Holder Item Rules (Updated)

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Holder Item Rules (Updated)

Post by PatriotArrow on Mon Apr 28, 2014 10:46 am

Holder Item Creation

Holder Item Creation
Holder wizards are a reasonably common sight throughout the land of Fiore. Perhaps even more common than caster wizards. Even true caster wizards commonly carry around at least one holder item to augment their abilities, and the sight of the little glowing spell orbs called lacrima is one many people are used to in this magic-blessed land.

Special Holder Rules
A holder mage works very differently from a caster mage. Unlike casters, holder mages are not forced to use only an element they have spent years learning to wield, instead able to use whatever magic they store in the magical lacrima they have equipped on their items.

A holder mage can’t use as many different spells as a caster mage either, instead limited to whatever they have equipped at the time unless they switch out their loadout. Switching takes time (1 post downtime), however, and no spells can be used on that clip until the next post. Any sustained spells are deactivated upon unequipping a “clip” of Lacrima, though lingering spells will continue until the end of their duration.

A Clip is a number of lacrima of up to the maximum for the weapon or armor that you can use at the same time. Once placed, these spells are stuck as a set, and a new clip must be switched out to gain access to other spells. A clip can be rearranged outside of a thread, however.

You start with one clip, and gain a new one at levels 3 and 5 for a total of 3 clips. New ones may be purchased from the shop, and there's no limit to how many clips one may have currently. If you buy one before levels 3 and/or 5, you still gain those free clips. If your app starts at rank 3, then you may start with 2 clips, even if you don't have many spell Lacrima to use them.

When casting Lacrima spells, spells have a short cooldown duration of one post, though other spells on a clip can be used instead during the next post.

Stock Holder Items
The shop has premade holder item templates which can be used for a starting holder item, or they can be purchased slightly cheaper than “custom orders” one would buy from the shop.

Creating the Holder Item
Holder Items are quite varied, ranging from rings to weapons to armor, and exactly how they look depends on their maker. Items use statistics similar to spells, but don’t count as spells and are constantly available for use.

Weapons are a constant source of attack power, with or without using MP, making them rather handy to have around. While they aren’t everyone’s style, they are undeniably useful to keep around for when the going gets rough.

When creating a holder Weapon, A single-handed weapon gets 10*’s to distribute among the statistics. See below for what each statistic does. You may upgrade it to have up to a maximum of 16*’s in the store. If the holder item is your primary magic source, it upgrades each time you gain a level for free.

A two-handed weapon is given 12*’s instead, and can be upgraded to have up to 18*’s. A set of items that go together (such as a pair of daggers) count as one-handed items with two-handed lacrima, and split lacrima between them.

If you are a level 2 character, you get 11*'s, and if you are a level 3 character, you get 12*'s.
A level 2 two-handed weapon gains 13*'s, while a level 3 gains 14*'s

One-handed Lacrima Slots: 4
Two-Handed Lacrima Slots: 6

Weapon Abilities
Weapons have special abilities decided upon by their type automatically.

Swords, Daggers, spears, Etc: Bleeding
Maces, Staffs, Etc: Impact
Bows, Crossbows, Etc: Piercing*
Firearms (Pistols and RIfles): Elemental Shot

Bleeding: Causes the struck target to bleed. Without medical treatment or a healing spell, A proper strike from a Bleeding weapon will likely cause the struck target pass out from blood loss eventually, or even die.

Impact: As the Impact extra

Piercing: As the Piercing extra

Elemental Shot: All firearms use elemental lacrimas to fire, because unlike in our world, they are powered by magic as much as technology. Choose an element upon purchase or creation of the firearm. It uses that element when attacking without the use of spells.

Armor and Shields
Armor and shields are undeniably useful to anyone who makes a habit of getting into fights. Many find these items cumbersome and simply rely on their magic or their ability to dodge. Many others find the protection given by these items to be more than worth the cost in mobility. (in RP terms, all but the strongest characters should be less agile in armor. We won’t attach mechanics to this, but try to be fair about it. Items fix themselves for free after each thread, after all!)

Armor and Shields have only two stats: Power and Durability. Power reduces the amount of damage from spells and holder weapons by an amount equal to the stars in power, while durability determines how much damage an item can take before breaking (see below for how much that is per point) Armor and shields are given 5*’s to distribute instead of 10, and they can be raised to up to 8*’s. After this, each upgrade gives them free Lacrima. Shields have more lacrima slots but less durability, while Armor is more durable, but has fewer slots.

Level 3 characters may start with 6*'s instead of 5 to distribute.

Shield Lacrima Slots: 4
Armor Lacrima Slots: 3

This is a catchall term use to describe anything like rings, amulets, bracelets, and the like. Accessories have no statistics and only one Lacrima slot, though they are cheaper and can’t be broken or taken unless the wielder willingly gives them up or is otherwise unconscious.

Lacrima Slots: 1

Holder Item Statistics
In general, A rating of * is considered low, while a rating of ****** is considered among the best. Only an item's range is an exception to this, ranging from zero *’s to  ***’s

Power is determined exactly like spells. The higher the Power, the more damage it deals or the better it protects, in the case of armor. For weapons, it determines the attack power just like a spell. For armor and shields, it blocks the number of *’s worth of damage from each hit until it is broken. Only rings have no Power

Some weapons swing or fire faster than others. A katana-type weapon may have more speed than a large club. And with the nature of magical bows and guns, their projectiles can have varying speeds as well. Speed is also determined exactly like with spells. Armor and shields do not use speed.

Range determines the reach of the weapon. Range determines how far away you can hit something from. This can help determine who has the advantage in combat. Range is broken up into 3 *’s instead of 6.  Weapons may not upgrade their range after creation. Armor and shields do not use range.

Range Guide
None - The weapon has a reach equal to your fists. In the case of armor, range has no effect. A shield’s range is also none when used to attack.
* - The weapon has a reach like a sword or an axe. It goes further than a fist.
** - The weapon has an extended reach, such as a spear or a whip or staff.
*** - The weapon is a ranged weapon, such as a gun or bow.

Durability is how hard it is to break an item. The item’s durability is usually multiplied by the number of *’s put into this category. Like any stat, there is a maximum of 6*’s in the stat. Weapons and armor have their power halved when they get below half durability. If broken, all stats are reduced to zero and they become useless for the remainder of the thread.

Melee weapons - 3x*’s durability
Guns/Bows - 2x*’s durability
Shield - 4x*’s durability
Armor - 5x*’s durability

Creating Holder Spells
Holder spells are created exactly like their Caster counterparts. See the Spell Creation Rules section for details.

Holder Spells use the same MP bar as caster spells, though for flavor purposes you may state that it uses a different source.

Holder Item Limits
A holder may equip the following:
two one-handed weapons (Or weapon and shield), one two-handed weapon
A set of armor (shields and armor can't both be used for defense at once)
2 Accessories

an accessory-only holder can have up to 8 accessories.

Starting Items:
A holder starts with a single item, unless they are accessory users. They then start with 3 accessories.
All holder items come with 3 Lacrima on character creation.

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