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Post by PatriotArrow on Sun Sep 29, 2013 9:31 pm

Takeover Magic


Stories tell of legendary wizards with the ability to take the form and abilities of the beasts they defeat in combat. These wizards are said to have terrifying abilities, making them stronger, faster, tougher than their opponents. Many will tell you these wizards are just another myth or lost magic. Many people will be wrong.

While the powers people will talk about in the stories may or may not be accurate, the actual magic is a true, if nearly forgotten, ability. Through challenging and defeating monsters, Takeover wizards are able to wield the monster’s power to boost their own.

What can be taken over?

What can be classified as a takeover wizard form is limited mostly to your own imagination. It might be some sort of demon, an ape-like beast, or a strange lizard man. The only thing to remember is this - The world of Fairy Tail is not our own. Many mythologies and locations simply do not exist, and as such, things such as Egyptian gods aren’t allowed, though more minor and generic creatures, such as minotaurs are.

The essence of Takeover Magic:

Takeover magic is almost a fusion of holder magic and caster magic. While the power comes completely from within the caster and the beasts they have acquired the ability to use, they can’t use the power without first taking the form, or partial form, of a creature. As such, the creatures could be considered their ‘equipment,’ although any takeover wizard will tell you that their forms are hardly the same as wielding a sword or armor.

Takeover Magic:

A Takeover wizard’s forms give them boosts to their strength, agility, and/or toughness when the form is taken. Doing this, however, does require them to sustain their magic, causing more novice takeover wizards to quickly run out of MP if they aren’t careful.

Fortunately, a Takeover mage may do what is called a ‘partial’ takeover, which may be gaining only the beasts arm or other features, which vary by the individual and their beasts. A partial takeover gives them none of the boosts and requires none of the sustaining cost, but does allow the mage to cast the spells of the beast.

When acquiring a beast, you must create a type of magic just as you would when creating a type of magic for a character That magic can only be used when doing a takeover or partial takeover. A wizard may switch between takeover forms or partial takeover forms, though there is a three post cooldown between the ability to switch, and the cost to assume full takeover must be paid to go from partial to full. The same does not apply when going from takeover to partial takeover.

Takeover forms take up spell slots just like a re-equip mage, and as such force users to make a choice between more spells and more forms.

Acquiring new forms:

A new form must be approved just like any other magic. To do so, simply use the rules for creating a takeover form and submit it for approval by one of the admins. Once approved, you
must create a thread involving you fighting and defeating the monster in order to gain its form. The amount of words is equal to the number it would normally take to train a new spell.

Creating a Takeover form:

Takeover forms have power and speed just like a spell. Unlike equipment, they do not break and have no durability, nor do they have a range like guns. When creating a takeover form, use the following template:

[b]MP Cost:[/b]

Name: Name is simple. What is the name of the form?

Rank: What is the rank of your form? Lower ranks probably aren’t as impressive as higher-ranked ones.

MP Cost: This is equal to a spell of your level. To maintain the form, you have to pay half of this every post after assuming a full takeover.

Power: Power is identical to that of spells. Zero power adds nothing to your strength, while 6 *’s of power have brutal strength.

Speed: Speed is an enhancement to your speed. For each rank in speed, you get a multiplier to your character’s movement speed.

Toughness: How much tougher does the form make you than a normal person? For each point, you can defend against one * of power, acting just like a shield without recharge. This represents your form’s tougher hide, which can eventually be eaten through by attacks.

Magic: What type of magic does the form use? Describe it like you would any proposed magic below the spell template.

Zero - No movement enhancement
* - 1.5x normal speed
** - 2x normal speed
*** - 2.5x normal speed
**** - 3x normal speed
***** - 3.5x normal speed
****** - 4x normal speed

Description: What is the form like? Give the details of what your character will look like when assuming said form.

A creature can put points in Power and Speed in order to determine its enhancements. a form has ** plus the spell’s level in stars to distribute among the enhancements, ranging from 3 stars at rank one to 12 stars at rank ten.

Note that a form may have spells of a higher level than the form, though the form itself may become outdated if not upgraded.

Upgrading a form:

A form may be upgraded just like a spell could, with a word count of training equal to the new level as a spell. Alternatively, it may be purchased through the shop for the same price as a spell. This allows you to upgrade their stats to be like that of a beast of the new level.

Creating A Takeover wizard:

Now that you know how they work, and the limits of their abilities, you probably want to make one. For starters, since this is a limited magic your application will have to be above just passing. Put some real effort into the app and show us you deserve this spot.  Next you’ll want to pick a theme for your takeover magic. It can be named whatever you want as long as the forms you choose fits this theme.

The only exceptions to them are if you obtain a form from some sort of special event. Once your character, forms, and magic are approved, make sure to stay active. Just like other limited magic users you must submit a monthly activity check to either Maxus or PatriotArrow. Failure to do so gets you a strike. Three strikes and you’re out. Three months of activity will remove a strike.

Starting Spells:

A takeover wizard starts with a single form of their rank or lower, which takes up one of the available starting spells they receive.

Level 1 - 5 level 1 spells (form takes up one of these 5 slots)
Level 2 - 3 level 1 spells and 2 level 2 spells (form takes up one of these 5 slots)
Level 3 - 3 level 1 spells, 1 level 2 spell, and 1 level 3 spells (form takes up one of these 5 slots)

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