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Fayte Scarlett
Fayte Scarlett 4951100c-7efd-4132-b589-7708475af544_zpsbdcab906

[Attributes] (Insert *'s in each category using the guidelines in the attribute topic)
Power - ****
Agility -******
Toughness -***
Intelligence -**
Willpower -***

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Angelique Scarlett
Alias(es): Fayte
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Birthday: April 10th
Sexuality: Bisexual. Not very interested in romance right now.

Height: 6'0
Weight: 170lbs
Hair: Long, straight black hair which reaches down to her back, no bangs.
Eyes: Dark brown, nearly black, with purple highlights

General Appearance: At 6'0, Fayte is taller than most men.  She rarely smiles and always has a very serious expression on her face.   Long, black hair falls about halfway down her back.   Her perfect posture, dark gaze and appearance gives her a very threatening aura, even without speaking.  Normally she wears a stone black jean jacket, although she keeps it open and unbuttoned, with a white blouse visible beneath.  She completes this outfit with tight-fitting long black jeans.  She takes good care of her physical health, and has an extremely toned body.  Even with her long-fitting jacket and pants, her muscular form is still apparent even at a casual glance. The palm of her right hand is a mess of scars, from where she tried to scratch out her now defunct dark guild tattoo of Mayonaka.  Fayte wears fingerless gloves, in part to hide her right palm.

As a wielder of takeover magic, Fayte's physical form changes between a full and partial harpy. At partial transformation, Fayte gains twin black wings upon her back.  They span far, like an angel's wings.  Her fingers and nails become much more jagged and sharp, elongating unlike a human.  At full transformation, she becomes like a true harpy.  Her face remains human-like, but her feet are like talons.  Except her face and talons, everything is covered in black feathers.

Personality:  Fayte is much more of the quiet, watching type, although her height and dark gaze gives her an intimidating, rather than shy, presence.  She speaks very little and usually only answers questions addressed to her, with as few words as possible.  While on a job, she prefers to get everything done as quickly and efficiently as possible.  However, she doesn't mind others talking, and can even work well with others – as long as there are no needless distractions to their mission.  She can seem emotionless or cruel at times, mainly because her missions often result in unsavory methods.  Such is the life of being part of a dark guild.  She lacks any strong emotion towards anything in life, and simply takes events as they come, while faithfully serving the guild.  In fact, if one were to get to know her better, it would be more accurate to say that Fayte is emotionally impaired.  She doesn't know how to act, since most of her feelings are on mute, and only strong scenarios can arouse emotions for her.

All that being said, Fayte is actually quite feminine inside; she likes cute things such as animals or teddy bears.  Food is also another guilty pleasure, although she prefers simple dishes like rice and pasta, rather than elegant or fancy meals.  She dislikes it when people make fun of her tastes, so she rarely talks about what she enjoys to others.  That and, she's unsure how well it would fit in with the rest of the Shadow Heart guild.  Although she can enjoy the company of others, she can be unsure of what to say or how to react.  As such she prefers to be and work alone, although it is more because she doesn't know how to deal with other people, rather than a distinct dislike for them.

Plushies – Cute things like teddy bears, kitty cats, and other stuffed animals.
Animals – Fayte has a soft spot for animals.  She can often be found feeding birds or stray cats.
Strength – Fayte values those with strength, recognizing those who can perform well in battle.  She aims to become strong herself.

Excess/Wastefulness – Fayte dislikes seeing anything wasted or not put to use.  This ranges from food, talent, to anything else.  She thinks being strong means carefully managing one's resources.
Being pitied – Fayte is proud of herself, of where she is and where she's came.  She wants to prove that she is strong, and pity is the ultimate form of admitting to someone that you think they're weak.
Unscrupulous men – Men who take advantage of innocent women arouses an unusual amount of rage in Fayte, due to her past.  Considering her shady line of work, this might seem morally unequal compared to taking lifes.  Even though Fayte recognizes this, she still possesses anger against such men.
Becoming stronger – Magic is the essence of life, the spirit inside one's soul.  Fayte wants to become as strong as she can, both body and spirit.  That way, she can have the strength to follow through on any choice she makes, regardless of the consequences.  She must become stronger to make her dream a reality...
Discovering life – Fayte has been told that she doesn't feel the same way as others.  She wants to know more about the world and the people in it, she wants to follow her own path and see everything that this world has to offer.
Revenge – Falls more into the above category, a way of proving strength.  She feels like she should hate Mordekai more than she does, but still feels strangely when she thinks of him.  She's not sure she wants exactly past defeating him in the name of her Master Xian Fei.
Being useless – Fayte wants to prove her worth to the guild and to herself.  Even if she is nothing more than a tool that is later to be discarded, she wants to at least know she helped someone's ideals.
Caged by laws – The Magic Council have put forth ridiculous laws which do nothing save strip the freedom of every free mage.  Fayte has not sworn fealty to them and as such will resist against whatever way of life they try to force upon her...

Occupation: Dark Guild Mage
Family: None blood related, but Fayte considers her guild to be family.  She technically has a younger brother Mikael, but has lost contact with him years ago.
Medical Conditions: Emotionally impaired, often going through the motions of life but feeling strangely unattached, as if automated or watching from a distance.
Pets: Once Fayte owned a dove, but she released it a few years back.
Hometown: Shirotsume
Secrets: Fayte keeps her dark guild affiliation a secret, both for the safety of herself and her fellow guildmates.  She keeps her personal likes to herself, going out of her way to hide her love of cute things.


Once there was a little girl named Angelique Scarlett.  She lived a normal life in the quiet town of Shirotsume, although they lived on the outskirt of town, near the woods.  She had a mother, a father, and a little brother.  The father worked an honest living, the mother stayed home with the kids, and they were a happy family.  But one day, a terrible accident occurred.  A strange monster, a harpy, had wandered in their home and attacked the family.  Little Angelique's mother was a wizard with limited talent, able to fend off the monster, but not well enough.  The harpy killed the father, gravely wounded brother Mikael, and set its eyes upon little Angelique next.  The mother managed gave her life fighting, injuring the harpy badly.  Little Angelique picked up her mother's sword, and finished the monster off herself.  Yet it was too late – the damage had already been done.

Young Mikael was sent away to live with another family, while Little Angelique was taken in by their neighbors.  However, this family was not as kind as little Angelique's real family.  They had a daughter of their own, one whom they adored far more.  Still, little Angelique had her uses, able to complete whatever chores were required, or to keep their bed warm.  Little Angelique was not very happy with her new living arrangements, but found that crying only made matters worse, for she would be endlessly harassed once the tears started.  Soon she learned how to control her emotions, careful to not reveal a single twitch, and gradually grew numb to her surroundings.

When she turned twelve, a strange traveler visited Shirotsume.  The traveling woman simply sat a small distance outside of Angelique's foster parents' house, watching little Angelique as she performed chores in the yard.  Even after night fell, after being with her foster father, after a new day started, the woman was still exactly in the same place.  She motioned to little Angelique and asked her, 'Do you enjoy your place in life?'  To which little Angelique admitted that she didn't.  'Then you must take control of your own fate,' the woman told her.  Little Angelique asked what she must do.  And the woman answered her, 'You already have the power.  You must decide for yourself what you want.'  The woman left.

That night in the bedroom, little Angelique thought only of the woman and her words.  Angelique realized that she wanted her adopted family dead.  A transformation occurred within her, both in mind and body.  There are sparse rumors of a black winged demon who brutally murdered the family, their bodies too torn to recognize what belonged to whom.  Angelique stepped outside the bloodied room without any tears.  Outside, in the same place, she found the same woman who had spoken to her earlier that day.

The woman said to her, 'I am Xian Fei, and I have the same power as you.  Follow me and I shall be your Master.  I shall teach you how to be strong.  You have taken control of fate and made it your own, and as the victor you may claim the name as your own.'  When she turned to leave Shirotsume, Angelique followed behind at her heels.  That night she left her name, home, and previous life behind, taking on the name of Fayte.

Xian Fei was not only a master to Fayte, but master of the entire Mayonaka dark guild in Hosenka.  Her guild took on jobs from the various towns that other guilds would consider immoral, such as thieving and killing.  They were a small guild, of only ten, yet very efficient.  Master Xian Fei was a powerful user of the Takeover Magic, and passed on her own knowledge to Fayte.  Fayte was eager to become stronger and find her own destiny, absorbing all information that Master Xian Fei passed to her, both about magic and about life.

Fayte was a trainee for a long time, studying under Master Xian Fei, until at least she was deemed worthy of carrying out missions.  She was given the guild logo on the palm of her right hand, which she normally kept hidden by gloves, save for when she was with her Mayonaka family.  When the war embroiled Fiore, Mayonaka was hired from time to time, and they played their part in sabotaging both Fiore and Valland.

When the war ended, there was less work to be had.  They still took on what jobs they could, but for the next few months, their line of work was very limited.  One day in her twenty-first year of life, Fayte was returning from a particularly long mission.  She returned to the Mayonaka base, only to find that Master Xian Fei, and all her guildmates, were dead or on the verge of death.  The entire dark guild had been destroyed.  Master Xian Fei was still breathing when Fayte found her, albeit barely.  She told Fayte that about the guild was attacked by the Magic Council, the group lead by a man named Mordekai Argon.  Master Xian Fei told Fayte that she was proud of her, that she would aspire to even greater heights in the future.  She gave her the name of Shadow Hearts, a sister dark guild who would take care of Fayte.  Then Master Xian Fei died in Fayte's hands.

What happened next is a very surreal experience to Fayte.  She knows it happened for a fact, although it does not make sense.  She looked down and she saw herself; she saw Fayte Scarlett holding Master Xian Fei's body.  She saw Fayte Scarlett cry, and she saw Fayte Scarlett look up at her, yet did not see her.  She saw Fayte put down the body, and run out of the Mayonaka guild; transform into a Harpy, and flew until she caught up with the Magic Council group.  She saw Mordekai and the Council men; her harpy self attacked with reckless abandon.

It was not a fight.  Fayte was outnumbered twenty to one.  She saw herself cut down and defeated before the man named Mordekai lifted his blade.  They left her there, bleeding on the ground, surely meant to die.  Her eyes closed, and her consciousness ceased.

When Fayte awakened, she had returned to her body.  She was in much pain, but her wounds had been wrapped and treated.  The Shadow Hearts had found her.  They had found the carnage of Mayonaka, and saw her as the only survivor.  When Fayte recovered, she pledged her loyalty to her sister guild.  She swore to help them in whatever they needed.  Taking a blade, she cut her right palm, creating a line of scars until the Mayonaka brand was indecipherable.  Then she accepted the Shadow Hearts tattoo.  This would be her new family; a new place to live and serve.  And she also swore to herself, that she would avenge Master Xian Fei.  She would be strong, like Master Xian Fei expected.  She would be so strong that she would surpass her master and defeat the man that had killed her.  But the journey to be stronger was a long one...

[Guild & Magic]

Guild: Shadow Heart
Guild Tattoo: Above waistline level but below ribs, left side.

Magic: Takeover: Harpy Soul
Caster or Holder: Caster
Description: Takeover magic allows the user to transform into a particular beast, one that they have priorly defeated in combat.  In Fayte's case, the creature she can transform into is a harpy. Like other takeover magic, Fayte has a partial and full form.  Her partial form gives her black, angelic-like wings on her back, and elongated fingernails like claws.  This form allows her to cast any of her normal spells, as her human version cannot access takeover magic.  Then there is her full form.  Her full form is that of a true harpy, complete with all the feathers and talons.  As a full harpy, she gains increased speed and strength, in addition to having access to all her spells.
Strengths: Takeover magic is extremely powerful.  Fayte's Harpy Soul gives her the soul of a monster, and her body transforms accordingly.  She becomes stronger and faster than the average human.  Her stamina also increases, allowing her to take heavier hits without sustaining the same amount of damage.  Harpy Soul also gives her the power of flight.  In her partial form, Fayte receives the ability to use her spells, but her physical power remains the same of her human self.
Weaknesses: A full takeover, although extremely powerful, consumes large amounts of MP. Sustaining a full takeover saps the user of their MP, and weaker mages will revert to their normal human self without the proper care.  Although the partial takeover allows Fayte access to her spells, she does not gain the enhanced abilities of a Harpy.  In addition, being mainly focused on the air and its magic, Fayte has trouble when matched against those of Metal-type abilities.

RP Sample:
Kaz couldn't help but smile back at Shinju's pose and declaration.  Well the girl certainly had dreams, he'd give her that.  While her youth might limit other activities, it wouldn't limit her strength - perhaps she really would be the strongest in Fairy Tail.  In truth he knew little about the guilds, outside of rumored reputations and the odd encounter.  His conversation with Shinju was probably the most experience he had with the guilds.

Kaz stood up and stretched a bit.  With both of their drinks finished, he supposed it was time for them to get going.  He could still hear the lady from before, but his conversation with Shinju had temporarily gotten his mind off such noise.  "Fairy Tail huh... You don't seem like the type to give up, so I'm sure you'll get there one day,” he encouraged.  It must be nice to have such a simple goal.  With all the world's craziness right now, normal work and goals seemed so far off.  Kaz would be content to just live out a normal life, working for money with some drinks and company (preferbly those over 18).

Maybe one day he would join a guild... but that wouldn't be very fair to whatever guild he joined.  He had a past that would likely come back and bite him one day, and he didn't want for others to be held responsible.  He decided to change his train of thought.  “So is your 'backpacking trip' part of guild business then?  Here to steal the little work out there from people like me?”  His grin said he didn't truly mind.  After all, he'd be leaving town soon anyway...

Face Claim: Alice Baskerville from Pandora Hearts

Desired starting level: 3
Fayte Scarlett
Fayte Scarlett
Shadow Heart C
Shadow Heart C

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Made an edit to request level 3 starting level.

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Fayte Scarlett
Fayte Scarlett
Shadow Heart C
Shadow Heart C

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Outside the barely skimmed by strengths and weaknesses of the magic, this app looks like a strong contender for level 3. You are approved!

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