A Little Vigilantism [Mercenary (B)]

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A Little Vigilantism [Mercenary (B)] Empty A Little Vigilantism [Mercenary (B)]

Post by PatriotArrow on Mon Sep 08, 2014 11:39 am

Request name: A Little Vigilantism
Request rank: B
Guild: Not posted in any guild
Client name: Kaliki
Objective: With the Magic Council unable to focus its attention on what it truly needs to, The city of Onibus has caught the attention of those who would bring harm to innocent people. Stop them from hurting anyone else and chase them out of town.
Location: Onibus
Reward: 10,000
Fame Reward: 20
Request description: No Job Poster
Request details:
Wandering into the town of Onibus, either by train or some other means, the character literally runs into (or perhaps the other way around) a frightened woman by the name of Kaliki. She tells the character that Onibus has a gang of wizards that has moved in, trying to exploit the fact that the Council is too preoccupied to police the country at the moment. The character must arrive in time to see them about to beat a man who refused to pay them 'protection' money and stop the display of brutality going on.


Name: Kaliki
Age: 32
General Appearance: Kaliki is pretty, but focuses more on her home life than her looks, and it shows. She doesn't look bad for it, however. She wears a casual dress most of the time.
Personality: Normally she is a calm, happy mother. Right now she is a panicked woman who ran when her husband was in trouble in order to find help, if she could.
Motivations: Saving her husband
Fears: Her husband being hurt or worse, her children being hurt at a later time.
Spells/Abilities: N/A
Other: Kaliki has 3 children who are at home.


Name: Joseph "Three-Eyes" and his gang (7 thugs)
Age: 28/ various
General Appearance: Joseph looks like he could be a pro-wrestler, cloaked in a mysterious black cloak. On his forehead is a glowing third eye. His flunkies just wear average clothing.
Personality: Joseph is nothing if not an angry bully. He took advantage of the lawlessness and thought he could carve out his own little empire.
Motivations: Obtain money and power.
Fears: Being stopped.
Spells/Abilities: Joseph has B-rank telekenetic powers, and his thugs are generally D-rank flunkies of various ability.
Other: If Three-Eyes is defeated, the thugs will lose their will to fight.

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A Little Vigilantism [Mercenary (B)] Empty Re: A Little Vigilantism [Mercenary (B)]

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