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Experience guideline

Post by Charlotte on Mon Apr 28, 2014 6:54 pm

Guideline to Experience

Okay so we use an automatic exp reward system in this forum. I will be guiding you on how to get your experience points in this simple guide.


What you see above is the experience section. See how it’s divided into D, C, B, A and S rank rewards?
You create your exp threads in there.

You create a thread for all your D ranks in the D rank rewards, for C in C rank rewards etc.


What you see now is the C rank reward section. I will be using  C rank missions as my example. See there are various threads of various people in there? You need to create one too to get your own experience.


Now the picture above shows my reward thread. See how I wrote “My C rank rewards” on my first post? You have to do that. First posts don’t give you experience.


And after that, as shown in the figure, you have to put the link of your approved mission (remember the link should be the mission you did) and ta da!~ You get your experience points automatically!

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