Imperfect Heroes A World Reborn (Jcink)

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Imperfect Heroes A World Reborn (Jcink)

Post by Lightning Returns on Tue Apr 22, 2014 2:25 pm

Thanos Once again took the Infinity Gems and tried to create a device that would allow him to blink all creation out of existence and into death. This mass murder would surely gain her attention. However, heroes and villains from all over the universe did the same and tried to stop the titan god. When they finally were able to Thanos used what power he had gathered to start his machine. What happened was unexpected...

All creation blinked out of form. The world fell into itself, and life began a new. At the early years of the heroes. Only a small hand full remember the battles and what dangers lie ahead. While others cope with the shifting powers and destinies. Learning their lives are no longer what they once were...

It is now a world where Galactus has never found Earth. A time where the Avengers have neither formed or joined together. The war between secrets and open knowledge for civility will not be for years in the future.

Life has begun. The dangers of your heroics, will be greater.

Imperfect Heroes A World Reborn

Lightning Returns

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