Lost Souls: Pre-Canon Story Focus Bleach Roleplay

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Lost Souls: Pre-Canon Story Focus Bleach Roleplay

Post by LS on Sat May 10, 2014 7:27 pm

Bleach: Lost Souls
an alternate universe, pre-canon bleach rpg,
with a focus on plot and storyline instead of
fighting and power levels. no word count,
easy app, friendly and easygoing staff team,
member-driven site plots, ability to do your
own plots to the side, divisions run 100%
by captain and lieutenant team, full and true
collaboration on ic missions between divisions,
ability to play rogue characters, offering
shinigami, quincy, spiritually aware humans,
and diablo (combination of arrancar and vizard).
We also have dragons and demons, but they
are not app-able. check us out today!



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