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Artemis Tallison

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[Basic Information]
Full Name:Grand Councilor Artemis Tallison

Weight:130 lbs
Hair: Brown

General Appearance: Sinister, cunning, and alluring. Those are the words many would use to describe the enchantress known as Artemis Tallison. She has a professional look about her, rarely being out of her own red and black uniform. She tends to wear glasses, and anyone around her finds her strangely more alluring than they’d think they should.

Personality: Tallison is a harsh mistress, taking the helm of the council that stayed by her side with ruthless efficiency. It’s not that she’s unpleasant. In fact, many people say she’s perfectly fine to be around so long as you remember who’s in charge. She’s cold in her planning and execution, and she’s a master strategist and manipulator.

Likes:Power, Order
Dislikes: Chaos, men who talk too much
Motivations:Power (again)
Fears: Unknown

Tallison spent years as a secretary under a minor councilman, setting everything up from behind the scenes to attain the power she always thought she deserved. Now that she’s successfully taken her own chunk of Fiore… she intends to prove just how much she deserves it to the rest of the country, and possibly beyond.

[Guild & Magic]

Guild: Magic Council (Crusader)
Guild Tattoo:Blue on the right side of her chest near her collarbone

Magic:Forbidden Magic
Caster or Holder: Caster?
Description: Tallison’s magic is something from legends of old. No other magic has successfully countered her mind-altering powers as of yet, and she seems to require little effort to overcome the minds of those who have spent any amount of time around her.
Strengths: Tallison’s magic is more potent the longer she is around her targets. She is less of a fighter and more of a manipulator, and with her powers she always has a minion willing to give their life for her.
Weaknesses: As far as anyone can tell, she has no magic to actually fight with, leaving that to her weaker underlings.

Face Claim: Kitsaragi Saya (Blood-C)

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