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Kensie Barnett 6AFhZh5

Power - ***
Agility - ***
Toughness - **
Intelligence - ****
Willpower - ***

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Kensie Barnett
Alias(es): None
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Birthday: June 22
Sexuality: Undecided (She hasn't really thought about anyone romantically)

Height: 5'1"
Weight: 95 lbs
Hair: Raven Black
Eyes: Copper

General Appearance: Standing at just over five feet tall, Kensie has a rather youthful appearance, even for someone as young as fourteen. She has large, copper-toned eyes that seem both curious and impish at the same time, and she often has a curious or energetic expression on her face. Her skin is fair, and this is more obvious because of her love of wearing the color black. Her hair is black as well, going down to just past her shoulders and often adorned with ribbons.

Kensie’s energy is readily apparent in her appearance, always moving around and fidgeting, and her energy often seems boundless if one watches her for very long. This isn’t entirely true though, and she often simply collapses when she’s exhausted. Kensie prefers to wear dresses, often  ones that aren’t too short, but also aren’t what one would consider long. She likes to wear sneakers and socks that follow her clothing theme of black.

Immature - Kensie is only fourteen years old and it often shows in the way she acts. Kensie is brash, stubborn, and just plain annoying at times, but a lot of it has to do with her age. Even when she’s being a brat, she often doesn’t mean any harm.

Playful - Kensie enjoys games and turning otherwise boring things into games. To her, life is basically one big sandbox for her to play in and mould to her will. Kensie is especially happy when she finds people willing to play along, though due to her tendency to follow her sister around she doesn’t have many friends her own age, and it isn’t the most common for her to find older people who want to play.

Reckless - Kensie isn’t one to overthink things… or think things through at all, really. Why think things through when she could be doing something that will get results? She lets others do the thinking, and prefers to act on her whims instead.

Ambitious - Kensie looks up to her big sister and wants nothing more than to be as strong as she is one day. While talented for her age, Kensie is still young and highly inexperienced, and has a long way to go to see herself as strong as she wishes to be.

Impish - Kensie has a knack for getting into trouble, despite how sweet some people think she is. She enjoys being naughty on some level, and often will do things that are just bad enough to get her into trouble for attention or simply out of boredom.

Loyal - Kensie might have a lot of bad traits born from being the spoiled younger sister, but she’s nothing if not loyal to her friends and especially her family. To some extent, her guild is like extended family, though she doesn’t have as strong a view of this as many members of her guild.

Daddy’s Girl - Kensie has her parents, and especially her father, wrapped around her little finger, and can get nearly anything she wants from them. At the same time, she is very close to them just like she is her sister, and wouldn’t know what to do without them.

Foxes - Kensie loves foxes. They’re fluffy, playful, smart, and the best blend of cats and dogs. What’s not to love about them?

Candy - Kensie loves hard candies, especially lollipops and other fruity flavored treats.She often spends what money she has on candy, and has more than once contemplated trying to sneak out with 'bonus' candy from the store. Kensie is overall a good girl, though, despite her tendency to misbehave.

Magic - Kensie is fascinated with magic, both her own and others. She wants to learn everything she can so that she can be as strong as her older sister. If a magic intrigues her enough, she can be annoyingly insistent on learning more about the person who wields it.

The Cold - Kensie dislikes the cold, partially because she almost always wears her short black dresses, even in the winter. She can be rather annoying when she's uncomfortable. Fortunately, her demon magic is heat-based, and she has the ability to warm herself up if she's willing to expend the energy to do so.

Vegetables - Even at fourteen, people have to convince Kensie to eat her vegetables. She likes a few, such as potatoes and carrots, but for the most part she avoids them like the plague unless someone is making her eat them. She  considers herself a carnivore.

Clothing Variety - Kensie’s taste in colors are rather limited. If it isn’t black or a very dark shade of blue or grey, she doesn’t want to wear it, and takes convincing to do otherwise. She also loves wearing dresses, and it can be hard to convince her to wear proper pants if she needs to.

Having fun - Kensie’s primary goal in life is to have fun, and rules and standards won’t get in her way to do so, most of the time anyway.

Making her sister proud - Kensie wants to make her sister proud, and show her that she can be strong and independent like her. She will go to great lengths to do this, even putting herself in needless danger just to show off at times.

Snakes - Kensie hates snakes, and can’t bear to be anywhere near them. Even if they are behind glass, she becomes paranoid that they will somehow slither out and touch or bite her. Snakes look slimy, and the way they crawl around without legs is just plain creepy. Kensie has a borderline phobia of snakes or anything that resembles them, and will freeze up and scream if she notices one.

The dark - Kensie will never admit it aloud, but she is afraid of the dark - or rather, what she thinks might be found in the dark.

Occupation: Being an annoying little sister, Guild Wizard (in training)
Family: Kensie has a father who is a carpenter by the name of Gregory, and a stay at home mother named Sue. She idolizes her older sister as well.
Medical Conditions: Kensie suffers from a rare condition that makes her more sensitive to her own magic. Occasionally, using her magic will tire her out faster than it should. It isn’t unknown to her family, though she wishes no one knew at all so they wouldn’t worry about her.
Pets: Kensie wishes she had a fox, but hasn't found one she was allowed to keep yet.
Hometown: Kensie was born and raised right here in Magnolia
Secrets: Kensie doesn’t want anyone to know about her medical condition. She also keeps how hard she works to overcome it a secret.

Born the second daughter to a family in Magnolia, Kensie Barnett spent her childhood a little bit overly pampered and spoiled, though she had a tendency of being lovable and well-meaning despite this. Even at a young age, she looked up to her older sister, enjoying spending time with her and smothering her with attention, so long as she got that attention back. Though her sister was talented with magic, learning to wield hers at a young age, Kensie suffered from the opposite problem - a condition that made it harder to control the flow of magic within her, as well as a simple lack of having the same talent. She couldn’t even use the simplest spell until she was eight, despite demanding her sister to help her learn. Even when she did, she found it far more tiring than she should have been, and nearly collapsed after her first successful spell use, despite how proud she was at her success at the time.

As she got older, Kensie continued to follow her sister around and learn from her, even gaining her own special twist on the demon form magic her sister wields. When her sister joined Fairy Tail, Kensie wanted to join as well, though due to her parents’ protectiveness she continued to live at home. She spent a lot of her time secretly training and trying to find a way around her condition that made being a wizard far harder than it should be.

When she was twelve, she was finally allowed to join the guild, and she moved into the guild hall. She still spent a fair amount of time at home, and wrote to them if nothing else just to assure them she was fine and hadn’t gotten herself killed by the ‘ruffians’ in the guild. Kensie fit in quite well with the other members, though she was a fair bit younger than many of them, and she was often as much a nuisance as a friend to the members. As a result, she never really got away from her sister, following her around and spending time with her, even when she protested, as younger sisters tend to do.

Kensie was always a bit of a trouble maker, especially since she never properly got in trouble for it due to her natural ability to manipulate people with her cute charms. As she got older, it became a bit more impish in nature, and she even did a few bad things every once in awhile just to get noticed, or sometimes because she was bored and unsupervised.

At fourteen, Kensie is now a proper fledgling wizard, and desires nothing more than to have fun and to make her sister proud of her. She wants to have the same mastery of magic her sibling does, and is willful and strong for someone with her age and condition, though she is nowhere near her sister in power or experience.

[Guild & Magic]

Guild: Fairy Tail
Guild Tattoo: Pink, on her left shoulder

Magic: Demon Form Magic
Caster or Holder: Caster
Description: Primarily an aggressive magic, Kensie’s demon magic is fundamentally different from her sister’s, though she learned much of it from either watching or nagging her way into lessons. Though she can use some spells without transforming, she can only use her most powerful spells when she takes on the likeness of a demon imp, gaining small wings, horns, and glowing red irises. While it resembles takeover magic superficially, it is far more limited, and is not borrowing its power from any defeated creature. Instead, it is a learned form taken from forbidden texts that studied demons in order to gain power like theirs.

Strengths: Kensie’s greatest strength is her cunning rather than raw power or speed, and her magic often reflects this. Through manipulating her own magical energy, she can manipulate her body to take on the likeness of an Imp, gaining claws, auras, and other traits that make her more powerful than the fourteen year old could ever be in her natural state. She is also highly resistant to flames and heat when in the state. Imp magic is fundamentally a style of fire magic.

Weaknesses: Kensie’s own natural weakness from her medical condition plays a big part in her magical limitations, though the form itself has its limitations. If Kensie is not in her demon form, she can’t use spells that are anywhere near her actual level of strength. Furthermore, Kensie is especially susceptible to light magic rather than water, in a strange twist likely due to the demonic nature of her magic. Her magic is draining as she maintains her demon state, and she can have a hard time curbing the natural aggression that stems from taking on the likeness of a demon.

RP Sample:
Kensie’s bat-like imp wings faded as she sighed and dropped to her hands and knees. She was tired. Very, very tired. It had happened again - she’d lost control of her magic and used too much in one go, and now she was exhausted. It wouldn’t upset her as much if it were something she knew how to improve… but for some reason it was just a trait she had when it came to interacting with her magic. It just tired her out.She shook her head and wiped her eyes before tears could form in them. She would never be as strong as her big sister if she couldn’t get past her weakness. She slowly stood up, nearly losing her balance as the feeling of dizziness overtook her. Leaning on the wall, she panted heavily for a long moment, glad no one else was around to see how pathetic she really was.

She shook her head. She couldn’t think like that! She was Kensie Barnett! Fairy Tail guild mage and wielder of a powerful and rare magic! That wasn’t even mentioning her normal level of energy she had in everyday life. She knew how people saw her, and she didn't want anyone to see her as weak in addition to being one of the younger wizards in the guild. She was building a reputation as the Demon Princess of Fairy Tail (or that was the title she was hoping for), and she wouldn't get any cool titles if everyone just thought she couldn't handle herself or her magic.

At any rate, Kensie was far too tired to keep training at this point, and if she stayed here people might wonder what she was up to. She supposed she might just go take a relaxing bath after a hard morning of training. That sounded wonderful.

Username: PatriotArrow

Face Claim: Uni, Hyperdimension Neptunia
Desired starting level: 1

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