The Lost Island -- unique plot!

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The Lost Island -- unique plot!

Post by TLI admin on Tue May 27, 2014 7:32 pm

Many years ago, an island was discovered by the United States. This island was unique from the others. Not only was it undiscovered, it was pretty much it's own, unique, never before seen place. One one side, ran tall mountain peeks, another, a dry, hot desert, and just in between, a rain forest. These were the most obvious parts, but no one knew what lay inside, or how the island managed to work the way it did. It was then that they decided to send out a group of 10 researchers to find out more about the island. They came by plane. When they landed, they stayed in tents for a while, until they had uncovered enough room to build their own research center. The center was placed in the middle of the island, between the desert and the rain forest itself. The climate was usually hot or humid, but they learned to deal with it.

As the research began, the researchers discovered many different kinds of wildlife on the island. Lions, wolves, and all other sorts of canines, felines, and prey sources. This island had wildlife that most people would not come to see in their lives. These animals had adapted to all three of the different climate zones, thriving in their own ways. This inspired the researchers to keep going. But, about 5 years into the research, the communications stopped working. No one quite understood why, but here they were, with no more equipment or way to contact those back at the home station. Now they were stranded. But it wasn't all bad. When ships wrecked or people were washed up to shore, they weren't alone on the island, and had some sort of adaption they could learn, and a shelter. Though the shelter wasn't exactly powered anymore, it still provided some sort of shelter to keep the humans from dying of exposure.

Here on The Lost Island, you can play as a human, canine, or feline of your choice. There is no limit! All we ask is that you keep things relatively realistic. Yet you can buy extinct or unique characters from the shop! We are a tight knit family that is built by the members. We do have a small word count of 150, just to get you guys started! We believe it isn't that hard to reach, we understand low muse! TLI has a short and sweet application, so why not join us today? We are looking forward to having you!

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