Reliving the past, to shape the future. [Charlotte/Nines]

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Reliving the past, to shape the future. [Charlotte/Nines] Empty Reliving the past, to shape the future. [Charlotte/Nines]

Post by Nines on Tue Sep 09, 2014 2:36 am

Nines was looking at his old friend Von Argon, Lord King of Fiore, and High Commander of the Magic Council. He was surprised they would tell him where they hid the Commander after the rebellion in Era. He had history with the man, a sort of kinship between him and the old man existed at one point. He wondered if it was his fault that their friendship had gotten this bad, that he could no longer find out now was even more heartbreaking to the Ghost of the Council. He had finally found out where the nickname came from. Von Argon had apparently said something along the lines of “I thought I saw a ghost just now” to Mathius one day when Nines had been doing things around Era. Nines had meant to see him, to say hello, whats up, something, anything to rekindle their old friendship to his old friend. But they were both busy, so busy. Those things didn't seem as important now. Nines saw the betrayal coming, but it came from something he didn't expect. It wasn’t the Talison girl he suspected, but instead, Mordekai Von Argon who was the traitor. The man's own son.

It wasn’t all bad though, not all their flesh and blood had turned. Nines smiled as he looked at his friend. That blank empty stare straight at the ceiling was chilling. He hated what the shock had done to Commander Von Argon. To someone he once considered a brother in arms. However he remembered those eyes on someone else, a young girl who was on his side. He wouldn't cry for Von Argon. He would avenge him.

Ironically however the more he thought about the past, and he looked at his old friend. The more he was finding himself more and more drawn to the memory of his recent return. When Era had been repaired to what it was now. The fortress before the fall. The calm before the storm. His chest heaved with a sigh. reliving memories were important, it gave you a second chance to see something you missed. He closed his eyes and thought about it harder. Maybe there was a clue back there….

He was waiting for a very, very old comrade of his. It had been a very long time since he last saw her. A very long time. He was sitting in the new training grounds of the magic council, having recently graduated for the second time. He had only just found out about her being a superior officer to him.Which he found odd. Hell this was the first time he found out she joined the council, and she held a higher position than he did.

It didn't help she was much much younger. It also didn't help that an old friend of his was now basically the king. That was also weird. He wondered if she remembered him. There was almost no way she remembered him. It had been nine years, her father had moved to a position of importance. Nines had been meaning to see the man in the last week, but couldn't bring himself to do it. If Von Argon was too busy and Nines bothered him...Nines would never forgive himself. Besides Matthew Evercross was dead, he was officially Nikolas Krossley now. Probably one of the more undercover moves of his in his chess game to figure out what was wrong with the council.

If she did remember him from her youth would she call him out on it? If she did he would just deny it. There was no need to remind them of what happened before the war. Not after what he found out about her mother, it was unfortunate that he had to learn of her death so long after, and be unable to provide some sort of remembrance for her with Von Argon for his sign of friendship. However sacrifices needed to be made if he was going to stop this dark guild he was hunting.

He sat there and waited for Charlotte Von Argon’s arrival. Who he remembered as a tiny little ten year old, who would kick your ass if you pissed her off. That brought a smile to his face.

Reliving the past, to shape the future. [Charlotte/Nines] QgInFFt
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Reliving the past, to shape the future. [Charlotte/Nines] Empty Re: Reliving the past, to shape the future. [Charlotte/Nines]

Post by Charlotte on Tue Sep 09, 2014 4:46 am