Event 2: Jora's Speech

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Event 2: Jora's Speech Empty Event 2: Jora's Speech

Post by PatriotArrow on Tue Aug 05, 2014 3:36 pm

Today was the day; the day of the recently announced tournament. It was an odd tournament, to say the least, and now people from all three rival guilds were gathered before Guild Master Jora kellal gave a “pre-game” speech to those participating. She stood at the podium, wearing a fancy dress for the occasion, the other two guild masters sitting behind her, grins on their faces as well.

“Many years ago, the three guilds were founded as a safe place for wizards from all walks of life to come together in friendship, so that they would have a safe place to develop their magic, and eventually so that those with magic could help those who did not.” The woman who appeared to be far younger than the other two guild leaders smiled widely at everyone in the audience, even those not from Blue Pegasus.

“In recent months and years, Fiore has been a hard place to live for all, non-wizards, wizards, and even guildless wizards alike. The three of us got together, deciding that we wished to rekindle the spirit of healthy competition in the guild, not through a fighting tournament, but through a test of teamwork and bravery. To that end, all who signed up are going to a special island, one frought with natural perils that will require teamwork to survive. Work with your teammates, whether you share a guild, or if you are signed up with our esteemed guests for the event. If you do, you stand a chance of being declared victorious for your guild!”

Jora leaned on the podium, her eyes stopping on her own children slightly longer than the others. “I know it seems easy for some of you, and some of you may even be wondering how a camping trip is a competition. Rest assured the three of us will be watching, and together we will come to an agreement on who proves to best represent their team and their guild. Now, everyone who’s going should proceed to the boat in the next three hours. Everyone else is welcome to watch through the Lacrima set up in your individual guild halls. We wish you all good luck, and may the best team win!”

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