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Vanix Tracy

Vanix Tracy Dragan

Power ****
Agility ******
Toughness **
Intelligence ***

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Vanix Alphonse Tracy
Alias(es): Blade Wing Fairy, Two Wing Demon
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Sexuality: Straight

Height: 5’ 10
Weight: 74Kg
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Yellow

General Appearance:  Vanix is typically adorned with an eclectic jumble of rings, bracelets, and leather pieces. Dressed in a hard leather vest, and greaves that are half pauldron/ half hard leather.  Two studded gloves, three belts; one for his Main blade, one for his secondary, and one for his pants. Has a single feather hanging from his hair that once belonged to his companion Azeck.
Azeck is a Northern Griffon, one of the rarest beings in Fiore. Typically known for their black eagle body and white lion base, however Azeck kept bright white features and only black accents. Bright blue eyes, resembling the vivid northern skies.

Personality: Generally a lively man, always seen with  bright ambitious eyes, the kind of guy that keeps his emotions on his sleeve. Creative man who wields his swords as if they are paint brushes and the battlefield his canvas, he is a truly born phenon of blades use. He’ll commonly be seen interacting with Azeck, claiming he can communicate with him, and who is there to tell him he can’t. Looks up to Ranor as a father and mentor. Azeck and Vanix are so intune, you would think they shared one soul.

- Flying
- Playing cards
- Trainging with Azeck
- Dark Guilds
- Abandoning others
- “Ordinary”
- Fighting under Ranor
- Keeping Fairy Tail thriving
- To make Fairy Tail #1
- Death of Ranor Taiga
- Death of Azeck
- Being alone in the world

Vanix was found on an empty battle field as a young boy by a group of Mercanaries. As years rolled on he found himself studying as a swordsman with the soldiers in the group, taking to a blade as if it were his own hand, he also aided them as a page of sorts. He would polish weapons, cook, keep track of their Jewels as they would all get drunk. One day a large group of bandits came in the dead of night and sprang a surprise attack on the Merc camp. In all the confusion and fighting Vanix ran off into the forest to wade out the fight. As he entered the depths of the forest he came across a pair of rare northern griffons, one very young with a wounded wing, the other was the young ones mother who had suffered some very fatal blows, she was unfortunately deceased. The young griffon was trying it’s hardest to rouse it’s fallen mother. Vanix approached the young griffon carefully and sympathetically, the little one nipped at him, but Vanix just grasped him in both arms and held him as the young boy started to cry.

Vanix emerged from the forest carrying the little wounded griffon, he looked on to the camp and the fighting was still intense, but none of the Mercs were involved, instead there was one man in the center, single handedly fighting the bandit onslaught.  As the last bandit fled, Vanix ran up to the man and tore off a piece of his sleeve, he quickly wrapped the little griffon’s wing. The man was Ranor Taiga (Fairy Tail Ace at the time) and at that moment of compassion and bravery from the young boy, he offered the two a home at Fairy Tail.

Over the preceding years, he studied combat under Taiga, and Azeck and Vanix’s relationship became that of one being. In the process Taiga gave Vanix the opposite, but twin blades “Sky Oath and Wind Dancer”. With the two blades in his possession, Vanix sealed his soul to one and Azeck’s to another, giving birth to Fairy Tail’s Ace, Vanix Alphonse Tracy “The Blade Wing Fairy”

[Guild & Magic]

Guild: Fairy Tail
Guild Tattoo:  Right side of neck - Black

Magic: Wing Wind magic
Caster or Holder: Holder
Description: A magic based from his deep link with Azeck, using his two blades he can generate great gale forces and use the body of air itself. Moving without sound, flight, slashing blades of air, generating any form of air he desires.
Strengths: Wind based magic is the most manageable of all elements, as long as there is air it can be moved, though thanks to the blade, even the lack of air wouldn’t stop him from generating a gale force wind from the extension of his blades. Though soul link between Azeck and Vanix allows the two to fight along side each other with perfect harmony, communicating telepathically between each other.
Weaknesses: Wind magic is very disadvantaged against earth based magics, also water magic is a strong adversary to wind magic. Thanks to the holder items, if Vanix is separated from his blades, his magic is useless.

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