Adam Thoriel

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Adam Thoriel

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Adam Thoriel

Power - *
Agility - ***
Toughness - ***
Intelligence - ****
Willpower - ****

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Adam Peter Thoriel
Alias(es): None
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Birthday: September 3rd
Sexuality: Straight

Height: 5'5''
Weight: 115 lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Silver

General Appearance: Adam is pretty slim, at only 115 pounds. He is not fast, nor slow, and he is not strong, nor weak. He does not carry a lot of fat or muscle and is just skinny in general. His hair is pretty scruffy most of the time, and it hangs loosely just past his ears. Adam generally lets his hair hang loose, and doesn't care too much to work on it. Adam's silver eyes are bright, and startle many people when they first see them. He enjoys wearing dark clothes, most of the time including a long-sleeve shirt, pants, and boots. To keep his outfits from being too dark, he wears a silver/green striped scarf and a silver belt. With no girls that he tries to impress, since he is too scared of them all, he doesn't try to keep his appearance up too much. And since he doesn't keep up his appearance, he looks pretty awful a lot of the time. Despite the saying, "The inside is what matters," Adam does not keep many friends a lot of the time. After deciding to join the Fairy Tail Guild, Adam started to clean up a bit, just in case he met a girl he wasn't scared of. This 'cleaning up' he does is pretty vague, and he just combs his hair and takes a bath. Adam is pretty pale, and he sunburns easily.

Personality: Adam, with very little objection from others, is often pretty quiet. Most of the time, Adam just sits quietly and doesn't say anything, often being silent for hours at a time. His opinions are often disliked by many people for some reason. People can even be agreeing on something, then, when Adam agrees with them, they decide they disagree. Adam has never been liked much and has few friends, making him quite antisocial. He keeps his head down and doesn't even try to make friends, despite wanting friends. Adam often would rather spend time on his own than spend time with people he doesn't like. Adam wishes to one day get some real friends who will get along with him. In doing this, Adam also wants to lose his fear of women so that he can make more friends from both genders. Adam's magic, shadow, matches his personality in a few ways. Both are quiet, keep to themselves, and are likely to be in the corner than the middle of the room. Finding the Shadow magic has changed him. Since dark magic users are seen as evil or demonic, many people see him as a demon, or at least dark. Adam is even less seen as a viable target for friendship, and thus has no chance of making friends now.

Likes: Strategy games, Sleep, Learning new things, and Sparring
Dislikes: Being lonely, Women, and Failing
Motivations: The fear of failing his parents motivates him, along with the wish to get friends
Fears: Women and His Parents' wrath

Occupation: Guild Mage
Family: Sister Milly, Father Christopher, Mother Marissa -- I don't know if I need his other family members... There are quite a few others
Medical Conditions: Gynophobia, but that is also a fear
Pets: Bird, Poppy
Hometown: Magnolia
Secrets: Afraid of girls, but he tries to hide it and fails

What was your character's life like before play began? Describe it in as much detail as you can manage. We'd like at least 400 words for this, since it's so important

Born and raised in Magnolia, Adam has never been the friendly kind. His parents tried to shelter him, and were mostly successful. Adam never got to do much as a child, he never went out, he never played with others, and he spent what little time he did have with others with males. Adam almost never saw females, including his mother, who was often with her sick father. Because he grew up rarely seeing any girls, when he was introduced to them, he, as is human nature, was afraid of the new and unexplained. To add to this, Adam was hurt when a girl threw a rock at her friend and it hit him in the head. This traumatized him, and he forever had a hate and fear for girls.

As he grew up, Adam only became more and more antisocial. His parents didn't want him to be friends with anyone who might "harm his future". It was a never ending cycle, nobody talked to him, so everybody decided he was not worth talking to, so nobody talked to him. It became a bit of a problem for Adam, who wanted to have friends, and with his parent's apparent hatred of people, it seemed as though he would never have friends.

When Adam went through his schooling, he became educated and learned a good amount about the different kinds of magic. He hoped he could be good at a magic that people thought was cool. Something like fire, or water. Light was pretty cool. If he could just get one of those, then maybe people would respect him, or even talk to him. If he could just get something respectable, his goals to get friends would be all the more close. When his 13th Birthday came around, however, he was given a nasty surprised.

On his thirteenth birthday, Adam awoke to a shadow sitting on his bed with him. It stared at him. It stared at him with a look of curiosity, like it was confused as to what he was. It looked familiar to Adam, despite the fact that he had never seen it. That was when it hit him. It was his shadow. The reason it looked familiar was because his window, wide and tall, shined light into his room all day. Adam, horrified, shoved himself back up against his headboard. He looked down at his hand to see that the shadow was extended from his own body. It couldn't be. Adam had Shadow Magic. But he could tell it wasn't any Shadow Magic from his studies. Adam could not control his desk's shadow. Nor could he control his bed's shadow. Most of the time, Shadow users could control almost every shadow. So why couldn't he? The shadow seemed to follow him, but it didn't seem to want to have anyone else see him.

After his schooling that day, Adam was confronted by another classmate, Ron. Ron had been bragging all day that he had found water magic or something. Adam didn't ever listen to Ron, because he hated the kid, but it was hard to ignore someone that shouted all day about his water magic and showed it off to everyone. After school, Ron found Adam behind the school, where he was readying himself to walk home. Ron pulled up some water from a stream near where they were standing and splashed Adam with it. He taunted Adam for a few minutes before Adam broke. His shadow stood up and walked over to where Ron was standing. It pulled its arms up and shoved Ron to the ground. Ron was scared out of his wits and tried to crawl away from Adam's Shadow. It followed him, the whole time looking at Ron with a look of curiosity.

Adam was treated like an outcast after Ron told everyone, even more so than before, and he began to get called "Demon" and "Shadow," even though he hadn't really hurt anyone, and there was no reason to call him that. Adam finished his schooling as fast as he could, meaning that he left before he had actually finished. Adam decided he would probably go without a guild, since nobody would want him anyway. Of course, as soon as he decided this, Adam saw the notice that he had to be affiliated with some guild in order to be right with the law. Adam, not wanting to be a rogue and an outcast, played Eenie meenie minie mo, and chose Lamia Scale as his guild. It was a guild full of many strong people, who Adam assumed would not bother him much. Hopefully, he could just get by.

[Guild & Magic]

Guild: Lamia Scale
Guild Tattoo: Back of his hand

Magic: Shadow Dance Magic
Caster or Holder: Caster
Description: Adam controls Shadows to make them move in humanoid shapes. They can swarm an opponent and create nets out of their bodies. He can only control shadows of those around him, and can control every shadow cast by any person in the room. The Shadows can become tangent, though they don't have to, and shadows can disconnect from their host, but this also costs a small amount of mana.
Strengths: Shadow Dance Magic can weave itself over solid objects, meaning any solid magic can be slightly inhibited. The Shadows also can shield Adam's body from light, dying for a while in the process, but becoming a shield. If he were to try to cover a light up, it might last for a while, but not long. A person can have their sight inhibited by the Shadows if they are surrounded by them. Effectively, Shadow Dance Magic is mostly defensive.
Weaknesses: Like I said, Light Magic temporarily kills the Shadows, resulting in weakness for a while. Adam can only control the shadows of those in an area with him, so in small groups, he has little power. Adam, contrary to popular belief, is basically useless in pure darkness. Without any distinct shadows to work with, he cannot control anything. Also, if even temporarily control is lost, Adam loses the Shadows and, while they can recover, must cast his summoning spell again, wasting mana. Despite the fact that he can control many shadows, Adam will lose mana if he controls too many, as the spell cast to summon them to life costs a small amount of mana, but mana all the same.

RP Sample:
From a Pokemon site I'm on...

As soon as he saw the Zorua run off, Adam returned Poppy to his Pokeball, grabbed up Jubilee in his arms, and shot off in pursuit. "Can you keep a lock on him for me? Just help by pointing me the right way." He knew that Zorua could be a powerful member of his team, and he needed to catch it. If he could keep up with the Zorua, he could put it to use, both as a member of his team, and as a friend. It seemed playful and fun, and it would give him someone to take a break with, and it seemed to enjoy playing with the others in Adam's team. He only needed to catch up...

After a minute or so of running, Adam could tell he was losing power. He couldn't keep up and there was no way he would be able to find the Zorua. But he only had to last a minute more... For some reason, they were in the markets. He had expected the Zorua to go to the docks. It was in the mission, after all, that the Froakie had been seen in the docks. But now was not the time to think about anything. He just had to follow the Zorua to the Froakie and catch the Zorua with a Pokeball and the Froakie with his arms. Then he could go home and sleep after the long day he had. He saw the Zorua's tail flick around a corner and turned. It was gone. The Zorua, which he had been chasing through the packed streets of the marketplace. He couldn't have wasted this! He shouldn't have ever slowed down. Maybe he should go somewhere else to look for the Zorua? The docks were making sense, and they were heading in that general direction. It would be a smart choice, and it would make sense to look there. But if he could have only... There was a tail. A little shake of a tail leaving the shadows and turning around the corner. Adam ran around the corner and was one hundred percent satisfied. Finally, he saw the Froakie and the Zorua.

Adam let Jubilee onto the ground as the Zorua began to run off. The Froakie sat in the Alley-way confused, like it didn't know what was going on. "Jubilee, can you ask the Froakie to stay? She let her lock on where the Zorua was go and turned toward the Froakie. He turned back to the Zorua. "Wait! Zorua, don't go! I want you to join me. If you want, you can join my team and help me out. I would gladly play with you, and I think Jubilee and Poppy would enjoy you. You wouldn't have to spend all of your time on the streets." He thought for a second.

"I know of a game we can play. My mom used to play this game with me when I was little. It is called 'Simon Says,' and one person does what the other says to do, but only if they say 'Simon Says.' Like this. Jubilee, Simon Says raise your hands." Jubilee rose her hands up to the sky. "Put your hands down." Jubilee lowered her hands, then, realizing she had messed up, threw her arms back up. "Perfect example. Do you understand, Zorua? Do you want to be Simon?"

"Come to think of it, you don't have a handler, do you? And Jubilee, would you ask the Froakie to run a little ways? Tell it I will take it to its handler afterward. And Zorua? Would you help me catch the Froakie again? We can play a game. If Jubilee and I find the Zorua first, you have to... stay with us for a while. You can just stay with us and, if you want, join my team permanently. And if you win, I will give you a few berries. If you want..." Adam reached into his bag and pulled out a Pokeball. "You can join me right now. A Froakie chase is about to be underway, and we could have a lot of fun with it. All you have to do is press the button there."

All Adam could think about was, will the Zorua join me? He would be a great teammate that could really add to all of our skills. He could protect us from psychic attacks and ghosts. And his illusions could protect us from enemies. He needed that Zorua to add to his full team's power. That Zorua, if it did not join him now, would hopefully join after the Froakie chase game. Even if he lost, maybe Zorua would enjoy their time together enough to stay. But if not?

Username: GinjaVulpix

Face Claim: Romulus Black, I got it from, and it is from some fanfic manga or something. I honestly have no idea.

Desired starting level: Level 1

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Re: Adam Thoriel

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I am approving this but I would like it stated for the record that the way the magic is worded leaves a lot of room for interpretation, which can be good or bad (though I'm hoping for good). Just make sure you read the magic creation rules and you should be Kosher.

Welcome to the revolution :D now get out there and have fun


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