Draco the Fire Dragon

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Draco the Fire Dragon Empty Draco the Fire Dragon

Post by Maxus on Mon Aug 26, 2013 11:41 pm

Draco the Fire Dragon

Draco the Fire Dragon Ex1op3e

Power Unknown
Agility Unknown
Toughness Unknown
Intelligence Unknown
Willpower Unknown

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Draco (Real dragon name unknown)
Alias(es): The Fire Dragon, Shooting Star
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Sexuality: N/A

Weight: 12 tons
Hair: Brilliant blue scales
Eyes: Blazing Orange

General Appearance: Despite his initial blue scales, Draco is in fact a fire dragon. Horns protrude from the back of his skull, some curving forward, others reaching just back behind his neck. He has smaller spines running down the back of his neck, and off his wings slightly. He's also covered in numerous scars of unknown origin, and they glow orange in the dark.

Personality: Draco is very much like that old father figure. He won't say why, but he cares deeply for the humans and the world on which they live on. Despite his affinity to fire he is patient and long suffering. That is not to say he is without a temper though. Draco also has a rather strange sense of humor that only he himself seems to get most of the time. He believes in giving the predominant race a chance to shape the future of the world without interference from the dragons. He has a strong dislike of Athest and the way he regards humans and the two are known to clash quite often. He claims he was given the name "Draco" by humans he met a long time ago, but there is no proof to the claims this fire dragon throws around.

Likes: Humans, hot places, odd jokes
Dislikes: Athest, hurting humans, needless violence
Motivations: Unknown
Fears: Unknown

Not much is known about Draco, though he is probably the most well known dragon in history, showing up in records about three hundred years prior as Shooting Star. However, outside that title, little information is actually obtainable from the transcripts found, outside that he contacted the humans during that time.

[Guild & Magic]

Guild: None (Dragon)
Guild Tattoo: None

Magic: Fire Dragon Magic
Caster or Holder: Caster
Description: Not much is know about the magic of dragons, as very few have ever seen them, nor are most dragons threatened enough by people to even have to resort to using much of it.
Strengths: Unknown
Weaknesses: Unknown

Face Claim: Fire Dragon

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