown
Unknown - Master - Alive

Medical Conditions
Minor depressive disorder, that she only appears to be emotional and sad sometimes.

None yet

Magnolia Town

Joyce's existence in the world is completely special because she is actually not a human. In fact, she is a nephilim whose mother was not a human but more like an angel of fire and flames while her father was like everyone else who live on Earth, a human. She keeps this as a secret and does not want to let anyone know that she is a nephilim. Therefore, nobody knows that she is finding her parents who have both gone missing with their current status unknown.

Joyce Clover, a nephilim who was born to a family with her mother an angel, but they lived on Earth Land instead of where they called Heaven, and it really existed as a dimension separated from Earth. It was a very peaceful world without crimes and sins, and people there were all pure-hearted and gracious, but Joyce has never seen the world as she was born in Magnolia Town. This was all because of her mother who were exiled from Heaven as a result of breaking laws there. Sorath, Joyce's mother was an angel who should be living happily on Heaven, but she opened the gate that connected to the Earth Land without anyone's knowing and stepped into it. Then she went to Magnolia Town through the gate and met her beloved one, Lucifer Lucis, a human.

On Earth, Sorath made a very big mistake which she ended up pregnant with human baby, plus she opened the gate to the Earth Land. Those acts were both illegal to Heaven and later she has been found breaking laws. As a result, she was sent to Earth and was exiled from Heaven permanently and never go back, but somehow she felt happy that she could live with her human husband, Lucifer. As for Lucifer's story, there was nothing much to talk about, and what you could know about him was his identity as a guildless mage who was still wandering all over the world now looking for his wife. Where is Sorath? She has disappeared for 10 years, when Joyce was still a 7-year-old girl, neither Joyce nor Lucifer would know where did she go. When Joyce was 10 years old, Lucifer abandoned her with only a letter putting on the table.

Dear Joyce,

I'm very sorry that I left you just like that, but I must search for your mummy who has already gone missing for 3 years. I always saw you crying as you missed your mum, and your heart must be very painful and your eyes were always suffering from tiredness and sadness. But I promise you that I will come back to see my loving and lovely daughter, so please don't cry. You wanna be a mage right? That you said you wanted to be like me and your mum? I have kept something for you in the bookshelf, and you are gonna be an excellent mage I believe... I have taught you the basics, and the book is gonna be your next instructor. You can learn from the book, okay?

Please just forgive my unfair decision. Farewell.

Your dad,

After Joyce has accepted the truth that she was abandoned by her parents without hating them but waiting for their return, she spent her early years focused in meticulous study of the unique fire magic from the book, mastering the full control of fire and flames, learning one of the strongest fire magic in existence and higher level of fire spells. In fact, Joyce's innate elemental affinity to fire caused troubles for all those around her when she was merely a child. Blooming flowers came burning down and turned to ashes if she stopped to rest nearby. That was why her father has trained her some basics for controlling the fire.

Years passed in a blink of an eye, Joyce has truly become a fire mage, but she was guildless at first, until she found the guild with a fairy-like logo. Her house which was located on the mountain near Magnolia Town has completely deserted because she did not return home for several years already. During these years, she has been travelling around the kingdom of Fiore for her living, and that was why she has mastered the swordsmanship which has made a new combat style, a combination of the swordsmanship and her magic. She learned it from an old man she called master, who lived in Oak Town. Her master never told his name, but he was willing to teach Joyce the hidden style of his unique swordsmanship, which Joyce took only a year to learn. After the mastery of swordsmanship, somehow she ended up joining Fairy Tail and treated it as her new home.


Fairy Tail

Guild Tattoo
Red, located on Joyce's right arm.


Heavenly Blaze Arts


Joyce was born with the lineage of her angel mother, and so the gifted Fire Magic, Heavenly Blaze Arts, or Blaze Arts for short. They are classified as Heaven Arts which can only be found in the separated dimension, Heaven. Heaven Arts are diversifications of elemental magic with a wide variety of unique spells of their respective element. They are very common in Heaven, but on Earth, there is only Joyce who possesses Heaven Arts. Joyce is known as Blaze Valkyrie or Princess of Eternal Flame for utilizing the fire element of Heaven Arts, Heavenly Blaze Arts. Joyce is said to be the only mage that possesses these Blaze Arts on Earth because she has a secret kept from everyone, which she is a nephilim. With the characteristics of an angel, Joyce is able to control her flames, giving her an advantage over other fire mages because of having bendable fire spells. Besides that, she can also cover herself with fire for defensive purposes, or even offensive as the flames can burn her opponents who get very close to her. Lastly, Joyce has a bad habit. She creates fire on her hand and play with it occasionally.

Like I said, the Blaze Arts allow the use of a wide variety of unique spells. Some spells are focused on creating animated flames, usually in the form of animals. She can also cover herself with fire aura. Pyrokinesis, the most notable ability of Joyce, she can control flames which are produced by her and creates bendable and flexible fire attack, which is also why she can create flames in the form of animals. As a fire elemental angel, Joyce has a very high resistance against fire and other elements with high heat. It is possible to strengthen and attach to weapons with her magic to perform spells with the weapons, which is the combination of Blaze Arts and the swordsmanship. Joyce focused on lots of movements and combos to make surprise and special attacks, hence she is considered as an agility mage with strength. The very abnormal ability of Joyce is that she can solidify fire, with the level of solidity going from jelly to metallic hardness. The flames can be also created with explosive effect, causing more damage.

The most common weakness of fire, water. Water can wipe out flames and fire is always useless against water, even though evaporating water is possible. Therefore, a wet and cold weather may weaken the power of Joyce. A common water attack can probably put out solidified fire very easily. Besides that, the ability, pyrokinesis, can only control her own flames but not other flames. Control is extremely important. Sometimes unconscious use of fire and flames can be catastrophic. Another weakness is that combustion cannot be done without oxygen, which means fire cannot be produced without oxygen around. Fire elemental Slayers, they can always eat fire even though their weakness is certainly Joyce who is a skilled fire mage that can be compared with them.

RP Sample:
Under the sparkling rays from the sun, there was a crowded town. Somewhere in the town, a red-haired young girl stopped her steps in front of a guildhall's door. She seemed to be attracted by the fairy-like logo. As when she pushed one of the double doors lightly and entered the big building, she saw people talking with each other and a bar located right in front of the hall. "Yo, what can I help ya, lady?" A boy came to her front and greeted.

"I found this guild interesting, uh, I wish to join?" The girl asked back with an exciting expression after the young man's words. The man then just knocked his head to show his understanding, and turned around and said something that disappointed the girl. "Nope, Fairy Tail is only for strong mages." The girl then immediately fell into desperation after hearing the words from the young man, and she was even going to cry, but a tall and big man who was sitting at the bar then shouted loudly and called her with a smirk. "Hey, beauty. Come here! You wanna join?"

"Yes?" The girl replied while walking towards the quite old strong man. She did not expect that the next thing that the man said would surprise her. "Call me master and you are welcome to join! I'm Ranor Taiga, the guildmaster of Fairy Tail!"

"I'm Vanix, nice to meet ya!" The boy who made fun of her was standing behind her, introduced himself and bowed, acting like a gentleman. Vanix then took something out from somewhere, asking the girl. "What's your name? And where would you like to have your symbol on?"

The girl turned around and moved her right arm to Vanix, and presented her name to the guildmaster, Ranor and Vanix the lively boy.

"I'm Joyce Clover, master!"

Face Claim Elesis from Elsword

Desired Starting Level 3

This application will be updated in future.

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Re: Joyce Clover

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This is a very well done and detailed app. Not only that, but you've passed all the word counts and such. But like you said in the c-box, the magic is a bit iffy. And it's the only thing wrong with the app as far as I can tell.

The first problem is the whole creating beings of fire. That's a form of summoning, and that falls under a different kind of magic completely.

Second, one of the things that makes slayers special is their ability to turn into their element. Normal mages, even one with Joyce's background would only be able to conjure and control fire... Not become fire itself.

The final problem is that you cannot control another person's magic. In weaknesses you state Joyce is able to control a slayer's magic (I'm assuming you mean purely fire slayer's magic) and thus had strength over them. Everyone's magic is infused with their will. And since anything with a will can resist control, you can't control Slayer magic. You can have spells that deflect or disperse slayer magic. But you cannot control it.

If you fix those things, then bump or poke me in the C-box.

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Re: Joyce Clover

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Re: Joyce Clover

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Very good. You're approved for level 3! Feel free to get the rest of your stuff rolling!

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Re: Joyce Clover

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