Limiter Gloves (Redux)

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Limiter Gloves (Redux)

Post by Shina Nihilo on Wed May 07, 2014 8:44 pm

Limiter Gloves

Weapon type: Gloves
Power: ***
Speed: ***
Range: None
Durability: ****

Default Lacrima setup:

-Crow Bite

-Ein Trigger

-Condor's Scream

-Zwei Aegis

A pair of gloves, specially designed by scientists and wizards under the employ of Shadow Heart. They were conceptualized in order to help their clones control their flames. They have been equipped with fire lacrima, which serve as a focus for the wearer’s magical energies. The gloves seem unassuming at a glance. They are made from glossy black leather, and cover everything from the wearer’s fingers to just an inch or so past their wrists. The fingers and the back of the gloves are covered in bright red protective plating, and steel studs adorn the knuckles. These specific gloves are attuned to Shina. As such, only she can use them for the purpose of channeling magic. Not even other clones can use these gloves.


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Shina Nihilo
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Re: Limiter Gloves (Redux)

Post by Tatsuma on Thu May 08, 2014 11:26 pm

the gloves look good :) approved for your using pleasure


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