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Family for Life [Shadow Heart (C)] Empty Family for Life [Shadow Heart (C)]

Post by Fayte Scarlett on Mon May 05, 2014 1:52 pm

Request name: Family for Life
Request rank: C
Guild: Shadow Heart
Client name: Yami in Hosenka will give this mission
Objective: Eliminate an ex-Shadow Heart member who had second thoughts after joining.
Location: Hosenka
Reward: 10 exp
Request description: Kill the target, Satoshi Oshiro.
Request details:
-Meet with Yami, who will give the mission
-Satoshi joined Shadow Heart about a month ago, before deciding the place wasn't for him.
-Track down Satoshi and show him why no one leaves Shadow Heart. His hometown is Hosenka, so start there.
-Satoshi is a fledgling mage and has some magical talent, but nothing you shouldn't be able to handle.
-He likely expects pursuers, so eliminate anyone else who gets in the way.

Name: Yami
Age: 33
General Appearance: Black hair and eyes, wears traditional Hosenka attire
Personality: cold and calculated; very strategical
Motivations: Moving SH up in the world
Fears: SH being exposed or destroyed
Spells/Abilities: n/a (not a combatant)
Other: n/a


Name: Satoshi Oshiro
Age: 19
General Appearance: dark hair, average height and build
Personality: Extremely paranoid about being followed or tracked down by Shadow Heart. He is constantly looking over his shoulder. He enjoys the Hosenka cuisine and the more tourist-y hot spa.
Motivations: living a quiet life, making up for past misdeeds
Fears: dying, being forced to hurt others
Spells/Abilities: (D-rank: Water Magic)
Other: N/A

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