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Abigail Parker
Guardian Angel

An Empty Tome: Abigail's Journal SF4q4Bl
"Whatever comes my way, I'll stand my ground."

"I figured I'd start a journal for the sake of posterity, since it isn't every day you find yourself in an entirely new world that has only token similarities to the one you've called home for so long. I didn't exactly have money to buy a blank notebook, though. Had to steal one when the shopkeep wasn't looking. Not my proudest moment, to be sure. But desperate times call for desperate measures. Anyways, I guess I should introduce myself if anyone ever actually reads this..."

Height: 5’9” (176 cm)
Weight: 135 lbs. (62 kg)
Hair: Red
Eyes: Amber and Green

General Appearance: (533 words) Abigail is an attractive young woman, if a bit of a rough-and-tumble sort. A giant among most other women, and often standing eye to eye with most men, she has fiery red hair, which unintentionally serves to represent her personality. It is wavy, with a silky texture and bright sheen to it, and it falls down to her shoulders. She regularly ties her locks back into a ponytail, in an attempt to cultivate an air of maturity and professionalism. She was born with complete heterochromia iridis, meaning that one eye is a different color than the other. Her right eye is a dark, emerald green, whilst the left eye is bright amber. Her eyes often gleam when she’s feeling particularly mischievous, and are otherwise large and expressive. She needs to wear glasses at all times. Abigail has a small nose, what some might call a button nose, and her mouth is long and thin, framed by deep laugh lines. Her smiles have a feline quality to them. Her jawline is rounded, leading into a pointed chin. Together, these features allow a wide range of facial expressions, which she makes good use of. Abigail, due to years upon years of travel and adventuring, has developed a notable tan, and the freckles on her cheeks are more pronounced. Her body frame is sleight, her figure mildly curvaceous, but she is leanly muscled, due to all the physical exertion she has put herself through. Abigail has developed a large bust over the years, easily sitting at around D cup, though she personally doesn’t care, and in fact often finds them to be a hindrance in combat. Abigail is an enthusiast of tattoos, and has a couple on her person. The most prominent is the swirling tribal design inked in black that goes from her shoulder down the entire length of her left arm, even covering the back of her hand. She also has white angel wings tattooed on her back. She has a puckered scar on her abdomen from when she was stabbed, as well as another scar across her collarbone.

Due to her various adventures, Abigail has developed the habit of dressing in whatever fashion is appropriate for the society, situation, and/or climate she finds herself in. She has come to learn that even something as simple as dressing in a similar fashion to those around her makes dealings with others go much more smoothly. However, no matter the styles, she still has her preferences, mostly in terms of color scheme. Abigail tends to favor the “Toreador” fashion; shades of red and black. Often, her top, trousers, and footwear will all be black, while whatever she wears over all of that, if anything, will be red. Abigail’s clothing usually is very loose-fitting. Her clothes regularly sport rather elegant embroidery and designs. Common ones include stylized crosses, fleur de lis, and imagery evocative of angels, including angel wings, feathers, and so forth. Belts and chains also, for some reason, find themselves included in her outfits rather frequently. Another constant is her wedding ring. It isn’t overly elegant, simply a band of gold fitted for her ring finger. It’s encrusted with a tear-shaped piece of polished moonstone, however.

Personality: (637 words) Abigail is her father’s daughter when it comes to her temperament and behavior, though many of her rougher qualities have been gentled by her mother’s influence. In most endeavors, “Freebird”, as she is called, lives up to her nickname. She is quite calm and easy-going, taking her time with most things and often willing to “stop and smell the roses”, so to speak. She is very hardhearted, hardly ever letting the words or actions of another get underneath her skin. She lives by the words, “Whatever happens, happens.” Abigail is also a very kind woman. She will always be willing to lend a helping hand to those who ask it of her, and will drop everything she’s doing in order to help another, even if it is a small deed, like helping a lost child find their way home. However, this compulsion to be a Good Samaritan can prove problematic for herself, especially in combat situations. Abigail will always focus on keeping innocents out of the line of fire, leaving her distracted from the danger itself and vulnerable. Sometimes she will go as far as to act as a shield for another person.

Abigail is very free-spirited, quite often insisting on doing what she feels is right, regardless of what others say to her. Because of this, she often butts heads with military types, especially when they try to take command of a situation and order her around. She can prove to be quite insubordinate in such cases. However, this is not to imply that she is uncooperative. If people are willing to work with her, she’s willing to work with them. She simply doesn’t enjoy having orders barked at her as if she were nothing more than an attack dog. Freebird is very stout-hearted, never wavering in her determination once her mind is set on something. She is loyal to a fault, and would never leave a comrade behind. She is also an avid explorer, jumping at the chance to see new lands, meet new people, and experience new cultures.

However, for all of her good qualities, Abigail has her flaws. The biggest one has to be her temper. While the fuse is long and slow-burning, once she reaches her boiling point, she becomes extremely violent. A massive bone of contention for her is her elder sister, a powerful witch who has caused untold amounts of turmoil in the universe they both hail from. As such, she has vowed to bring her sister to justice, even if it means killing her, and she can often be disturbingly single-minded when it comes to this goal. Which brings us to the fact that Abigail has extreme difficulty letting go of a grudge. Depending on the severity of the perceived wrong committed against her, she can have a chip on her shoulder about it for years. She also has a problem with knowing when it’s the proper time to speak her mind, as she will often voice her opinions with flagrant disregard as to whom it may offend. And, like her dear father, she can be quite foulmouthed when provoked. Abigail also has a penchant for biting sarcasm, which is an overall family trait, and she can be a bit of a lush.

In terms of relationships, Abigail is very family-oriented, often treating her friends as if they are blood relatives. She is also unabashedly homosexual. She makes no efforts to hide her sexual orientation, and doesn’t give a damn what other people think about her because of it. However, she doesn’t shout it out from the rooftops that she’s gay. She is also by no means promiscuous. She is happily married, and quick to flash her ring in order to ward off suitors, even if she is in a completely different universe, with no sure way to get back home.

Likes & Dislikes:
-Dance: Abigail has always been a dancer. She began learning as a child, at her own request, and took to it like a duck takes to water. Even today, play a good tune and she’ll start with the fancy footwork. This love of dance has even bled through into combat, as her swordplay is often described as being like a dance.

-Music: No doubt because of the fact that both her father and mother were musicians in their time, Abigail loves music as much as she loves her wife. She tends to prefer music with a flowing rhythm and few lyrics, music that’s easy to dance to. However, there are times when she will listen to tunes that are a bit… heavier, and she’s always been a rocker at heart. She is skilled in playing the clarinet and the guitar.

-Swordplay: While Abigail doesn’t like unnecessary violence, she does enjoy the art of using a sword. It requires a level of discipline, balance, and grace which she can appreciate, and she finds using a blade to be far better than using a firearm, as you don’t necessarily have to kill with the former. Abigail is skilled in the use of longswords, bastard swords, scimitars, and sabers.

-Children: Her maternal instincts at work. Abigail is rather fond of children, and tends to be rather doting over them. She will happily pick up an instrument and start playing a tune for them, or entertain them with stories she has heard during her travels. She is also fiercely protective of children, and will gut any bastard that harms one.

-Alcohol: Even on her best days, sometimes Abigail can’t keep herself out of her cups. She loves to drink, as it helps her loosen up, and always makes a night of fun and revelry even better.

-Her wife: A bit of a given, to be sure, but Abigail’s love for her wife, Sarah, runs so deep that she is unfailingly loyal to her, even if current circumstances keep them apart. Hardly a day goes by when she thinks about her.

-Demons: Devils, succubi, whatever. If it is a creature of a fiendish nature, Abigail despises it with every fiber of her being. Part of it is no doubt due to the influence of her angelic transformations, but her reasons are more deeply rooted in the fact that many hardships she has had to endure in the past has bore some connection to demons. If she ever encounters such a creature, she will immediately resort to slaying it.

-Her sister: Out of all the beings in the universe, Abigail hates none more than her sister, Emiliana. They have tried to kill one another many times before, and it is her pursuit of Emiliana that brought Abigail to Fiore in the first place. She will stop at nothing to rid the world of the vile witch she has the misfortune to be related to.

-Unnecessary violence: Despite her extensive training in the art of the sword, and her more… excessive reactions where her sister is concerned, Abigail is actually not a fan of resorting to violence. She will shed blood if her hand is forced, but if she can, she will try to reason with others in order to prevent a bloody altercation.

-Child abusers: As mentioned before, Abigail is protective of the younger generation. Because of this, she cannot abide someone who abuses children, in any form. While she will not react violently, she will often give the abuser a piece of her mind, and more often than not hand them over to the local authorities.

-People who insult her family: Abigail’s family has always been there to support her, and she doesn’t even want to think about how she may have ended up if they hadn’t. As such, she takes insults towards her family rather personally. Those who do so should expect to get punched for their trouble.

Motivations & Fears:
-Finding her way home: More than anything, Abigail desires to return to her universe of origin. She misses her family, and the friends she made there, and Fiore is… different. Sometimes too different for her liking. However, she will not compromise her principles in this pursuit. If forced to choose between going home and saving an innocent, she will always choose the latter.

-Killing her sister: After seeing firsthand the damage her sister can cause if left unchecked, Abigail has become convinced that the only way to put an end to Emiliana’s rampages is to kill her. While she isn’t thrilled with the thought of shedding the blood of her kin, it’s a small price to pay in order to remove such destructive evil from the world.

-Ghosts: A bit of an odd fear, but Abigail is not a fan of ghosts. The mere mention of them is enough to send shivers down her spine, let alone the prospect of actually encountering one. If she were to ever actually meet a ghost, Abby would more than likely become paralyzed with fear, unable to do anything.

-Hospitals: Abigail has had some bad experiences in hospitals and hospital-like settings. On top of that, she dislikes how pristine they often are. It invokes a sort of “uncanny valley” effect which disturbs her to no end. As such, she refuses to enter such places willingly.

-Becoming a monster: Abigail has always had to deal with the possibility of becoming a monster, whether it be through the violation of her morals and principles, or through the loss of her sanity. She has had to walk that line for many years of her life, and still walks it today. This fear is probably the only thing that could possibly stay her hand in her zealous quest to kill her sister.

Occupation: Mercenary
-Zach Parker (Father)
-Sabrina Parker (Mother)
-Noah Bernstein (Adoptive brother)
-Emiliana Parker (Sister)
-Allison Parker (Aunt)
-Marian Reynolds (First cousin once removed)
-Sarah Parker nee Harlow (Wife)
Medical Conditions: Abigail is myopic (nearsighted). As such, she needs to wear corrective eyeglasses if she wants to see things clearly.
Pets: Abigail has two pets; an albino Husky named Kaitlyn, and a red-tailed hawk named David.
Hometown: In her home universe, Twilight Town.
-As has been stated numerous times now, Abigail is not from Fiore. In fact, she is not even from the same universe. The universe she hails from is home to an amalgam of worlds, varying in cultural and technological sophistication, as well as climates and geography.

-Prior to her ability to transform into angels, Abigail instead was able to transform into various demons. While that’s bad enough on its own, a side effect of this ability was that she had to devour the remains of those she had slain in order to maintain her sanity. She is not proud of this in the slightest, and tries her best to keep it under wraps.

"In my short life, I have been many things. A daughter, a wife, a thief, a warrior. I have done many things, many of which I‘m not in the least bit proud of, and I have seen many places which I never thought I would travel to in my lifetime. I have had many victories, as well as many defeats. I have loved and lost, made friends and enemies. And as I sit at my desk and write this account of my adventures, I think back on everything that I‘ve been through, and I realize that I wouldn‘t change a damn thing about it. So if you‘re to take one thing away from my story after hearing it, dear reader, take away this: Live your life so that you can look back on it without regrets.

The beginning of my story is, in it of itself, strange, although it may not seem that odd taken out of context. I was born about forty or so years in my parents‘ future, and was their third child overall, though only their second by birth. My adopted brother, Noah, was the oldest of the three, with my sister Emiliana as the middle child. I never met my sister when I was a child. She had disappeared years before I was born, and no one heard any word from her. As for my parents… Well, my father was a bit notorious as a bounty hunter, where I‘m from. My mother was a musician, a bassist in a band. My father was in the same band as a backup guitarist. That‘s how they met. I didn‘t get to know my mother growing up, as she died during childbirth. I blamed myself for that, deep down, for a long time.

With Mom gone, Dad pretty much had to raise me on his own, though he often got help from other people in the family. Since he had built up a decent nest egg through his bounty hunting escapades, we never really wanted for anything in terms of necessities, which left him with more time to focus on the other half of parenting: teaching a kid right from wrong, proper manners, and so on and so forth. He had started out using the ‘Because I said so‘ method, but I was a willful child, often disobeying him regardless of his demands. So he experimented until he found that simply explaining the reasons behind the rules he set more often than not was enough to keep me from causing trouble.

Once the issue of my behavior was resolved, Dad and I bonded greatly. He was, and is, my best friend, and I was his. I think we both helped each other to get over Mom‘s death. Other than Dad, the only other people I really interacted with were my brother and my aunt. Me and Noah got on as brothers and sisters often did; we annoyed each other constantly, but when push came to shove, we stuck up for one another. As for my aunt, she sort of filled in that role of the cool, crazy uncle everybody has. She had a lot of stories, many of which I didn‘t believe back then. I occasionally spent time with Marian, Dad‘s cousin, but she traveled so much that sometimes, we wouldn‘t hear from her for years. All in all, we were a pretty happy family.

As I grew up, Dad started teaching me a lot of things that most other parents wouldn’t teach a little girl. Martial arts, swordplay… Combat skills, basically. I don’t think he ever intended for me to have to use those skills, or to go gallivanting off across the ‘verse. But he obviously felt I should be able to defend myself, if the need came about. Mom probably wouldn’t have been thrilled about it if she had lived long enough to see it. In fact, I’m inclined to think that she would’ve had a heart attack. Anyways, due to my innocence at the time, I just assumed it was another one of Dad’s games, instead of actual training. But it stuck, and it’s proven useful over the years.

Aside from those minor quirks, my life pretty much went on as you would expect it to. I went to school, busted my hump to get decent grades, made friends. Nothing really odd or out of place to speak of. Some of the other kids made fun of me because of the mismatched eyes thing. Called me a freak and whatnot. But I took it in stride. It was simply another way for me to stand out in the crowd as an individual. Nothing more than that. Another thing I had to put up with was other kids constantly pestering me about my dad. Questions like, ‘Did he really do that?’ or ‘Was your dad really a bounty hunter?’ Inane garbage that I didn’t really have time for. Unfortunately, those questions just kept following me throughout my academic career. Some things you just can’t get away from, I guess…

Once I was in middle school, things got more… complicated. You know how most people say it isn’t until you’re in college that you start figuring out who you are? Well that’s crock. That process started in 6th grade for me. The first major self-discovery was when I figured out my sexuality. Obviously, up until that point, I hadn’t really given it much thought, whether I liked boys or girls. But around that time, I started noticing that I felt certain emotions around other girls that I simply didn’t feel when I was with guys. Whenever I was really close to a girl, my heart would get all fluttery, and blood rushed to my cheeks, whereas when I was really close to a guy, it just wasn’t a big thing. Eventually, I put the pieces together and figured out that I was a lesbian. I came out of the closet immediately afterwards.

Girls started avoiding me after that, and guys wouldn’t stop heckling me. By high school, I was pretty much sworn off people for life. I didn’t talk to anyone, I sat as far away as I could from everyone else during classes, and I ate lunch by myself. And when I wasn’t busy being the anti-social misery chick, I got into fights. Didn’t take much to provoke me. All a person had to do in those days was breathe at me funny and I’d start throwing punches. It got to the point where the school assigned me to a counselor. Sessions pretty much went nowhere because I was either tight-lipped, confrontational, or both. After about a month or two of not getting the results they wanted, the school staff pretty much left me alone. Eventually I got over my bitterness and rebuilt my life from the ground up.

This is where things start to get weird. For a few months, I had been tutoring this guy in English. He really needed to help, but I‘m not going to get into why, because that isn‘t what‘s important. The guy was nice enough. Just a bit on the geeky side. He was obsessed with stuff like relativity and physics. So, out of the blue, he asks me to swing by his place so he can show me something. I didn‘t see the harm in it, so I went. We talk for a while, have some coffee, and then he asks me if I want to follow him down to his basement. I figured if he planned on trying anything, I wouldn‘t have much of a problem defending myself. So I said okay. As he led me downstairs, he went on and on about his experiments. A lot of technical stuff I didn‘t really understand, and couldn‘t repeat here even if I wanted to. I managed to catch him saying something about time travel, and I couldn‘t keep myself from scoffing at the idea. He must‘ve expected that, as he used it as a cue to walk over to the far corner of the room, where a tarp covered some large object. He ripped the tarp away, revealing a machine that looked to me like it was nothing but tubes and wires connected to a glass chamber. Awestruck, I made the understandable mistake of asking if it worked. He said that he wasn‘t sure, as he hadn‘t even tested it yet. So the overconfident fool flipped a switch and turned the machine on, as if he expected nothing to go wrong. And for the first few seconds, nothing did. A dull hum resonated from the machine as energy poured into the chamber. And then the hum twisted into an ear-grating shriek. Things began to explode. Sparks flew everywhere. The last thing I remember is a white flash of light…

When I woke up, the first thing I felt was cold. Unforgiving cold, against my back, around my ankles and wrists. I was lying on a hard, flat surface. Some kind of table, likely metal due to the chill. I had no idea how long I had been out. I tried to sit up, but I couldn‘t even lift my arms. So instead I took a look at my surroundings. It reminded me of a hospital. White walls, pristine as could be, a fluorescent lamp shining down on me. I just then realized that I was even in a patient gown. A hunger was gnawing at me. Not normal ‘oh, let‘s see what‘s in the fridge‘ hunger. It was unrelenting, maddening. A desire for something other than mere food. In a panic, I jumped off the operating table, ripping off the shackles which had been holding me down. But I didn‘t realize that until far later. As I made for the doors, they swung open, two men in lab coats walking in.

Still panicking, I triggered something. I wasn‘t able to figure out what until later. But regardless, something inside me just sort of… clicked, and I transformed into this monster. Pale skin, red eyes, claws as long as daggers. I wasn‘t a killer, by any means. But the scientists were in my way, I was in a crazed panic, and that gnawing feeling in my stomach was making it hard to think straight. I was operating on extreme tunnel vision. I didn‘t care about anything but getting the hell out of there. And when all you have are some claws… I ripped them apart. I gutted them like cattle and tore their limbs off. Their blood painted the sterile white walls and dripped from my claws. Once they were dead, my mind once again focused on the hunger rooted deep in my gut. Seeing the scientists‘ bloody remains just seemed to make it worse. I don‘t know how I came to the conclusion that the hunger was cannibalistic in nature, but I think I was simply desperate for any kind of release I could find. So I did it. I ate their remains. Scarfed down as much as I could force myself to without vomiting. Even now, simply writing about those events… The taste of blood and flesh is still fresh in my mouth. It didn‘t even get rid of the hunger completely. It just made it… bearable. Once I was finished with that, I transformed back into my regular self- how, I don‘t know -and ran for it.

I found myself in Twilight Town. Home sweet home. But it was different. Places that I knew by heart weren‘t even built yet. Buildings were cleaner, in better condition than I remembered. I checked a newspaper and the date was wrong. That damn machine had actually sent me back in time. I couldn‘t believe it. Nor did I really want to. But that was the cold, hard fact of it. I was stuck in the past. I really only had one lifeline. My family. So that was my first order of business, after stealing myself some clothes. I wasn‘t about to just barge into my dad‘s house and explain to him what was going on, though. I‘d have to wait for an appropriate time. So I tailed him for a while, trying to catch him when he was alone and not busy. Which he never was. Eventually, he caught on and chased me down. At that point, I really had no option but to spill the beans. And Dad believed me, crazy as it sounded.

So I reunited with my family. Sure, they were younger than I was used to, but that wasn‘t much of an issue. For the longest time, I was dead set on trying to find a way to reverse whatever those scientists had done to me. But eventually, to my chagrin, I grew somewhat used to it, and, dare I say it, reliant upon it. In order to fit in, I went to school like a good little girl. That was where I met my wife, Sarah Harlow. I had been in the school‘s library, studying on… God, I can‘t even remember. I looked up from my book, and I saw this girl with big, doe eyes, brown hair, and a face covered in soot. I can‘t explain why exactly, but I was smitten. So I called her over, and we pretty much hit it off immediately. We were dating within the week.

Whenever I wasn‘t busy with school or hanging out with Sarah, I was usually gallivanting off with Dad on his adventures. It was just so thrilling, being able to participate in the stories my family told me when I was growing up, if that makes sense. Not that Dad was thrilled with the idea of me risking life and limb just for kicks. I had to master the puppy dog eyes pretty damn quick in order to win him over. But those adventures ended up being great bonding experiences. I got to know my dad all over again, and I was able to bond with the mom I never had. Not an opportunity that comes along all the time. I would‘ve been an idiot, not to seize it when I could. Still… I didn‘t belong in their time. I had to get back to my time. I spent days on end trying to find a way back, but I never found anything. I think, eventually, I resigned myself to the fact that it just wasn‘t going to happen. And I had met so many people, built so many relationships. It wasn‘t like I could just up and abandon them. Not to mention, it didn‘t take long for me to develop that adventuring itch, and I just could not stop scratching. There was no way in Hell Dad would let me run off to do the stuff he did if I ever returned to my own time. So I got comfortable. I mean, I could think of worse ways to spend my days.

And then the Death Whisperer attacked. I still don‘t know the details. All I can say for certain is that the whole debacle was connected to the Ishidas, friends of my family. And it was horrible. So many people died. So many lives were shattered. So much destruction. I still have nightmares about the carnage I saw. I personally didn‘t have much of a hand in stopping it, though. I was too busy trying to survive and helping others do the same. Small steps.

During that whole mess, though, I ran into the last person I ever thought I‘d meet. I had been scouting out amongst the wreckage left behind by the latest battle, trying to find survivors that might‘ve needed some kind of help, when I saw someone off in the distance just… standing there, as if they weren‘t aware of the destruction all around them. They were dressed in a black, hooded robe that looked like a priest‘s cassock, and they were resting a bladed staff across their shoulders. I called out to them to get their attention, try to convince them to get the hell out of Dodge, which turned out to be the dumbest thing I could‘ve done in that situation. As soon as I announced my presence to them, they whirled around and a ball of fire shot out of their hand, right at me. I drew my sword and rolled out of the way, naturally, and then rushed the figured in black. The fight was protracted and brutal. I nearly lost an eye during the whole thing. But I gave as good as I got. Eventually, I managed to trip the psychotic mage and held them at sword point. Their hood had fallen away from their face, and when I saw it, I knew. I didn‘t understand how I knew, or why I was so certain. But I was. It was my sister, Emiliana. Before I could question her, she made some sort of hand sign, and my blood literally started to boil inside my veins. That gave her time to escape.

I knew for a fact that I hadn‘t seen the last of her. She was the hunter, and she had sniffed out her prey. I needed to be ready for our next confrontation. I told my family about the incident, and they were rightfully disturbed by the turn of events. But no one spoke out loud, until Dad found the courage to. And all he asked was what I intended to do. My answer was pretty straightforward. ‘Train.’ And I knew exactly who I wanted to train under. Without hesitation, I approached the head of the Ishida family, got down on my knees, and formally requested that he trained me. He was amused by the formalities, but nevertheless agreed to take me under his wing.

For ten years, I trained under Daimos Ishida. It was brutal and excruciating. His methods were most definitely of the ‘sink or swim‘ variety. No handholding. No going easy. Sharpened blades and real bullets. I still have the scars. He helped me develop better control over my demonic abilities, and refined my sword skills.

And just in time for the next storm. A war quickly began once I was finished with my training. And, as was to be expected, my sister and I were on opposite sides. I honestly didn‘t care about the conflict itself. It was simply an excuse to hunt down Emiliana. So with two companions- Zelgodas, a warrior from another world, and Larcs Hex, a young girl who was searching for something -I traveled the universe to find and confront my sister. It didn‘t take long.

Upon finding her, we did battle. She gave me the scar across my collarbone that I still bare today in that fight. We had it out for hours on end, until Emili cut the fight short by trying to kill Larcs with a spell. This left me with an ultimatum. Finish Emiliana off and risk allowing Larcs to die, or save my friend and allow Emiliana to escape. The fact that hesitated sickens me to this day. But I did the right thing, as I am wont to do, and threw myself in front of Larcs to protect her. Emiliana escaped. And once I recovered, I pursued her, leaving my companions behind. It hurt, abandoning not only them, but my family as well. But I was a woman possessed. I had a purpose, dark as it was. And I wasn‘t about to lose sight of it.

I chased my sister across the known universe, though I never let the quest consume me completely. I always stopped to help those who needed it. I couldn’t save everyone, though. Many times, I couldn’t provide the aid I promised. Sometimes people died. I could wax poetic about how much it sucks, but… well, ’it sucks’ seems apt enough. Eventually, my ability to transform into demons shifted paradigms, and became the ability to transform into angels. I‘m not going to pretend that I know what caused it. All I know is that it happened, and thankfully, I didn‘t have to eat people anymore. So I wasn‘t going to complain.

The chase brought me to a desert world. There was nothing but hardpan in every direction, and the sun beat down on the earth without mercy. The only thing on the horizon was a black tower than seemed to reach past the clouds. I never did find out what the purpose of that tower was. In fact, I never got close to it. Eventually, I came upon a mountain range, where I finally confronted Emiliana for what I had hoped would be the final time. She had been waiting for me in a little clearing on the other side of the mountains. There was a white door behind her, just standing in space. Her hand was on the knob. I had my sword, she had her staff. I made the first move, thrusting forward in an attempt to stab her. She opened the door and stepped into it. I tumbled through it, and was engulfed in white light.

When the light cleared, I found myself on a beach, drenched to the bone, with nothing but the clothes on my back. I had no idea where the hell I was. And that‘s where my adventures in Fiore began.

-Excerpts from "Ramble On: The Memoirs of Abigail Parker"

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"I've been able to transform since I was sent back in time and woke up in that damn lab. At first, I hated it. I hated what I had to do to keep myself from losing my mind. But I've grown used to it. It's part of me, and it always will be."

Caster or Holder: Caster
Description: Abigail has had the ability to turn into fantastic creatures for a long time. But it’s only recently that she’s been able to transform into angels. These angels, taking their names from the Hebrew alphabet that exists in her universe, are very much warriors. They focus on martial strength, instead of more “roguish” tactics that rely on cunning and even deceit. The angels do, however, have access to abilities that derive from the element of light, which means that Abigail can also use these abilities when assuming their forms. They are also all female. In order for Abigail to be able to transform into a particular angel, she must make a pact with them, as opposed to other Takeover magics, which would require the wizard to defeat whatever creature they would want to transform into. The magic allows for both partial and full takeovers.
Strengths: (86 words) These forms are absolutely brilliant when the takeover mage is on the offensive. In terms of elemental interactions, they are resistant to light-based attacks, since angels are creatures of light, and can easily overcome defenses that rely on the element of darkness. As they are angels, all forms come with wings. However, the weaker angels are unable to fly, for one reason or another. The most common cause of this is that they are, in fact, fallen. The stronger forms do grant the user flight, though.
Weaknesses: (98 words) While the stronger angels usually come equipped with armor, and all angels have defensive capabilities, defense is not their main focus, and as such, they suffer in that particular area. When it comes to how they interact with the other elements, it’s sort of a mixed bag. As was previously stated, the angels’ light spells are strong against the element of darkness. But at the same time, darkness is their greatest weakness. Darkness-based abilities can easily overcome their defenses and cause them great harm. And as was also stated before, the weaker forms cannot fly, despite having wings.

First Form & Spells:
Name: Aleph
Rank: 3
MP Cost: 25, 12 to sustain
Power: **
Speed: *
Toughness: **
Magic: Light
An Empty Tome: Abigail's Journal Angel001zs5
A lesser angel, and one of many that have fallen from grace, Aleph takes the form of a young woman with hair as black as night. Her eyes are dark blue and sullen, as is her expression, and her skin is fair. She stands at six feet even (roughly 183 centimeters), with a sleight frame and lean build. She has no muscle to her. All that the angel wears is a cream-colored dress, fashioned from silk, sleeveless and held up by spaghetti straps. The hem of the dress' skirt comes down to her feet. The dress is stained with blood. Around her neck, she wears a golden crucifix, dangling on a black lanyard. Aleph's wings measure out to 10 feet when spread out to their full span, and are covered in white feathers. However, the bottom edge of the wings are also bloodstained.

Spell name: Lance of Judgment
Element: Light
Rank: 2
MP cost: 15
Effect: Abigail, as Aleph, creates a spear of pure, white light. Its appearance is simple, being nothing more than a "spike" of light energy that measures in at 10 feet (roughly 305 cm) in length, with one pointed end. Abigail then lobs the spear at her opponent. The spear travels through the air at a rate of 30 m/s, and will easily pierce an organic target that isn't armored. After impact with a target, the spear vanishes, though leaves behind whatever wounds it inflicted. If the spear strikes the ground or some other inanimate object, it dissipates harmlessly.
Power: ***
Speed: **
Area: N/A
Extra: * (Ranged)

Spell name: Angel's Respite
Element: Light
Rank: 1
MP cost: 10, 5 to sustain
Effect: Abigail, in the form of Aleph, spreads her hands, which are glowing with white light, wide above her head. The same white light then washes over either herself or an ally, depending on who she targeted with the spell, and it illuminates the area very briefly. The spell immediately takes effect as the light bathes over the target, leaving them refreshed and healing any minor cuts or bruises they may have. The healing effect is not immediate, however. It takes five posts for all current wounds to heal fully. Wounds inflicted during the spell's duration will not be effected.
Power: *
Speed: *
Area: N/A
Extra: ** (Healing, Sustained)

Spell name: Divine Aegis
Element: Light
Rank: 1
MP cost: 10
Effect: Abigail, as Aleph, makes mystical signs with her hands, and a translucent bubble that is tinted gold immediately covers a circular radius, with Abigail at the center. The shield covers an area of 6 feet (2 meters), and has a height of 7 feet (roughly 213 cm). It protects Abigail, as well as anyone else within the area it covers, for one post. It will disappear afterwards, whether it has been shattered or not.
Power: * (+** due to Defending ability)
Speed: N/A
Area: **
Extra: * (Defending)

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An Empty Tome: Abigail's Journal Empty Re: An Empty Tome: Abigail's Journal

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Opposing Bloodlines:
Abigail's Story

An Empty Tome: Abigail's Journal __ayase_shinomiya___by_graspgirl-d4kilh0

"So, my first day in Fiore has just been lovely. I woke up on a beach, with nothing but the clothes on my back, soaking wet, with sea water in my lungs. Wonderful start, right? And on top of that, Emiliana's no where in sight, which means she got away. Again. Which means I have to scour the entire world I'm in to find her. No one ever said adventuring was glamorous, I guess. And questing for the sake of revenge is even less so. Regardless, after waking up and getting sand out of my ears, I trekked up the beach towards a town in the distance, water sloshing around in my boots.

I quickly learned that the fishing town I found myself in was named Hargeon, and that I was in a country known as 'Fiore'. Struck me as an odd name for a country, but I've heard weirder, to be honest. Anyways, so my first order of business was getting some fresh clothes, 'cause to be honest, walking around in waterlogged clothing is not my idea of good times. And since I had literally nothing to my name, let alone whatever currency is the coin of the realm, I had to resort to theft. Not proud of it, but that's the way it is, sometimes.

As I was making my 'rounds', trying to scrounge up some clothes that fit me, I kept hearing about these 'guilds', which were apparently organized, legally sanctioned groups of magic users. Usually, at least. Curious, I figured I'd ask around. After I blew out of town. Getting arrested wasn't on my agenda for the day. Especially with Emiliana on the loose...

So now I'm on the road to a city called Era, in the hopes of finding information on these guilds, and maybe even the whereabouts of the Woman in Black, my dear sister.

My first day in Era proved somewhat fruitful, though not in the way I had originally hoped. When I first arrived in the city, it quickly became apparent to me that it was in a severe state of disrepair. Construction crews ran about the streets like chickens without their heads, trying to move materials back and forth to lots that were nothing but piles of rubble. It was as if somebody had dropped a bomb on Era.

The comparison wasn't that far off from the truth. When I asked somebody in the crowd what had happened, he told me that a war had just gone down. $#@%ing typical, I swear to God... Anyways, the guy I wound up bothering was this sorta rocker-lookin' guy named Raven. We seemed to hit it off pretty well, going by the fact that he offered me a drink on his dime. 'Course, I asked him about Emiliana, per the usual. He knew precisely jack about her, but such is the way of things. He was still able to provide some useful info on this country I've found myself in. Mostly the state of politics and government since the war's ended. The thing that caught my attention was the Magic Council's crackdown on 'guildless' mages. Chances are good that'll prove to be a major pain in my ass further on down the line. After a few glasses of spiced rum, I bid Raven farewell, as I needed to keep up the chase...

&%$#ing Council bastards. They just had to fire the first %$#@ing shot, didn't they? I was doing my best to stay out of their way. Didn't step on their toes, kept to my own business. But then they send one of their %$#@ing cronies after me for no goddamn reason! I'm not one for violence, but I'd have been an idiot not to fight back. Their attack dog was out for blood, and I ended up having to show my hand and let Aleph out to tip things in my favor. Got a couple scars for my trouble, but I think I got my point across to those twats.

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An Empty Tome: Abigail's Journal Empty Re: An Empty Tome: Abigail's Journal

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The Sword Dance:
Abigail's Arie

An Empty Tome: Abigail's Journal Ayase_shinomiya___guilty_crown_by_2005skystriker-d5fsiiu

"In my travels, I have taken part in various forms of revelry. What can I say? I'm a party animal. You'd be surprised how easy it is to get a tavern full of people to start dancing the night away just by paying for their drinks. And it's always fun. A hot summer night, a cold mug of beer in your hand and a couple more in your belly, dancing a jig on the bar as a bard strums on his guitar.

I remember one time, I came upon this monastery, out in the middle of some rather barren grasslands. They worshiped this goddess that was really big on dancing, and I had been lucky enough to come along when they were preparing a festival known as the Sword Dance. It was basically a show of skill among the brothers and sisters of the convent, mixing dance and swordplay, though with little actual bloodshed.

Normally, they didn't allow the uninitiated to participate, but I had made a bit of a name for myself in the region, both as a competent swordswoman, and an excellent dancer. So they wanted me to show off my stuff for them. God, that was something else. Dancing out there in the tall grass with a sister of the convent, under the light of a full moon, sword in hand and music thrumming in the background. I remember wishing it would never end. I'd like to go there again, one of these days...

~Main Theme~

The Bard's Song (Blind Guardian)

~Character Themes~

Thinking of Sarah: You're Not Here (Akira Yamaoka & Mary Elizabeth McGlynn)

Thinking of family: Mother, I'm Here (Darren Korb)

Alone: Build That Wall (Darren Korb & Ashley Barrett)

Dancing: The Hanged Man (Inon Zur)

Drinking: Beer, Beer, Beer (The Bard's Tale)

Practicing swordplay: Altar (Yoshihiro Kusano)

Traveling alone: Ramble On (Led Zeppelin)

Traveling with friends: Seize the Day (Demons & Wizards)

Happy: Auriel's Ascension (Jeremy Soule)

Hanging out with friends: Donaisurun? -Arranged Version- (SNK Sound Team)

In the presence of a rival: Big Battle- Prelude (Shoji Meguro)

In the presence of Emiliana: Successor of Fate (Soshiro Hokkai & Michiru Yamane)

~Combat Themes~

Normal battle theme: Awe/The Fear of God (Shoji Meguro)

Battle in angel form: Condemnation Wings (Yoshihiro Kusano)

VS rival: Sheep Will Sleep (,if you become fatigued) (Daisuke Ishiwatari, Yoshihiro Kusano, Tetsuya Ohuchi)

VS Emiliana: The Battle Is To The Strong (Yuki Kajiura)

Victory: Kittaa! (SNK Sound Team)

Defeat: Sunset Sky Again (SNK Sound Team)
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Abigail Parker
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Guildless C

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An Empty Tome: Abigail's Journal Empty Re: An Empty Tome: Abigail's Journal

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