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Han Dailing

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[Attributes] (Since I'm grabbing a limited magic, I'm working with 18 *'s.)
Power - ***
Agility - ***
Toughness - **
Intelligence - ******
Willpower - ****

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Han Dailing
Alias(es): Ultimate Climax Hero (Self-titled)
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Birthday: February 29th
Sexuality: Straight

Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 147 lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

General Appearance: Han stands taller than most with Yuanese blood thanks to being half Fioran. Also thanks to his mixed blood, his facial features possess both angular Yuanese aspects and round Fioran accents. His eyes aren't as slanted or slitted as a full blooded Yuanese person, but they also aren't as round as a full blooded Fioran. His skin tone is unmistakably Yuanese, however, having a "yellowish" tinge that most would mistake to be an odd tan if they weren't used to seeing Yuanese people. And most aren't given the current isolation the nation is in during its civil war. Han appears incredibly skinny which causes him to look even taller to most. However, upon seeing him without clothing, one would be shocked to find how toned and strong his muscles are. A side effect of training himself for crime fighting.

Han's hair is shaggy and medium length, but he wears it in a very unique way. The sides and back of his hair is gelled back while the top is gelled forward into an odd pointed pompadour. Also, he happens to have pointed sideburns. The youth tends to wear clothing that compliments his "punkish" hairdo. Usually really baggy pants with a studded belt and wallet chain along with a pair of sneakers for his lower half. Over his torso he wears long solid color v neck t-shirts with a short, collared jacket over it that is a solid color - usually dark - on the outside and has some sort of animal print on the inside like snakeskin or leopard print. For cold days, he wears a larger leather jacket with sewn on patches from his favorite bands and locations he has visited in his travels with his parents. Around his neck Han wears his brother's dog tags on a chain. Finally, he can often be seen with a bag around his shoulder also covered in patches and buttons where he keeps his transformation belt and other things he's currently working on. Coming from the side pocket fo the bag is usually the corde for a pair of giant headphones that often adorn his ears. The headphones were designed by Han himself and are perfect at keeping the music from bleeding out of the cups. However, if one would pull the cups from his ears, they would be treated to amazingly loud music. Most wonder how Han still has his hearing when he's listening to those things all the time.

Personality: Han is an odd fellow to say the least. He flops from the friendliest person you'll ever meet to the most anti-social in an instant. This is usually triggered whenever he is struck with inspiration for something to work on. Often times he'l pull out components, throw on his headphones, and get to work on the spot. No matter what he is doing or where he is at the time. He's been known to pull out his belt module and give it a tune up in the middle of a restaurant. This happened in the middle of a date once. Needless to say, he didn't get very far that night. When he's working, he shuts everything else out and focuses intensely on the task at hand until he's finished or he feels he's done enough work. This is mainly because his focus is so solid that he forgets that anyone else is in the vicinity with him. If interrupted or if his headphones are pulled off (which usually are playing music so loud it hurts the ears of the people around when they're pulled off his ears) Han tends to become startled before realizing that he wasn't actually alone.

Han also possesses an incredibly vast intellect. Based on his punkish behavior and cluelessness in every other subject, most dont expect him to be a world class genius in the fields of cybernetics, robotics, physics, and spacial science. The fact that he and his brother invented all of his technology tends to blow people away and tend to look at Han differently once they find out.

However, he is still the friendly buffoon as stated earlier - despite his beyond genius IQ. It happens to be a goal of his to make friends of everyone he meets. An unrealistic goal, but he feels he can accomplish it. He even tries to befriend his enemies. His philosophy is that if he can't make a friend out of a jerk then he'll never be able to make friends with anyone. Han has an iron-clad sense of justice and what is right and will do whatever he can to see that people are treated justly. He tends to take it upon himself to straighten out bullies and anyone who is generally not on the up and up. It happens to be the second biggest drive behind the creation of his belt module system. He wanted to be a superhero. Now he is.

Comic Books - Han loves sequential art far more than novels without any pictures. If he were to follow a story then he'd rather it being in comic book form. It's also the origin of his heroic persona and sense of justice.

Punk Rock, "Butt" Rock, Reggae, Ska, and Rap Music - It's a passion of his to the point where he blares it obnoxiously while he works on his gadgets. Usually so loud that any attempt at conversation with him is drowned out.

Insects (Particularly Beetles) - Han has always been fascinated with insects. The fact that their skeletal structure also provides protection for their flesh underneath was actually his inspiration for creating armored suits in the first place. In fact, a few of his suits are designed to resemble the beetles he collected as a child.

Novels and Textbooks - They're so boring to Han. He always let Shen, the more bookish of the two brothers, do the reading back in the day. However, Shen is no longer of this world and Han has to slog through tech manuals for new tools and parts from time to time.

Malted Milk Balls - The malt on the inside makes him cringe when he bites into it. They're more tolerable when he just lets the malted part dissolve in his mouth, but then it burns his tongue as he can't keep himself from rubbing it against the abrasive malt. It's better to just avoid them entirely.

Birds - They're too loud in the morning and all they do is poop everywhere. Han would rather that he lived in a place with no birds, but that doesn't seem possible.

To Live Up to his Brother's Example - Han idolized his older brother Shen and, since his death, he tries every day to be the kind of inventor he was. It's his biggest motivator in life to reach the level of his deceased brother.

To Prove to the World that his Technology is Just as Potent as Magic - Along with living in his dead brother's shadow, Han wishes desperately to prove that he can make technology that can perform things just as fantastic and amazing as the kind of things magic is commonly known to be capable of. It's a dream of his to see people with no talent for magic, like himself, hold their own against the greatest of wizards.

To Befriend Everyone - It's an amazingly unrealistic goal, but Han endeavors to make friends with everyone he meets. Even to the point where he considers someone he cannot get along with his friend. His logic being that if he cannot befriend a jerk then he won't be able to befriend anyone.

Lizardmen - Thanks to the Kragol raid on the university, his brother is dead. The one shred of family that he had left at the time. However, instead of swearing revenge, all he can think of is how terrified he was that night. He may one day be able to bring himself to enacting revenge, but at the moment even the mention of Kragol makes him nervous. Thankfully, not many in Fiore know what a Kragol is.

Silence - A big reason Han is constantly listening to music is because the absence of active sound makes him jittery and uneasy. He doesn't know why it is, but he is terrified of complete silence. Perhaps the catalyst happened during his early childhood. A part of his life he does not remember.

Heights - The reason Han has yet to build a flying suit is because he is horrified of tall heights. Perhaps he may one day conquer the fear and take tot he skies, but right now, he is easily afflicted by vertigo and just looking over a ledge has him imagining himself falling to his untimely death.

Occupation: Professional Hero
Family: Any known family of his is dead. The closest thing he has to living family is the headmaster at the University of Ning who took Han and his brother in after their parent's death.
Medical Conditions: The possibility of some form of autism. He's never been diagnosed, but no one has noticed to get him tested. However, his personality and behavior can very much point to it.
Pets: None
Hometown: Shenruji Village, Ning
Secrets: None. Han is entirely genuine to everyone he meets.

Han was born on an island off the eastern coast of Yuan (a nation on the other side of the world from Fiore) called Ning. Mostly colonized with Yuanese, but his family was unique in that his mother was from Fiore. She was often considered anywhere from an oddity to a pariah in the small town he grew up in and he and his older brother Shen were seen the same way, being half Fioran. Despite the badgering and occasional insults his father received, he still loved his wife more than life itself. Eventually, however, the discrimination was too much. An event that Han does not recall on account of hitting his head in the middle of it as a very young child caused the family to move to the university his father taught at. The headmaster, Dr. Xilong, was a long time friend of his and allowed them to stay in the faculty dormitories. It was there that Han and Shen discovered science.

The two had no magical talent, but they found that science fascinated them far more anyway. Both children showed prodigal levels of skill and intellect in multiple fields of science and were quickly enrolled as the youngest students in the history of the University of Ning. They both went on to lead doctorate level classes in the later years of their time as students.

When Han entered his teenage years, his parents, along with many other individuals on the island came down with an unknown illness. This pandemic killed nearly half the population before a cure was found, one that Han and Shen had a hand in making. However, they weren't able to find the cure quickly enough to keep their parents from counting among the tally of victims. Now orphans, the headmaster of the school took them in as a favor to his now departed friends.

Han and Shen continued their work and shone as the stars of the science colleges in the university. Among the greatest things they developed was a way to transport inorganic things across great distances in the blink of an eye and a system that allowed a person without any magical ability to utilize the powers of a magically enchanted lacrima crystal. However, what they did with this technology was hidden from the public eye. Mainly because society likely would find crime fighting super suits to be beneath geniuses like them.

However, their partnership was cut short when the university was raided by the Kragol. Hordes of barbaric lizardmen that lived in the mountains of Ning. Shen took it upon himself to give their suit its first real test run and fight them off. Unfortunately, the suit wasn't complete and malfunctioned in the middle of the fight. The belt module's power source went critical and detonated, causing a massive explosion that took out the horde of Kragol, but also left nothing of Han's older brother.

Han decided he had no reason to stay on Ning now that the last of his family was dead. With the headmaster's blessing (and quite a bit of his considerable wealth), Han left on a ship and sailed to Fiore where he could prove that Shen's designs weren't faulty. If he could show the magic capital of Earthland that his and Shen's technology was just as powerful as their magic then it would give his brother's death meaning. Han still doesn't know why the belt module detonated that day. However, he'd rather move on with his life.

[Guild & Magic]

Guild: Guildless
Guild Tattoo:He'll probably get one on his lower back if he were to feel that he can join a wizard guild despite not being a wizard.

Magic: "Re-Equip": Hyper Power Climax Hero
Caster or Holder: Caster
Description: Using the belt module that Han and his deceased brother Shen developed, Han is able to transport power suits and weapons from a secret location to his person. The belt module - located where the buckle of a normal belt would be - isn't just a teleporter, but also the entire center of control for the suits and their abilities. The module is designed to be used with small markers shaped like coins - which he keeps in a dispenser at the back of the belt - and a scanner that normally rests on the hip of the belt. Han inserts the markers into the module that correspond with the suit and weapons he wishes to transport and readies them for scanning by clicking the module so it is set diagonally. He then takes the scanner, round in shape, and swipes it along the module. A signal is then sent to the place he stashes his items to teleport them to his person. The suit is automatically equipped to him and the weapons are teleported either to his hand or some place on his suit for holstering. If he wishes to switch out any item, all he needs to do is put the module back into standby position and change the markers, set them, and scan the module again.

In order to activate an item or suit's ability, Han inserts one of a different set of markers into a module on the hip opposite fo the scanner and then slaps it with his hand. The marker contains the information on which ability Han wishes to activate and the belt module will command the suit or weapon to perform that ability.

As a personal touch, much to his more serious brother's chagrin, Han added a voice feature to the belt module that loudly declares the items being sent and the tacky names Han has come up with for the "forms" and various abilities of his superhero persona in a boisterous and cheesy voice.

Since Han has absolutely no magical talent or ability, the belt has an internal power source the abilities draw upon. It utilizes lacrima for power and once the battery is spent, he can no longer use the belt or items/suits' functions. Naturally, transporting items and suits also takes power to perform.

The belt's current power remaining replaces Han's non-existent mana count. When he goes up in rank then it means he's upgraded the belt module to allow for more advanced and destructive suits and weapons along with a larger power source. Also, when he "trains" a new "spell" he usually is developing a new item, suit, or ability and its marker.

Strengths: The sheer versatility is the belt's best feature. If Han can develop it then he can use it in battle. It allows him to adjust on the fly to any situation as long as he has the available gadgets. Also, every suit provides some passive protection and enhancement depending on said suit along with the abilities he develops for them.

Weaknesses: If the belt module is destroyed or lost then he is completely helpless. Likewise, if the scanner or hip module are destroyed or lost then he can't transport or use any abilities. Also, transport of items is not quite as instantaneous as "real" re-equip as he does need to prepare the markers and then set and scan them first. The transport is instant, but the set up isn't and he is usually vulnerable during it.

RP Sample - I was lazy and grabbed a Yoric post...:
The whispers grew louder and Yoric stepped back. His fists clenched tight and he stood firm. He had no clue where Hector had sent him, but he could tell that whatever these things were didn't have a picnic in mind. Just before he was about to engage, however, he was suddenly flipped upside down and suspended in the air.

"Not this again!" he groaned, "Who are you? Show yourselves!"

"Subject large. Not plaything. Too much muscle. Can change that." an impossibly deep voice echoed through his mind, so loud he imagined it would break his eardrums had it actually been sound.

"No he is not. The fool has brought us the wrong subject." another voice, this time female sounding, rang. Yoric's head spun. He had no clue where these voices were coming from.

"What subject?"

"You can understand us, flesh thing?'

"Not possible. Has not made blood oath. Should sound alien to large thing."

"The only answer is..."

"Subject shares blood with plaything."

"Yes. It seems that may be the case."

Yoric shook his head from the blood draining to his ears and began to struggle.

"Plaything?! You mean Aria? Is this where Hector's been sending her every night?!" soon after his question, two columns of lights appeared in front of his face. They were then surrounded by eyes. At least a dozen eyes. Blinking at him. Then, an impossible, massive body manifested around them. Completely impossible and nearly ten feet in height, Yoric gathered. It was bulbous and phallic with armored plates like an insect. Its mouth, or at least Yoric assumed it to be a mouth, was vertical and ran all the way down its body. Tiny twitching arms came from the mouth with several larger arms protruding fromt he thing's grotesque body. Yoric's heart skipped a beat from the sight of the thing. It was horrifying.

"What... what are you?!" he asked in fear. He was suddenly spun around to face the other creature. This one was far more humanoid in shape, but still shared the insectoid hide and immense size. Its legs were replaced by a long tail like the creature that Lamia Scale was named after. Her face was feminine, but her mouth sported rows of razor sharp teeth and her "hair" was actually a pair of plated arms that ended in three spiked fingers. It seems the humanoid arms were just for show as they rested while she moved the two on her head.

"We are Ilkanthir. The fool has named us Void Creatures." Yoric was spun around again to face the more gruesome creature.

"Subject related to plaything. What relation to plaything does it have?" the creature spoke in broken sentences, its disgusting mouth-like opening twitching with every word.

"Er... I'm her father. What have you sick things done with my daughter?!"

"Subject is thing. Not us." the alien being responded.

Yoric was spun around once more to face the female creature. At least he assumed it was female. Did these creatures have genders?

"We have protected your daughter from the horrors of Ilkanth. Or Void as the fool calls it."

"Wait..." Yoric began. Things weren't making much sense, "You protected Aria? You mean you're the good guys? And the fool... you mean Hector, right?"

"Good flawed concept. No such thing. We protect to improve. Make powerful."

"It is true. I protect your daughter while she is here. This planet has become corrupt and we are the few left uncorrupted. The fool made a contract to keep us from turning feral in exchange for the improvement of your daughter."

"Improvement? How?" Yoric asked, not really sure if he wanted to know the answer. He was spun around again to face the less appealing monster.

"Change strands. Build upon ember. Make better."

"I think your word for ember is magic."

"How did you improve her magic?" Yori asked. Again, not really sure if he wanted to know.

"Wove strands. Collected void motes. Infused lightning ember. Changed. Better."

"Your daughter is more than human now, father of plaything. You should be proud. She is the first of her kind."

"What?" Yoric's voice seethed, "How dare Hector! He has no right! Poor Aria... Damn him!"

"Does the fool wish to have you improved?"

"No. Pretty sure he wanted me to die here. There's no way back, it seems."

"There is way back. Risky. Too small for us."

The conversation was cut off by the sounds of horrifying growls in the distance. Yoric was dropped to the ground and the two creatures stood in front of him.

"Get behind us, father of plaything. The feral come." Yoric hoisted himself up, catching his breath after having it knocked form his lungs for the second time that day.

"No... I can handle myself." he said after coughing, "My ember is pretty strong."

Yoric put his pipe to his mouth and stood in front of the two. The growls, barks, and gnashing of teeth got louder and Yoric awaited the coming battle.

Username: Han Dailing

Face Claim: Gentaro Kisaragi from Kamen Rider Fourze

Desired starting level: 2
Han Dailing

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You know what? I like this. I can't help it. At first I wasn't sure what to think about re-flavoring a requip mage... but I like it.

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