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Shina Nihilo

Shina Nihilo RivalAkira2

With jacket and helmet:
Shina Nihilo Tumblr_me2e3nl2Ep1rm1yqfo1_400

Theme: "Regret (Violin version)"

Power - ****
Agility - ***
Toughness - ***
Intelligence - ***
Willpower - **

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Shina Nihilo
Alias(es): Clone #79, Karen Delta, KD-0079 (Shina is only vaguely aware of the latter, due to the tattoo on her arm.)
Gender: Female
Age: 2 years old. (She looks like she’s 18, and is 18 as far as she knows.)
Birthday: January 1st
Sexuality: Shina has no real concept of sexuality and romance, though she is aware of a vague attraction to both genders. Because of this lack of understanding, she is, for all intents and purposes, asexual.

Height: 5’3” (160cm)
Weight: 120 lbs. (54kg)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

General Appearance: (429 words) Shina has a very tomboyish appearance, primarily because she is oblivious to established gender roles and expectations. She keeps her dark brown hair short, reaching down to where her head connects to her neck. Her hair has a right-sided part, and no matter what she does with it, there is always one strand sticking up in a sort of cowlick. Her facial features are soft and youthful, though they’re often spoiled by a bandage across her nose or on one of her cheeks. She has a small, button-like nose, thin lips, and a rounded jaw line. Her eyes are large and very expressive, though she hardly ever utilizes them for emoting. Shina is fair-skinned, and has a bit more meat on her bones than the average girl, though she isn’t in peak physical condition, by any means. Her bust size is small, and she has a moderate waistline and subdued hips. These features allow her to pass off as a man easily, if she so desires. In terms of identifying marks, the only one of note is the tattoo on the inside of her left forearm. It simply reads “KD-0079” in bold, black letters. Another, unintentional identifier is the pronounced limp in her left leg when she walks.

When it comes to clothing, she tends to favor bulky clothes that leave people questioning her gender when worn. To be exact, she prefers biker clothing. For her top, she wears a bulky leather jacket that is covered with protective padding and armor plates. The jacket also sports a great deal of studs, especially on the shoulder pads. Both shoulders have a white skull painted on them. Under the jacket, Shina wears a tank top with a forest camouflage design. For trousers, she wears black leather pants, which also have protective pads all over them, including bright red kneecap protectors and a steel codpiece. She wears a black leather belt with a gold buckle to hold her pants up, and a large chain rests on her left hip. Her boots continue the black leather trend, and are, of course, armored. Steel plates cover the entire front of the boots, as well as her toes. These boots are secured by buckles. Shina sports a face-concealing motorcycle helmet whenever she truly feels like hiding her identity. It is matte black in finish, with a solid black visor. Painted on the front is a large white skull with one eye. On her hands, Shina always wears her gloves. They are black leather, and cover her entire hand. The knuckles are adorned with steel studs, and the fingers and the back of the hands are covered by bright red padding.

Personality: (522 words) To many people, Shina comes off as… well, odd, for lack of a better term. She is quiet and reserved, hardly ever speaking, even when spoken to. She usually responds to people with body language, such as nods, waving her hand a certain way, that sort of thing. When she does speak, she does so in a near-monotonous whisper. Because of this, many people that have interacted with her will claim that she is “emotionally withdrawn”, or just outright “emotionless”. And, to be fair, she does come off as such most of the time.

The truth of the matter is, Shina is actually very naïve, and she doesn’t understand the world around her at the level most people her supposed age do. Since she lacks her memories, she knows very little of her world, and wishes to learn about it as much as she can, both for the sake of it and in an attempt at self-discovery. When faced with something new to her (read: pretty much anything), she approaches it with a child-like curiosity, wide-eyed and yet cautious. She will touch it, tinker with it, and ask questions until she determines what purpose the object of her curiosity serves. And yes, she has gone through this process with other human beings. It’s as awkward as it sounds. Shina is also extremely philosophical, despite her average level intelligence, often contemplating things like the meaning of life, and her sense of self. The latter is especially important to her, as even she isn’t entirely sure who she truly is.

When it comes to her past and her missing memories, Shina is surprisingly apathetic. To quote the girl directly, “Digging up the past means nothing to me. I am free to start anew, forge my own identity and destiny. If only other people were so lucky.” In other words, Shina sees no point in trying to recover her memories and old identity, when she can simply create a new one for herself. She feels that the past is a prison which she has escaped, and she’s not going to willingly shackle herself to it again. However, some small part of her is curious as to what her tattoo means.

In terms of relationships and interacting with others, Shina often finds herself out of her element. She has no concept of proper etiquette or manners, and often doesn’t know what to say in a particular situation. Or worse, she knows what to say, but it’s so blunt and tactless that it shouldn’t be said. This creates many awkward moments, and has gotten her into trouble more than once. However, there are many moments when she is able to articulate her thoughts extremely well, especially when discussing a favorite subject or hobby. Shina is also completely oblivious to the concept of love. She doesn’t understand dating, or marriage, and any advances made towards her tend to go right over her head. Again, potential for awkwardness abounds.

So really, the best way to sum Shina up is that she is very much like a child who has left her home and doesn’t know anything about the real world.

-Learning/experiencing new things: Unlike basically everyone else on the face of the planet, Shina takes great joy in learning things about the world around her. She feels that knowledge of that which surrounds her will help her learn more about herself, as well as help her develop her own sense of identity.

-Discussing philosophy: Philosophy is a subject that holds great interest to Shina, and philosophical discourse is one of her favorite pastimes. It is, in her mind, a great way to really get to know people, as she learns things that she wouldn’t through ordinary conversation and observation. And it’s always interesting to compare and contrast ideas.

-Working with machines: Shina loves to tinker with all things mechanical. Disassembling something and analyzing the working parts has a calming effect on her, and she has an affinity for understanding how each individual piece comes together to form a complex, fully-functioning whole.

-Music: Shina is fascinated by the practice of experimenting with different sounds to create something so pleasing to the ears. It’s so delightful and entertaining. And she never hears the same thing twice. It’s always something new, which amazes her.

-Martial arts: Shina appreciates the martial arts, not so much for the “martial” aspect as for the “arts” aspect. She enjoys the discipline, and the fluid movements serve to focus her mind, while at the same time keeping it free-flowing. And she is enthralled by the philosophical and spiritual aspects.

-Shadow Heart: Shina doesn’t know why, but the mere mention of Shadow Heart makes her stomach churn. She doesn’t know what it is or who they are, but they’ve obviously done something particularly horrible to her in order to induce such a base reaction of repulsion.

-Violence: Sort of a paradox, considering Shina is a student of martial arts in general. But she has her reasons for disliking violence. She feels that fighting is a last resort, when simple discourse has failed to solve the problem. It is also simply a matter of her not enjoying the shedding of blood. However, if necessary, she will fight.

-Obnoxious loudmouths: For Shina, silence is truly golden. So when she has to deal with someone who is crass, annoying, or someone who simply doesn’t know when to shut up, she gets irritated. Extremely irritated. It is in situations like these where Shina will (rarely) raise her voice, or curse, or what have you.

-Large crowds: Shina doesn’t like being in large groups of people for two reasons: She finds being so close to other people discomforting, and she feels lost whenever she’s in a crowd. Simple as that.

-People who run away from who they are: As someone who has no real sense of identity or self, Shina envies everyone else for having that luxury. And nothing peeves her more than someone who realizes what they have and can’t appreciate it. Such is the case with those who try to run or hide from what they truly are. Shina thinks they should be glad that they know who they are deep down, and embrace it.

-Developing her own identity: Since her amnesia essentially left her as a “tabula rasa”, or blank slate, Shina has seized the chance to start over again and develop her own sense of self. It’s sort of an experiment, in its own odd way. But she truly does want be able to one day answer the question “Who am I?”

-Exploring the world: Due to her innate and insatiable curiosity, Shina is compelled to know as much as she can learn about the world around her. She is always on the move because of this, eager to see new places and things, and go through different experiences. She isn’t often one to say no to something, regardless of the risk.

-Complete darkness: Shina isn’t afraid of the night, or of a dark room, as even then, there’s usually some form of light, even if it is just moonlight. No, Shina is afraid of complete, impenetrable darkness. If locked in a room where there is absolutely no light, the poor girl will curl up into the fetal position and cry.

-Thunder and lightning: Shina just cannot stand thunder and lightning. The quick flash of light, followed by the loud boom, simply scare her beyond all reason or logic. As such, during lightning storms, she tends to hide under something like a table or a bed in the false sense that it will protect her.

Occupation: Migrant worker, essentially.
Family: Unknown (The original person Shina was cloned from had a mother and two brothers, both younger than her.)
Medical Conditions: The aforementioned limp, which she received prior to losing her memories. Shina is also prone to headaches of varying intensity due to a concussion, which is more than likely responsible for her amnesia.
Pets: Unknown (The original had a Golden Retriever named Shingo.)
Hometown: Shina first woke up in Hargeon, so she considers that her hometown. (Shina was originally cloned in Crocus.)
-Clone: Unbeknownst to all, herself included, Shina is actually a clone of a promising Fairy Tail wizard, Karen Muchiko. In fact, her tattoo is her serial number; “Karen Delta-0079.”

History (1539 words):
To impart Shina Nihilo‘s story, one has to know the story of her original; Karen Muchiko. Karen was born fifteen years before the Refusal War, in Era, to a Knight of the Magic Council and a mother with no magical abilities. Her father was killed in action two years after she was born, cut down by a dark mage in Oak Town. After his death, Karen and her mother moved away from Era to Magnolia Town, her mother claiming she wanted to distance herself from the Council as much as possible. Magnolia was where Karen spent most of her childhood. She made friends quite easily, though she also made a fair share of adversaries, even if it was just the local bullies.

At about age five, Karen began to show an interest in, as well as an aptitude for, magic. The first sign was when she created flames simply by snapping her fingers. Nearly burned down her school because of it. Her mother, wanting her daughter to be able to pursue her interests freely, as well as provide her with expert tutelage in the magical arts, signed little Karen up for Magnolia‘s local guild: Fairy Tail.

The guild pretty much raised her from that point on. She lived among them, ate with them, played with them. Every wizard in the guild proved to either be a parenting figure for the young, energetic apprentice, or a brother or sister. And all of them were willing to educate her in the ways of magic. For ten years, she called Fairy Tail her home and her school, and she quickly learned how to control the dangerous, volatile element of fire. By the age of fifteen, Karen was well on her way to becoming a master wizard, even if she was a bit too cocky for her own good.

However, the time to truly prove herself had come: the Refusal War. When news of the first attacks by Vallandian forces reached Fairy Tail, Karen was eager to rush onto the front lines. Her and every other cocky young wizard. The guild master was apprehensive about sending a bunch of greenhorns to war, and pretty much vetoed the young ones faster than you could say “give peace a chance“. But Karen wanted to fight, to protect her homeland from the foreign invaders. So one night, when everyone in the guild hall was asleep, she packed a bag and snuck out. She was on the front lines of the war within the next day.

For her first few battles, Karen pretty much flew solo. She answered to no one and didn‘t work in a group, so her appearance on the field often surprised Fiorian forces just as much as it confused the enemy. But that element of surprise helped her to turn the tides. She‘d regularly slip behind enemy lines and take out a commanding officer, or sabotage their equipment in some way, giving Fiore‘s army an edge. While she was never recognized for these early victories later on, Karen was officially drafted into the Fiorian military in the middle of the war‘s first year, and was placed into a unit that wound up seeing a lot of action. The young wizard served commendably for two years. And then, out of the blue, she was captured by Vallandian forces.

Karen was under Vallandian captivity for the rest of the war, and was eventually written off as being killed in action. But she wasn‘t dead. She was simply kept under sedation, in a makeshift Vallandian lab. Obviously, she made herself a big enough pain in their collective backsides that they took notice, and decided to use her as a guinea pig for a secret project of theirs. For three years, Vallandian wizards and scientists poked and prodded at her, as well as other captive wizards, working to copy their genetic codes and produce clones, which they could use as assassins, double agents, what have you. Karen‘s clones were the biggest successes. Big enough successes, at least, to warrant two batches of fifty to be produced. But the Valland empire never got the chance to use them, as they were forced to abandon the project lab, their research, and the clones themselves, as the Refusal War came to a close.

For months, the clones remained dormant, and the lab was quiet. It seemed that Valland‘s cloning project would be swept away by the passage of time, with no one ever having been aware of it. That‘s when Shadow Heart came into the picture. When the organization was just getting started, one of its members stumbled upon the lab. They immediately brought news of the discovery back to those in charge, and soon after, Shadow Heart moved the equipment to their headquarters in Crocus and got the abandoned cloning program up and running once again. The first two batches that had already been created, “Alpha” and “Beta“, respectively, were immediately woken up and quickly conditioned into being grunts for Shadow Heart. Then, using the research notes left behind when the lab had been abandoned, the organization began working on two new batches of eighty. But something must have gone wrong during the process, creating a complication. Whereas the clones belonging to groups Alpha and Beta were able to control their flames perfectly, for some reason, clones from groups Gamma and Delta couldn‘t. In fact, many of them burned to death upon awakening because they couldn‘t keep their flames in check. As such, the remaining clones from the Gamma and Delta groups were provided with special gloves that acted as limiter devices, in order to help them control their flames.

And now we come to Shina‘s “birth“. Shina, or KD-0079, was cloned in the Crocus facility, and was part of the Delta group. As her serial number would imply, she was the seventy-ninth Delta clone. KD-0079 was the closest that Shadow Heart‘s scientists and wizards came to replicating the success that the Vallandians had enjoyed with batches Alpha and Beta. She could go without her special gloves for extended periods of time before she would be running the risk of her flames going wild. However, she still needed the gloves to be able to focus her power in any real capacity. Due to this, KD-0079 was made one of Shadow Heart‘s assassins, instead of just a low level enforcer or grunt. For two years, she carried out hits for Shadow Heart across the entirety of Fiore. She never questioned orders, and she always got the job done. Then she was given an assignment that proved to be more than she bargained for.

The place was Hargeon Town. The target, a Shadow Heart wizard who had gone rogue. KD-0079‘s superiors wanted him silenced before he could spill his guts to some Rune Knight, or anyone else for that matter. It was a routine job, really. Nothing implied that it would be a problem. That is, until she actually cornered the guy in an alleyway. Turned out the mark was an Earth wizard, and he certainly wasn‘t a novice. No matter how hard KD-0079 tried, her flames couldn‘t get past his earth barriers, and she couldn‘t defend herself against his relentless onslaught. The fight came to an end when a chunk of stone struck KD-0079 in the head, knocking her unconscious. Her target fled, leaving her to die from her wounds.

The clone woke up two days later, in an unfamiliar place. Her wounds had been tended to, and she was alive. But she remembered nothing. She didn‘t remember her name, her birthday. She didn‘t even remember what had knocked her out, or if she had been knocked out at all. Not long after she woke up, a man and a woman entered the room she had found herself in, and they explained her situation to her, or as much as they knew about it, at least. They had found her unconscious in an alley and brought her back to their home in order to nurse her back to health. They didn‘t find any form of identification on her, and her clothes were unsalvageable tatters. All she had were an odd pair of gloves, which they immediately returned to her. After they finished explaining, the couple asked her what her name was. She didn‘t know. So she simply made one up. Shina Nihilo.

For a month, Shina stayed in Hargeon Town, living with the couple that had found her. During her stay with them, she learned many things. The two had been married for twenty years, and during that time had given birth to two sons. They lost one during the war, and their other child was only five years old. Since her original clothes had been destroyed, the couple was willing to give Shina their deceased son‘s biker leathers. Shina also (re)discovered her flames, and spent the grand majority of her time in Hargeon acquainting herself with them. By the end of the month, the young girl began to feel that pull, that irresistible urge to explore the world. After informing the couple of her intentions, they imparted her with one final gift: their eldest son‘s motorcycle. Saying her goodbyes, Shina mounted her new bike and rode off, ready for whatever the world decided to throw at her…

[Guild & Magic]

Guild: Guildless
Guild Tattoo: Left shoulder, black.

Magic: Flames of the Imitation Sun
Caster or Holder: Holder
Description: Shina has magic that is similar to her original’s magic. She can create flames from thin air and manipulate them as she pleases. However, due to a miscalculation in the cloning process on the parts of her creators, her powers are unstable. She has to wear special gloves implanted with certain lacrima (regular fire lacrima) in order to keep them under control, as well as manipulate them, though she can go at least two hours a day without wearing the gloves, and she doesn’t have to wear them when she sleeps. As with all forms of fire magic, Shina has a great deal of offensive capability at her disposal. She can deliver flaming punches, throw fiery projectiles at her opponents, or just employ the scorched earth method and burn everything in the area to a crisp with a large column of fire. However, her defensive techniques are limited to things like flaming auras and walls of flame.
Strengths: (76 words) In terms of how it interacts with other magicks of an elemental nature, Shina’s flames are able to melt ice quite handily. As stated before, her magic is best suited for offense, and is an extremely versatile tool to use for such purposes. Really, the only thing limiting what she’s able to do with her abilities is her imagination. And finally, Shina’s flames are suited for any range, from long range to close quarters combat.
Weaknesses: (133 words) When it comes down to a clash between elements, Shina’s fire abilities have two banes; wind and water. A strong enough gust can blow her flames out, and if enough water is poured on them, they’ll be smothered. And, due to its nature as Holder magic, it is reliant on her gloves. If they are destroyed or removed, she can’t use her abilities. This comes with an added danger for her. Without her gloves, Shina will begin to slowly lose control of her magic. For every ten posts that she goes without her gloves, her flames will flare up and burn her. If she goes five topics without getting the gloves replaced or retrieving them, she will burn to death. The only other weakness of note is the aforementioned lack of defensive capabilities.

RP Sample (626 words):
Darkness. Pitch black. Can‘t see a thing… Where am I? Who am I? So cold… Is anybody out there? Please. Someone say something. Is… Is this what death is? Am I in Hell? Or Heaven? Oh, God. Please, someone answer me…

A gasp escaped her lips as she bolted upright, the sheet falling away from her chest and revealing a tattered white tank top. She placed a sweaty hand on her face and sat there for a few minutes, hyperventilating. Her chest rose and fell with each panicked breath, and her eyes, dark brown and frightened, scanned her surroundings. She was in a small, rectangular room, with wood paneled walls and a carpeted floor. A lone lamp, missing its shade, dangled from the ceiling overhead. The bed she was lying in was old, well-broken in, and took up most of the space in the room. Her head ached something awful, and her left leg throbbed. Slowly, she calmed down, and allowed herself to settle back down on the mattress. The pillow beneath her head was nice and soft, like a cloud. A quiet sigh left her mouth as she searched her memory for what led her to this point. Nothing. Everything was blank. White as a sheet of paper. She remembered nothing prior to waking up. She didn‘t even remember her name. Did she even have a name? Just who was she?

She didn‘t have long to ponder that question, as the door opened, and two people entered. One was a man, the other a woman. They were both well past middle age, and had quite a bit of gray in their hair. The man held a pair of strange gloves in his hand, while the woman simply wrung her own hands together nervously, her steel gray eyes clouded with worry. Both of them sat down on the edge of the bed. “So you‘re awake. With the shape you were in when we found you, that by itself is a pleasant surprise.” The old man said, letting the gloves drop into his lap. The plating clinked loudly as the gloves landed on his denim jeans. The woman spoke up next. “Do you remember what happened? You suffered a pretty nasty concussion…” she asked, her tone just as worried as her eyes. The girl could do nothing but slowly shake her head. The woman sighed. “Well, we couldn‘t find any sorta I.D. on you when we found ya in that alleyway. All you had were these.” the man explained, running his free hand through the thick thatch of hair that sat upon his head, while holding up the gloves with the other. The girl immediately reached a hand out, and the man seemed to understand her, as he passed the gloves to her. Slowly, she slipped each hand into its respective glove, and a strange sense of comfort washed over her, like the wake lapping against the shore. She sighed contentedly, letting her head sink deeper into the pillow.

The man and woman looked at each other, seemingly puzzled. The woman spoke up. “Well, it‘s only polite that we introduce ourselves. I‘m Mary, and this is my husband, Robert.” she pointed to herself, then motioned to the man whom she said was her husband, and he nodded his head. “What‘s your name, dear?” she then asked. The girl closed her eyes and once again tried to retrieve one scrap of memory that would tell her what her name was, at least. Nothing. Blowing a quiet raspberry in frustration, she began to think. Minutes passed with the speed of hours as she tried to think of a name for herself. When at last she thought of something, she opened her eyes again, and smiled, albeit weakly.

My name is Shina Nihilo.

Face Claim: Akira Kazama, Rival Schools

Desired starting level: 1
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I love the idea of your char :D So you are
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