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Ranor Taiga

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[Basic Information]
Full Name: Ranor Taiga
Alias(es): Pops
Gender: Male
Age: 48
Sexuality: Straight

Height: 6’5
Weight: 112Kg
Hair: Sandy Blonde
Eyes: Crimson with gold accents

General Appearance: A spectacle of a warrior. His body adorned with marks from his numerous adventures. Commonly wearing light pieces of Eastern plate armor over his clothing. Tends to be smoking from his pipe at most hours of the day. Wears a friendly smile, that can quickly become an intimidating glare. All in all a good looking man for his age and rough appearance. Carries a cane, though never needs it.

Personality: Ranor is traditionally sitting in the guild hall, conversing with his "children". He always walks around with a cane, though never seems to need it. Often times he'll knock people on the top of the head of behind the knees, if he thinks they're being idiots. He's a strong, caring, intelligent man, outspoken, and can hardly ever be seen without his smirk on his face. However he will be the first to thwart anyone or anything to threaten him, his guild's, or his children's lives.

- To collect weaponry
- Drinking with his “family”
- Putting together training camps
-Rainy days
- Board games
- Quiet guild hall
- Making his “Children” the best they can be
- Peaceful times
- Continuing the legacy the last master entrusted him with
- Death of one of his “Children”
- Destruction of Fairy Tail
- Bad ties with the Magic Council
Ranor’s tale is one that has been told a million times. He was a young boy who joined Fairy Tail with no magic ability whatsoever, however he trained in all manors of battle he could possibly study. From weaponry to the tactics of combat, he mastered them all at a surprisingly young age. Though his advancement in the guild was halted by the Guild’s Master, for his lack of magic. He then set out on a journey deep into the un explored regions of Fiore’s, there he made a pact with the Warrior Tiger God Shinjin. Shinjin gifted Ranor with all of his power and strength. After the Master witnessed his abilities and new found power, gifted him the first Ace position, then inheriting the guild as it’s present Guild Master.

[Guild & Magic]

Guild: Fairy Tail
Guild Tattoo: Back of his right hand

Magic: Raging Tiger
Caster or Holder: Castor
Description: Ranor made a pact when he was a young man with the warrior god Shijin, 1 of the four guardian animals of Fiore. Shijin gifted his power and his strength to Ranor, enabling him to use an extremely powerful Red aura based magic. Using the aura in any way he deems necessary; beams, supplementary enhancements, waves of energy, etc. Though the spell that has made him the standing legend he is, is his most powerful spell "Soul of the West", in which he unlocks the full gift of Shijin and gains the power of the warrior god himself.
Strengths: The limitless power that Ranor has access too is astronomical. Enabling him to live up to his legend. Granting him boosts to his speed and strength in excessive amounts.
Weaknesses: Because he is inhabiting the Power of the god, the strain to the body is incredible. If he is baited out to lose control and focus, the Power would consume him. Raging Tiger is no specific element only allowing Neutral damage across the board, no bonus damage, no negative damage.

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