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Hector Warfield

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Power - ****
Agility - ***
Toughness - ****
Intelligence - ***
Willpower - ****

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Hector Warfield
Alias(es): None at the moment
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Birthday: March, 27
Sexuality: Straight

Height: 5’10”
Weight: 220lbs
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green

General Appearance: Hector is quite tall and muscular for his age.  He need to be physically strong as his takeover magic enhances his natural strength.  He has long blonde hair that he usually keeps in a loose ponytail.  His eyes are a bright green and people are generally drawn to them immediately.  That or his face tattoos, he has one on the right side of his face just under his eye and the other on his forehead.  He often wears plain, loose-fitting clothing, generally, a tank top and a pair of shorts ending just past the knee.  You will never see him in something that is bulky or that could in any way hinder him in a fight, or a hat.  Hector wears a pair of sandals but often “loses” them, preferring to be bare foot if he can.  Most of his clothes are earth tones; however he does have a few with shades of blue or green.

Personality: First and foremost Hector is a hard worker.  He feels he needs to prove himself to those around him, and himself.  He would prefer to work alone but if he is placed in a group he will do everything he can to make sure he does not let his team down.  Hector can get a little competitive at times, especially if he continuously comes up short in something.  

He is a little slow to make friends, but once he does he is fiercely loyal.  Most of the time he is talking, or arguing, with his pet wind elemental, Sirocco.  With the friends he currently has Hector likes to go on adventures, trying and discovering new things.  He also likes to spar with his friends so he can keep getting stronger, and help his friends do the same.  He takes it upon himself to help others out if he sees they are in need.  Hector will take part in sports like activates, so long as his duties are completed first.  He generally shies away from logical games as they do not come as easy to him.  
Hector can have a temper sometimes, but usually he’s calm and happy.  He will joke around at times, sometimes even at his own expense.  However, if someone else makes the same joke at him he will take it personal and get pretty upset.  Hector generally avoids sad situations; there is usually nothing he can do to help and he hates feeling useless and “in the way”.  

Hector has a natural talent as a great musician; however, it is a craft he feels does not mean anything.  Since he is already good at it he feels practicing would be pointless.  He tries to keep this a secret as he does not want to give performances all the time.  

A prominent feature about Hector is his two face tattoos.  The tattoo under his right eye he got after defeating a lava elemental and absorbing its power.  He got the tattoo on his forehead once he was able to do a total takeover of this form.  He will get another tattoo once he has obtained a new form, though probably not on his face.  Hector does not like people staring at them, but if asked about them he will gladly share the symbolism behind them.  

In a fight Hector becomes very focused, losing his good-nature attitude and instead “gets down to business”.  Sirocco will try and help him from time to time, pointing out a flaw in his strategy or a weakness in his opponent he overlooked.  This only distracts Hector and makes him more upset that he did not realize it already.  This usually results in him making a rash decision and has been known to cost him fights in the past.  


  • While he obviously enjoys winning it could also be said he likes it when a project comes together.  He loves the feeling of accomplishing a task.  
  • Helping others succeed, he feels a sense of triumph helping someone better themselves.  
  • Pies, Hector loves pies, while he enjoys basically any flavor, cherry is by far his favorite


  • Losing, he is hard on himself when he comes up short in a fight.  
  • Feeling useless, Hector gets restless if he does not know how he can be useful to a situation
  • Lazy people, Hector does not mind helping others, but they have to have a desire to improve and be willing to work themselves.  
  • Politics, he hates not being able to do what needs to be done because of “red tape”.


  • Improving and getting stronger, he needs to prove he deserves to be in the Blue Pegasus Guild and he’s not just there because his parents paid his way.  
  • Becoming strong enough and having enough confidence to do a total take-over
  • Becoming a grand master and opening his own guild one day


  • Getting kicked out of the Blue Pegasus Guild
  • Losing control of his power and hurting his friends

Occupation: Guild Mage
Family: Hector’s parents, Leonel and Rachael Warfield are a wealthy merchant family.  He has a younger brother, Theodore, who is 9.  
Medical Conditions: None.
Pets: Hector has befriended a small wind elemental, named Sirocco, which looks like a small, light-purple bird-like creature with large crystal blue eyes and what seems like wings for ears.  He is also partial to dogs though he currently does not own one.
Hometown: Crocus
Secrets: Hector does not want people to know his parents paid his way into the Blue Pegasus.  He is also ashamed that the first time he tried a total take-over he lost control and set fire to a small forest outside of town.  Luckily, no one was hurt, but he still is afraid to try again anytime soon.  He also wants to keep his musical talents a secret.

Hector was born into a wealthy family.  His parents are very successful merchants from Crocus.  Hector has grown up in a luxurious lifestyle, however; his parents have always taught him that hard work pays off.  Hector was only 7 when his brother, Theodore, was born, but he became very protective of him.  Hector has always enjoyed being outdoors and playing sports.  As such he has always been a rather strong individual.  

Once Hector turned 15 his father was able to get him a job with one of his drinking buddies, Alex.  Alex is a local blacksmith and Hector was really enthusiastic about the job.  He liked being able to help support himself.  

He had worked for Alex for a little over a year when he came across a lava elemental in one of the nearby caves.  Luckily for him it was not to smart and he was able to trick it into shooting lava at an unstable section of the cave and caused a small cave-in.  Once the lava elemental was defeated there was a bright flash of light.  

Hector didn’t think any more about it until later that week when he noticed the heat from the furnace didn’t seem hot to him.  Later on, in a bout of anger, he unknowingly did a partial takeover causing his hands to turn into molten lava.  Once he realized what had happened he began spending all his free time in a glade outside of Crocus training to gain control over this new power.  Hector tried to keep this power a secret because he was afraid of what his parents and friends would do once they found out.  

However, during one of his training sessions he inadvertently tried to do a total takeover and lost control.  When Hector regained consciousness the glade was smoldering, but luckily the fire did not get out of control and no one was hurt.  Hector knew he needed help to understand and control this new power so he admitted to his parents what had happened.  

Leonel and Rachael were upset Hector had not come to them sooner, but mainly worried about his safety.  They immediately contacted the guild master for the Blue Pegasus and donated a considerable sum to speed up the process of having Hector accepted into the guild.  Hector was not happy about this; he feels he should have earned the right to join the guild.  He goes along with the plan to keep his family safe.  After getting to the Blue Pegasus guild, Hector took on several D rank missions and a few C rank missions, but nothing too dangerous.  

[Guild & Magic]
Guild: Blue Pegasus.
Guild Tattoo: Dark orange, Left shoulder-blade.
Magic: Takeover ~ Elemental
Caster or Holder: Caster type.
Description: As a take-over mage, Hector can take on the form of different elementals he defeats.  Currently he has the ability to take the form of lava elemental.  When in a partial take-over the air around him is noticeably hotter, his physical appearance changes depending on what he needs.  When in total take-over form his entire body seems to be made of rock but when he moves you can see the molten lava underneath.

Strengths: Hector’s lava magic is very powerful and can cover a wide area.  He has a degree of flexibility with his magic as well, allowing him to adapt to the situation at hand; from shooting a ball of lava at his enemies to making a wall of molten lava.  His partial take-over enhances his physical strengths and makes fighting him more dangerous.  He also likes to create a giant hammer made of molten lava.  When in his total take-over form he is immune to fire, which is handy as sometimes his spells can get out of hand.  Over time Hector will attain more forms which will give him versatility when he attacks.  

Weaknesses: His lava magic is a little slow and therefore hard to get a direct hit.  But it does have a large “splash area”.  This can be an issue in tight spaces and near flammable objects.  Hector will try and keep the collateral damage to a minimum and go to a remote area to have his fights if he can.  He can also be hurt by his own spells unless he does a total take-over.  He currently is reluctant to do this because he feels he is not strong enough to control it yet.  His magic is very draining on him, especially at first.  He also can have only one form active at a time.  

RP Sample:
What the heck is going on today?  Some weird talking bird named Siccoro…yeah, something like that…followed me out of the town and into this cave and now there is a blob of lava attacking me!   Stop just standing there!  Do something!  Hey, pay attention!  Oh, shut it!  It’s your fault we’re in this mess.  And what would you have me do?!  It’s a blob of lava and I don’t have a weapon, what do you want to do, punch it? Don’t blame me!  It’s not my fault you can’t defend yourself!  Use your head, think of something because it’s coming back! With that Sirocco flew up in the air only to have a ball of lava fly at her face.  She dodged at the last second and the lava ball collided with the cave wall behind her, causing a tremor to run under Hector’s feet.   HOT HOT HOT!  Hurry and do something, I don’t want to be cooked like a chicken!   I’ve got an idea! I just hope this works  Hector ran out from behind the boulder they were hiding behind and started shouting at the lava elemental, Hey, yeah you, lava blob!  Your aim is terrible; you couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn!   At that point the lava elemental lobed a giant ball of lava at Hector’s head.  Hector dived behind the boulder just in time to dodge the lava ball and it slammed into the ceiling with a resounding boom.   COME ON, QUICK!  OVER HERE! Hector shouted to Sirocco as he rolled toward the cave opening just as the ceiling came crashing down.   Did it work? Hector wheezed as he gingerly stood up and dusted himself off.   I don’t know,  I sure hope so. Sirocco said as she flew down to perch on Hector’s shoulder.  Just then there was a blinding flash of light.   What was that?  Does that mean it’s dead? How did - ?  Oh, it’s defiantly dead.   Did he just absorb that lava elemental?  How curious…have to keep an eye on his Hector kid…he seems interesting… Let’s get out of here, that was enough excitement for one day.    You said it Sicorro!   Hector said as he and Sirocco made their way back to town. That’s Sirocco you dolt! Yeah, that’s what I said! Hector laughed as he looked up at the bright blue sky and smiled.

Username: Ringo.

Face Claim: Hawkeye from Fire Emblem: The Sword of Flame

Desired starting level: 2
Hector Warfield
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