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Elrowan Sabeur

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Elrowan (& Alastor) Sabeur

[Attributes] (Insert *'s in each category using the guidelines in the attribute topic)
Power - *
Agility -***
Toughness -***
Intelligence -*****
Willpower -***

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Elrowan Sabeur
Alias(es): Alastor, alter ego
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Birthday: July 27th
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Height: 5'7
Weight: 140lb
Hair: fiery short red hair
Eyes: light blue eyes

General Appearance: Elrowan's body nears the completion of its transition from boyhood to manhood. His face still retains some boyish round features which are quickly disappearing. The rest of his body is also transforming into a man, his muscles and bones stretching to accommodate his growth, which make him look slightly on the lanky side. His build and height are about average, perhaps a little scrawnier than those at his age. Elrowan's skin is a very pale white and he never tans, he only burns in the sun. His hair is blazing red and his eyes a crisp, clear blue. A smattering of freckles adorns his face.

Elrowan always dresses to impress, but his idea on what's formal differs from the rest of Fiore. He wears a variety of elegant, Renaissance-themed attire, and always wears a cloak. His normal outfit is a cool blue coat and sea green pants, his cape outside blue while the inside is red. He wears a leather belt around his waist, and similarly matched boots.

Personality:  Elrowan would describe his personality as being very serious and proper, always eager to do the right deed and protect the innocent. Any observer would describe him differently. To others, Elrowan would seem overly excited by just about anything, often jumping to irrational conclusions and then sticking to that first impression as absolute fact. He is always determined to 'help' but often causes more trouble and headaches for all parties. He lives in some kind of fantasy world where he's a hero and the people he meet fit into either nobility, peasants, or villains. His black-and-white perspective on the world can be downright ridiculous, his strange conclusions and subsequent actions makes him seem somewhat like a “spazz” and even crazy. Even the people Elrowan likes or tries to help, he usually ends up insulting them accidentally especially with his classifications of 'peasant' and 'commoner'. Although Elrowan might be convinced that his fellow guild members see him in a very loveable fashion, he's one of those people where the entire guild groans 'not that guy again' whenever he walks through the door.

In fights, Elrowan is prone to calling out his moves like a super hero. He sometimes adds a few extra sparkles and poses to enhance the show in his mind. He also has an 'alternate personality' which only appears in 'serious' fights. This alter ego, whom Elrowan claims is named 'Alastor', is supposedly a vengeful spirit that possessed him years ago. Alastor awakens when Elrowan is in serious trouble, or in the face of great evil, if one is to believe Elrowan's tale. Alastor is much more grim and serious than his light-hearted host, often speaking of blood and violent ends to those who must meet justice. Alastor's intonation is noticeably different than Elrowan's, and even observers would be able to pick out the difference between the two, despite having the same voice. Although Elrowan doesn't see Alastor as inherently evil, he feels that his mortal body is in a constant tug-of-war between them both, and doesn't always agree with Alastor's methods.

Princesses – There are many fair princesses throughout the land, often victims of cruel and unusual circumstances who are simply waiting for a noble prince to come along and save them. Princesses are very pretty and who doesn't like pretty princesses. Elrowan knows that some princesses must don disguises to protect themselves in public, but Elrowan has a master eye for picking out royalty amidst the rabble.
The Divine – Elrowan is fascinated by supernatural powers of good. He is a pious believer in multiple gods; whichever ones fight for justice and protect the weak. He is convinced everyone has a purpose in life from above. He also places great faith in supernatural artifacts said to ward off evil spirits.
Blue Pegasus – Elrowan's guild is something he is quite proud of. The guild is always taking on the requests of the townspeople, regardless of how small or trivial it might seem. All of their work is to benefit others and promote peace and stability.

Dark Guilds (the 'bad guys') – Elrowan hates anyone who goes out of their way to hurt innocents, or deal with problems in an overly cruel fashion.
Being told that he's making things up or that he's crazy – Elrowan's not crazy! Are you?!
Alastor – Elrowan's alter ego can be mentally snarky at Elrowan, often criticizing Elrowan's cluelessness or lack of strength. On top of that, Alastor can make Elrowan do things he doesn't want to do.

Being an agent of justice – There are plenty of poor peasants who cannot lift a finger to save themselves. It's up to Elrowan to punish evil-doers and save the innocents!
Increasing Blue Pegasus's prestige – Although Blue Pegasus is a great guild, people are more apt to name Fairy Tail or Lamia Scale before Blue Pegasus. Elrowan wants to increase his guild's reputation, and let everyone know that Blue Pegasus is just as much, if not more, capable than the other two rival guilds. The reason he originally joined was for his childhood friend (“sister”), and he wants to make her proud.

Ghosts – Elrowan absolutely believes in ghosts and evil spirits, and is somewhat petrified of them. He carries around a few protective charms and religious artifacts to ward off evil spirits. He's adept at making anti-ghost wards and will sometimes exorcise spirits for innocent victims, no extra charge.
Alastor taking control – Alastor is a spirit of vengeance, and Elrowan fears that one day he will completely lose all his self-will and do something he regrets. The fact that Alastor will make callous jokes about taking over doesn't help Elrowan's mental sanity (well, if he has any).

Occupation: Blue Pegasus guild wizard
Family: Mother, Father still alive in Shirotsume
Medical Conditions: possibly crazy
Pets: none
Hometown: Shirotsume
Secrets: Elrowan will downplay the influence that Alastor plays in his life, and generally keeps Alastor a complete secret unless it becomes an issue. He also doesn't talk about his family much, as he's convinced he's a prince of Fiore but keeps it secret for his own protection.


The following is a journal excerpt that Elrowan decided to write for himself.
It's come to my attention that, the older I get, the more likely my memory is to become vague or skewed by time. Neither does it help that, when recounting some of my tales to other guildmates, they often tell me 'that's not true' or 'it couldn't have happened this way'. However, regardless of how unbelievable a tale might seem, I will not shy away from the truth simply because I do not understand the truth. The following is a full account of the most pivotal points in my life, penned down in undiluted, non-grandoise, a complete and utter factual account.

So here it is, the tale of Elrowan de Sabeur of Shirotsume (that's me). Now growing up, I was a healthy young lad, but I was born in desperate poverty of a commoner's household. My father was away every day, working long hours to simply provide food on the table. My mother would have liked to smother me with gifts, but alas, being a peasant does not let one do that. Now my parents did the best they possibly could to provide for me, even scraping enough cash to send me off to one of the finer academies in town, which only nobles attended.

For all intents and purposes, I seemed like just an average little boy. I liked running around in the mud and swinging wooden swords and all the things that normal little boys love to do. However, the other children at academy knew I was from a commonly descended household. They found cruel ways to make fun of me and although they made fun of other things about me and not my blood, I knew the reason why they hated me was because I was not a noble like them. It was difficult but I didn't want to tell my parents, because they had worked so very hard to send me to such a prestigious academy with all the other noble boys and girls.

Now one night, while I was home and after I said my prayers and I was laying in bed, a beautiful girl came to me in a vision. She was close to my age, a young girl, with beautiful golden locks and overall very pretty. On her head was a silver tiara, and I knew instantly upon seeing her that she was a princess from another land. And she said to me, “Elrowan de Sabeur, my name is Meera Ra-Meer, and I am but one of many princesses in Fiore. Right now there is a terrible war ravaging the land, and so the princesses of Fiore have all gone into hiding. To protect their identities, some of the princesses are under powerful spells in which even they do not know their true names. Elrowan de Sabeur, you must find these princesses of Fiore and protect them. There are evil people at work, and they mean to do the princesses great harm.”

I was in complete awe of the Princess Meera. Even so, I asked her respectfully, “You have come to me for help, and so I shall help you, Princess Meera Ra-Rameer. But tell me this: why have you entrusted me with this task?”

The princess answered, “Because you are my older brother, Elrowan de Sabeur. Our royal family feared the approach of our enemies, and gave you to the Sabeurs in the hope you would live a peaceful life. And now our parents' fear has come to pass. You are the only one who can help me and the other princesses, my long-lost brother.”

The vision began to fade from me. I cried out for her to stay, but she was gone before I knew it. The next day at academy, I had become a completely different person. I knew the task entrusted to me, but knew not how to fulfill my promise. That very day, the teacher said a new student would be joining us for the rest of the academic year. Now who do you think stepped through that door? The new student was none other than the very same girl I'd seen in my vision, Princess Meera. Yet she introduced herself as Kalika Diasen. It was at that moment I knew the Princess's fears had come true, and that she had forgotten her very identity in order to protect herself from villains.

I was determined to befriend my secret sibling, careful not to alert the princess of her status or our relationship. Even without her memories, Kalika/Meera was unlike the other children, very clearly nobility. She wasn't afraid to stick up against the academy bullies, and the two of us became very close with each passing day. She was always smiling and laughing and at first, I began to doubt my vision of her danger.

But then one day, when I was much older and when I was a solid fourteen, I took a walk through town. Out of sheer coincidence, I happened upon Princess Meera. Her face was a mess, as if she had been crying for many days. I asked her what was wrong. She told me,

“Elrowan, you have been a good friend to me. But something terrible has happened. My entire house has burned to the ground. My father and mother did not make it out. Today I have become an orphan.”

It was at that moment that I decided to tell her the truth. I told her about the vision I had, the very night before we first met in class. I told her that she wasn't alone, because she was my sister, but that she had forgotten her identity. I told her that she was Princess Meera Ra-Rameer, the princess of all Fiore. Although I knew she would think that I was crazy, I could no longer hide the truth from her.

She didn't think I was crazy. She smiled at me. She said to me, “You have always been very kind to me, and in my heart, I've always known that you are my brother. Thank you, Elrowan.”

That was what she said, but I knew that not all her memories had returned. I told her, “You are still missing something that is important.”

She said, “Yes, I am. The thieves that burned down my house stole something most precious to me. It was a hairclip which belonged to my mother.”

At first I told her that I would find the people who had raided her house, that I would bring them to justice and recover her hairpin. However, this only caused her to fret even further. So for the first and only time in my life, I lied. I promised I wouldn't act on her behalf.

The very next day I set out on an adventure on the princess's behalf. The thieves were certainly not in town, or they would have been caught already. So instead I ventured into the forest of Worth Woodsea, determined to track them down. The forest, however, is enchanted by powerful magic. I soon found myself walking in endless circles, when I saw a strange lady dressed in all black with a pointed hat. She was one of the infamous witches of Worth Woodsea, and I knew that she had very powerful magic.

“Boy, come closer, and listen to what I have to say.” She pointed a long crooked finger at me. I felt an odd sensation come over me, and even though I wanted to run away, I did as she asked. “That which you seek is the cave over yonder. But be warned, for powerful magic is sealed inside. Once you step inside, your life will change completely, and you can never go back.”

I looked towards the cave, only to turn and find that the witch had disappeared. Despite her warning, there was no real option for me. I had to enter, for Princess Meera's sake. As soon as I entered the cave, I could feel the pulse of intense magical energy. At first I thought the witch had lied or tricked me, as there were neither thieves nor treasure. The inside of the cave was huge, and completely empty – save for a gigantic lake. The water was clear and I could see all the way to the bottom.

I stood there, staring at my reflection, when I saw something strange. I saw myself, but my reflection was doing more than just staring at me. The reflected image had more men in it too – a band of thugs. I saw the reflected me fighting these thugs, casting powerful spells I didn't know how to use. There were five men in total, yet all of them fell to my reflection's magic. Worse than just fall, I saw my other ego kill each man intentionally. My reflection picked up a small wooden box, and turned to face me.

“I am the other you which resides upon this plane,” he spoke to me. “My name is Alastor, and I am a spirit of Justice. I am your true self, the you which you refuse to see. Now open your spirit and let me take my true place inside your heart.”

I was very frightened, and I could feel how powerful this 'other me' was. “You're not me,” I told him firmly. “You belong in that world, and you do not belong over here.”

Alastor opened the box, and I could see very clearly in the reflection the hairpin – the very one that belonged to Princess Meera. “Foolish boy, you will let me in,” Alastor said. “Or you will never return this to Kalika.”

At his words, I knew that he had me beaten. “Do whatever you want to me, but at least let me return the memento to Princess Meera.”

I closed my eyes, and my body grew very hot. I could feel a surge of energy inside me, pushing its way through my body, mind, and soul. It shook me badly, and even when the pulsing energy abated, I felt completely different than what I had moments ago. Something inside me had changed. I could feel Alastor's presence within my heart.

When I opened my eyes, I found the box and hairpin in my hands. Alastor spoke in my mind, “Now go and complete that which you set out to do. As for me, I shall sleep until the time is right, and then you shall serve my own purposes.”

I tried to speak with Alastor, to ask him what evil deeds he was plotting, but he fell silent and refused to answer any of my questions. So instead I returned to Shirotsume. It was dark by the time I came back, as the journey had taken me nearly two full days. But when I returned, Princess Meera was nowhere to be found. I was informed by my other classmates that she had run off and joined Blue Pegasus, rather than search for a family that might adopt her.

The choice seemed easy. I too would join Blue Pegasus, and continue to protect the Princess Meera. I ran the entire way from Shirotsume to the Blue Pegasus guild hall. There, I begged the guildmaster to take me in. He agreed, although said I had much to learn both in the ways of magic and life.

It was in the guild hall that I reunited with Princess Meera. I returned her mother's memento, but didn't tell her about my encounter with the thieves or that Alastor now resided within me. She was overjoyed to not only get the hairclip back, but also to hear that I had joined Blue Pegasus. When she asked me why I had joined too, I told her,

“We're siblings, and that means we have to stick together. As your older brother, I'm the one who will take care of you.”

She just smiled and told me, “Thank you, Elrowan. Let's work hard to make Blue Pegasus the best guild in Fiore.”

It was then that I realized, even with the threat of Alastor, there was still much good that I needed to accomplish in this world. I would work hard for Blue Pegasus, and fulfill Princess Meera's dream.

An Interview Excerpt from Elrowan's mother, recorded by the Magic Council, when asked upon Elrowan's involvement with Kalika:
Even at a young age, Elrowan was different than other children. He had no on/off switch for when he was playing pretend. Always he made up grand stories for everything, turning even a simple trip to the grocery store into a grand tale of dungeon delving and exploration. That was all good when he was very young, but he never quite grew up. One day he got it into his head that there should be a 'de' in our last name, and from then on he always called himself 'Elrowan de Sabeur'. There's no 'de' in our last name, so I'm not really sure how he began calling himself that.

We enlisted him in a Shirotsume public school, and that was always a bit difficult on him. That's when we really realized just how different Elrowan was. After a few failed years we considered homeschooling him, because he just couldn't connect to the other children well, despite being a smart lad when it came to homework and academics. Around that time, that's when Kalika enrolled. Kalika was a true godsend to Elrowan, really setting him on the right track of life. She was a smart young girl, much more sensible than Elrowan, but seemed to play along with and enjoy our child's strange tales. But unlike Elrowan, she did have an 'off' switch, and was able to function in proper society.

She and her family were both quite sweet, and I doubt they had any enemies to speak of. Yes, Elrowan disappeared shortly after the fire, but I think that was because he'd spoken to Kalika and had some crazy solution to try and fix her life. We actually formed some search parties for him but he was nowhere to be found in Shirotsume. He came back by his own accord, and something about him had changed. He locked himself in his room for a full twenty-four hours, refused to come out for food or drink. This was very unusual behavior, even for Elrowan. I tried to coax him out, but he would have none of it. From behind the door, I could hear him weeping.

The next morning, Elrowan was gone. He'd become remarkably good at disappearing like this, and so I wasn't overly concerned. The guildmaster of Blue Pegasus later sent us word that Elrowan was now in his care. I thought this might be a good opportunity for Elrowan to learn more about the world and himself, so I'm letting him stay there for now. Hopefully he remembers to visit us between his grand adventures!

[Guild & Magic]

Guild: Blue Pegasus
Guild Tattoo: blue tattoo on the backside of his right hand

Magic: Water Magic
Caster or Holder: Caster
Description: Water magic is very versatile, allowing easy use of offensive and defensive capabilities. Elrowan has only recently begun taking his magic studies more seriously, and so he lacks the capabilities of making use of water's full range of abilities. However his alter ego Alastor is able to use magic more creatively and sustain MP for longer. Elrowan's magic focuses mainly on versatility, able to adjust the pressure of the water and harden it to create weapons, such as a water sword. Other aspects of water magic can range from creating tidal waves, manipulating bodies of existing water, or creating pockets/bubbles of water which can potentially restrict an opponent's air supply.
Strengths: Water magic can serve multiple purposes, ranging from offense to defense. The pressure can be adjusted, hardening water to the point that it's like steel. Or, it can be softened to form 'bubbles' and air pockets, which can allow the user travel through underwater without surfacing for air. Water is also a soothing element, known to have healing properties. When in danger or pushed to his limits, Elrowan's alter ego 'Alastor' gains access to higher ranked magic. That and Alastor's increased focus allows him to tackle greater problems. Higher ranked spells can even allow the user to absorb attacks, morphing their body into water.
Weaknesses: Elrowan is new in his wizardry carreer. As such, he cannot make use of the full options available to the water element. Alastor is finicky and won't appear on command, so relying on him to save the day is extremely risky. Water itself lacks some of the speed of other elements. In addition, both Elrowan and Alastor can only use water in its liquid state. Ice completely ruins their techniques, as it changes the element into a form that they can't manipulate. Water also conducts electricity, so any electric mages can cause serious harm to a water user.

RP Sample:
Kaz couldn't help but smile back at Shinju's pose and declaration.  Well the girl certainly had dreams, he'd give her that.  While her youth might limit other activities, it wouldn't limit her strength - perhaps she really would be the strongest in Fairy Tail.  In truth he knew little about the guilds, outside of rumored reputations and the odd encounter.  His conversation with Shinju was probably the most experience he had with the guilds.

Kaz stood up and stretched a bit.  With both of their drinks finished, he supposed it was time for them to get going.  He could still hear the lady from before, but his conversation with Shinju had temporarily gotten his mind off such noise.  "Fairy Tail huh... You don't seem like the type to give up, so I'm sure you'll get there one day,” he encouraged.  It must be nice to have such a simple goal.  With all the world's craziness right now, normal work and goals seemed so far off.  Kaz would be content to just live out a normal life, working for money with some drinks and company (preferbly those over 18).

Maybe one day he would join a guild... but that wouldn't be very fair to whatever guild he joined.  He had a past that would likely come back and bite him one day, and he didn't want for others to be held responsible.  He decided to change his train of thought.  “So is your 'backpacking trip' part of guild business then?  Here to steal the little work out there from people like me?”  His grin said he didn't truly mind.  After all, he'd be leaving town soon anyway...

Face Claim: Roy from Fire Emblem

Username: Meneil

Desired starting level: 3 for Alastor, Elrowan will otherwise access only level 1 spells by himself
Elrowan Sabeur
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bumped for completion ;3
Elrowan Sabeur
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Alrighty, I'll go ahead and approve this! *has lost stamp... again*


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