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Yuuko Gozen

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[Attributes] (Insert *'s in each category using the guidelines in the attribute topic)
Power - * * *
Agility - * * * *
Toughness - * * *
Intelligence - * * * *
Willpower - * * *

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Yuuko Gozen
Alias(es): None
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Birthday: 07/01
Sexuality: Straight

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 140 pounds
Hair: Raven Black
Eyes: Soft amber

General Appearance: Yuuko is an average height female with raven black hair that goes down to her back. However, she generally wears it in a bun unless relaxing and the bun itself is hidden behind her headgear leaving only her frontal bangs to generally be exposed. On Yuuko's head is generally a cloth hood which is designed to look almost chainmail in style, similar to paladins of old. Yuukos wears a lightly armored vest with sleeves that go down to her gauntlet laiden hands. Her pants and boots are the same and her entire outfit is adorned in the colors of the crusade, red with white highlights.

Along her waist she has an old style leather belt that she generally hangs things such as coin purses on, she also has a pair of cuffs on the back end of the belt. Although she generally wears a sword on her left hip, it is purely for ceremonial reasons and aesthetic since she generally has no need for a weapon. The weapon itself is a saber. The blade is decorated with inscriptions that speak to the ideology of the crusade while the handle has a nice gold trim. The saber is often used for inspiration, knighting, etc.

Personality: Yuuko, despite her at times intimidating appearance and even her position within the Crusade is actually an extremely likable person..so long as you don't make yourself her enemy. Around friends and allies she is your average, cheery and friendly girl. She enjoys going out, having fun and although she really shouldn't, she'll even drink from time to time. That said she can be a bit of a boy at times, thanks to her father's up bringing more than anything. She enjoys sparring matches and training in general to keep her combat prowess top notch and if she chooses to read it's generally some type of military strategy book.

Yuuko is also extremely devoted to Atryum, her father and the only family she has. He was her trainer, father and her friend growing up so she takes great stock in what he has to say and is generally the person she turns to in times of stress or need. Now, as said despite her being such an all around friendly person one should beware if you make Yuuko an enemy. Yuuko has an extremely strong sense of justice and a very black and white view of what justice is. Yuuko is the kind of person that even if you're her best friend if you go break the law she will see you punished justly.

Like wise though she isn't the kind of person to hold a grudge and the punishment must always fit the crime, with one exception: Dark guilds. For as long as she can remember Yuuko has been tasked with dealing with dark guilds, though generally small sectors of them as opposed to a large guild like Shadow Heart and because of that she has seen the depravity that is often associated with them. Because of this, unless ordered otherwise by her superiors there is only one way to deal with a guild of dark mages and that is purification through complete annihilation.

Yuuko is also one of the most loyal people you'll meet and this fact has not escaped her superior's eyes. Both in job and in friendship, Yuuko would never betray or leave someone behind, she would even die for a comrade. This is one of the huge reasons she wants to see the loyalist put in chains and thrown in the cells: She views them as cowards.

Likes: Serving Justice: Nothing makes Yuuko smile more than seeing a wrong doer get there deserved sentence rather it be as simple as a few days in jail or something as sever as execution. She believes the scales should always be balanced and being the one to balance those scales personally just makes her giddy.

Going out with friends: The best thing to do after a hard days work or a stressful battle is just to get a few friends (or her father if non are available) kick back with a few drinks and just have fun. So long as no one misbehaves.

Cooking: A secret obsession of Yuuko's, she loves to cook. She'd like nothing more than to cook for a few friends but she has never had her confidence high enough to try it. Mostly due to the black smoke currently rising from the soup..oh no.

Dislikes: Cowards: People who run, abandon and leave behind allies or just can't handle there problems. Cowards go against Yuuko's personality so severely she can't help but hate them and this is what leads to a rather deep resentment for the loyalist faction.

Dark Guilds: Over the years, although Shadow heart is the first big guild, Yuuko has seen the fall of many small sects of dark mages. She has seen first hand the depravity they're able to conjure up and she views them as an abomination and blight upon the face of peace.

Dating: It's not that she hates dating rather she never has time due to her busy schedule to indulge upon the activity. Thus she associates dating with rejection and a waste of time and generally just doesn't like the idea of it.

Motivations: The protection of Fiore: Her main goal and driving force. Yuuko desires to bring peace to Fiore by bringing down an iron fist upon criminals. She wants to protect those who can't protect themselves, enable those who can protect themselves to do so and rid the landscape of leeches who'd make prey of the lambs. In a sense she wishes to be a guardian that the people of Fiore can turn to for help.

The annihilation of dark guilds: Although an off shoot of her first goal, even if she wasn't able to complete her main objective she could rest and die easy if she could go knowing she destroyed the dark guilds. Yuuko views dark guilds and there members, no matter there reasons for being there as the very essence of evil and her sworn enemy. Although she has never suffered a personal loss associated with them, she has seen the loss of others and that was enough. There is no redemption for such people beyond the sword.

Fears: Fall of the Crusade: The biggest fear is that the loyalist and it's supports might actually find a way to destroy the crusade. This would spell the end of order and the rampancy of evil upon the land, everything that Yuuko wishes to avoid. In the end she wants peace, not Chaos and this would do just that: Pure Chaos.

Shadow Heart's Rise to power: Shadow heart is a very large and fast growing, power hungry Dark guild which up until recent times has kept itself carefully hidden in the shadows. It's power is vast and Yuuko fears that if they're not dealt with swiftly, they might become unstoppable and worse is there false propaganda, acting to be friends to Fiore. Yuuko will see these false prophets fall on her own blade.

Occupation: Paladin, Crusader's Ace
Family: Atryum, Yuuko's adoptive father is all she has
Medical Conditions: Gets hammered exceptionally fast..like one shot and she is lit
Pets: She has a single cat at her house which at times follows her around, named Zeri
Hometown: Era
Secrets: Although she'll never admit to it openly, she doesn't fully agree with the methods employed at times. However, in the end the goal of what the Crusaders wish to achieve is worth some discomfort.

Yuuko doesn't remember much about her childhood, in fact all she can ever recall are the stories her adopted father, Atryum, told her of how he found her near death and washed up on the shores. Atryum was a seeker for the Magic Council at the time (before the inner conflict that split the Council in groups, that is) and was doing a recon job at the time. His orders where to inspect suspicions of a dark guild having taken root in the sea side town of Hargeon and if he found them, destroy them or report back, depending on how big the problem was. During his ultimately fruitless investigation however he heard whispers among the locals of a family which had gone out to sea a few days ago on a fishing voyage that has been gone unnaturally long considering the large storm rolling in.

Seeing as he had nothing to currently report, Atryum offered to the towns folk his assistance in forming a search party, keeping the fact he was a veteran seeker silent of course. Although something like this was not exactly in a Seeker's job description, he was always a strong believer in serving the people as much as he served the Council and seeing as his main job was going no place currently, he saw reason not to help. The party set out and searched for days but ultimately found nothing..until the day Atryum was about to leave that is. As Atryum was prepared to leave town, concluding the reports of a dark guild taking root as false, he noticed something on the shore. It didn't take long for him to realize that among the drift wood was a small girl. Atryum was quick to rush to her side.

A miracle perhaps is why the young girl survived. Atryum took the girl to the hospital and waited with her, spoke to her and helped tend to her as she recovered. For some reason, he felt responsible for her, perhaps because she was so young. The young girl could only remember her name, the rest of the events kept under lock and key by her own mind due to the trauma, however it was clear that the young Yuuko had just lost her entire family to a terrible storm. From that day forward Yuuko and Atryum became impossible to pull apart and eventually he decided to take the young girl under his wing.

From there Atryum traveled back to Era with his new daughter in tow where he would give the Council a full report of the situation, along with tendering his resignation so that he could take care of Yuuko. Although he was offered other, easier and more local jobs he insisted he only wanted a simple life. As the years passed Atryum began to teach the young Yuuko everything he knew. How to survive, general education, magic and all he knew about the world, Magic Council included. Because of all this it came as no surprise to Atryum when Yuuko came out with the news she wanted to join the Magic Council on her 15th birthday. Atryum gave his daughter his blessing and using what little pull he had left got Yuuko in as a Paladin trainee.

For the next six years Yuuko showed considerable growth, a strong sense of justice and high ability for following orders. It came to no surprise to anyone of her comrades to see Yuuko rise up through the ranks at a rather fair pace. What was most notable to many in the Council was Yuuko's combat abilities which got constant demonstration when arresting criminals and it wasn't long before Yuuko started getting missions that involved raids or organized attacks on small, dark guild sects. Yuuko not only demonstrated an ability and willingness to follow orders on the battlefield but also an almost brutal fighting ideology towards dark guilds and this ultimately is what caught the eye of the would-be crusaders.

Although Yuuko wasn't caught up in the first part of the Coup it was only a short time after that Yuuko took her place at there side. While she was not completely supportive of there methods, she understood the goals and ideology of the crusaders and was more than happy to pay the cost to achieve there goals. Two months have passed since then and much has happened. A relative peace has returned over Fiore as tensions seemingly calm down, for now at least. Yuuko although up until this point kept in era constantly has gotten missions and completed them, becoming an established name within the Crusade. Rumors are even spreading of a possible promotion of some kind although nothing is confirmed. That is, until Yuuko was asked to meet with the head of the Crusaders privately..

[Guild & Magic]

Guild: Magic Council Crusader's faction
Guild Tattoo: Worn proudly on the upper portion of her chest, bright red

Magic: Water Make
Caster or Holder: Caster
Description: "Maker" magic also known as "Molder" magic is a type of caster magic that allows the user to shape whatever element they're working with into various objects which can then be used in battle. Maker magic is also divided up into two different sub-types which can be used to catagorize each type of attack or spell used by a maker mage. These are known as "Static" and "Dynamic" attacks.

Static attacks are the most common and simple form of maker magic that is used and applies to anything that is just an object. An example of a static maker magic attack would be to form a sword which is then used to attack an enemy. Although it is the simplest to use it is by no means weak and depending on the knowledge, skill and imagination of the wizard using it, static maker magic can produce some devastating results.

Dynamic maker magic on the other hand is much more complicated both in it's casting, execution and control. Dynamic maker magic refers to any giving life to an object created by the maker wizard. An example would be if an ice maker mage created a large ice golem and then 'programmed' it using his magic to get it to fight along side him as a sentient though simple minded threat. In short, they're minions of sort generally speaking although it can go beyond that for the more creative wizards.

Yuuko's version is water make. It works like any other make magic with the exception of the varying elements and how the element is conjured. For example, where an ice make or wood make can easily draw from the surrounding area no matter where they are, Yuuko (unless by a body of water or in a rain storm) has to conjure water from the air by combining hydrogen and oxygen via her magic, simple.

Strengths: The strengths of Water make lays within the sheer versatility the magic allows the user. Since the essence of make magic is forming objects and then using them in either a dynamic or static way, that alone is already only limited by the experience and imagination of the wizard using it. Further more in Yuuko's case, she uses water. Water by it's very nature is extremely versatile in it's uses and gives plenty of options for Yuuko in all areas of defense and offense.

By changing the density and pressure of the water a strong defensive wall could be made or perhaps liquid 'net' to catch projectiles within the water. Adjust the pressure correctly and you have blades of water sharp enough to cut through stone. The element of water combined with make magic is combining perhaps the most versatile style of magic with the most flexible element. Match made in heaven.

Weaknesses: Despite how strong the magic can be however, nothing is ever perfect. In the case of water make there are a few basic weaknesses and one rather large one. First off is the elemental counter weakness. While fire and water can cancel each other out (with generally the stronger attack winning out) earth magic can generally be problematic due to being able to absorb and redirect the water fairly effectively. Although certain attacks can do some what well against earth magic it's generally a much harder and much more 'specific' fight.

Lightning can also be a touch or go fight since water is an excellent conductor for electricity. The biggest weakness however with the magic is the energy requirements. Maker magic in general is a very exhaustive magic due to the fact the wizard using it has to know exactly what they are making and then carefully mold it using there magic to shape it and then hold it together. This is amplified in Yuuko's case since water being a liquid takes more effort to control and keep stable. Although she isn't so weak to pass out after just a few spells, Yuuko would tire out faster than other mages of comparable skill.

RP Sample:
Copied from Cain Tova, my other character.

Azazel knelt down before Cain to meet the young boy eye to eye. The ancient evil smiled as he placed a single clawed talon under the boy's chin, lifting it so there eyes were even and he began to spoke. "How about we make a deal Cain?" He began as he tilted his head slightly, the smile increasing ever so slightly in it's length. "I'll grant you the centuries worth of power I have stored within myself to you. I'll make you powerful, everything you seem to want. All I ask is that you feed me. I've been asleep for so long and my hunger is ravenous." Azazel's explanation ended on a sinister sounding note that his angelic voice simply couldn't mask. Despite that though the offer was extremely tempting.

But, curiosity and caution finally took over and Cain simply asked "Feed you what, Azazel? What is it you seem to hunger for?" His voice was tinged with the slightest hint of fear, fear of the unknown. The smile on Azazel's face only grew wider into a grin as he stared deep into Cain's eyes. It was hard to tell what he was enjoying more, the chance that he'd be fed or the fact he was about to rip a poor boy's innocence to shreds. "Simple my dear boy, Pain. Suffering. Perhaps, even...a few lives here and there. Such a small price to pay for power so sublime, would you not agree?" At first Cain thought he was just joking but as they stared silently at each other it quickly became obvious Azazel wasn't.

Cain shook his head violently as he finally understood why the sword was sealed up in so many protective seals. This thing, Azazel. He was evil. "No deal. I could never accept that, how could anyone accept that?" Cain retorted. To his surprise though Azazel didn't respond, he just stood up and stared at him smiling. It was disturbing as if he knew a joke and wasn't letting Cain in on the punch line. But then it hit him, literally. A fire ball was shot through the trees and impacted into Cain's chest throw the boy backwards still grasping the blade and placing sever burns on his chest. It wouldn't have been so bad but it had caught him completely off guard.

As the smell of burnt flesh filled his nose Cain winced and leaned up to look past the now grinning Azazel to see a tall man with fire still in his hands walking towards Cain. "I think yeh have somthin 'o mine boyo." He said with a cackling smile as he placed a foot on Cain's stomach. Cain began to panic as the pain set in, he looked over to Azazel with fear in his eyes. "Please, help me Azazel. I promise we'll talk about this just please don't let him kill me." Cain begged but to no avail. Azazel simply shook his head and leaned down whispering into his ear "I'll only accept a yes. Bond with me..Feed me. Only then will I assist you."

Meanwhile the man who stood atop Cain looked at him funny, confused who the boy was talking to but none the less he began to fire another attack. The flames flared and built up in his hand. As Cain stared into those flames all he saw reflected back were visions of hellfire sweeping his life away. The fear of imminent death swelled up within him and with a single tear flowing from his eye down his cheek Cain uttered a single, shaky "Yes.." Instantly a large torrent of darkness magic flowed from the sword, strong enough to knock the man atop Cain back and on his ass. The deal had been struck.

Username: Lastrada

Face Claim: Original art from here http://www.pinterest.com/pin/119415827591070105/ all credit given
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I doth hereby approve this app. Go have fun! :D

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