Don't drop the soap (Guard it!: D-rank mission for lamia Scale)

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Don't drop the soap (Guard it!: D-rank mission for lamia Scale) Empty Don't drop the soap (Guard it!: D-rank mission for lamia Scale)

Post by Tatsuma on Tue Apr 08, 2014 10:45 pm

Just as he had done with Blue Pegasus, Tatsuma marched into Lamia Scale's guild house, taking a job off of their job board and heading out the door with it. Without a word, and as quickly as he had come, he left and to the tune of dirty stares at that, and even a few people who continued to watch him after he left from outside the guild didn't seem to appreciate what he was doing. Still, he didn't care, he had a mission to complete now and since Fairy Tail seemed to have more than enough mages to complete their missions he considered in helping out.

As he walked out of the guild he silently cursed to himself. All the poster said was to meet some guy named George.
"No, it can not possibly be the same guy." Tatsu thought to himself, remembering the guy from the mission he had done for... with the magic council. He began to wonder if the person putting out jobs for all the guilds was the same guy, but then considered that it was possible the guy was just lonely and was actually a very powerful mage who just wanted people to spend time with him and talk to him so he could silently guide the next generation. That thought entertained him as he boarded the train to Hargeon Town, though it didn't stop him from pacing back and forth the entire train ride. He had to remain in motion, though he entertained himself further by hanging his head out of the window, dodging signs that came up as the train moved.

As soon as the train came to a complete stop Tatsu didn't wait to stand in line to get off, he simply jumped on top of the train and took off toward the LS library. The trip there didn't seem that bad, and he walked thinking about the wonderful Jewel and that sword he had seen in a shop window. He continued that line of thought all the way until he got to George, at which point something else completely overtook his line of thinking. This was not the same George as the one that had been at the magic council. For one thing the previous George had amber eyes, this one had red eyes, plus he was about ten years younger by Tatsu's explanation.
"Hello, my name is Tatsuma Shinju, I'm here on behalf of Lamia Scale to finish this job." He introduced as politely as he could, bowing as he introduced himself.
"Hello Tatsuma, my name is George... of course I'm sure you already knew that since you're here talking to me now. Anyway, we're having a small problem with robbers taking items from the Lamia Scale's library. We've managed to thwart it, but the thieves are getting more bold and we think it's just a matter of time before they try again. Also I'd like to commend you on your formal greeting." George responded. Of course by the end of George's speech, Tatsu had a pretty good idea of exactly what he would be doing.
"Consider it done and taken care of." He replied.
"Not so fast young one. We're having an exhibit tomorrow night and I'm worried they might try to steal it tonight, so I was wondering if you wouldn't mind staying in the library over night." George elaborated. In response, Tatsu only nodded, adding an "Mmmm hmmm" as he walked toward the library.

It took him longer to find the LS library than he had originally though it would, though that was primarily because he hadn't waited for George to give him directions. As he walked to the door though he found himself blocked by two guards.
"State your business." One of the guards said.
"I'm here on behalf of Lamia Scale to guard the library overnight." He responded.
"Oh thank goodness, you're our relief... Wait a minute! How do we know you're actually here for that, you could be here to clear us away for the robbers." The guard shouted. In response Tatsu rolled his eyes and held up the poster from Lamia Scale.
"Oh that's George's poster. Alright good enough for me." The guard responded before both he and his partner left.
"And we wonder why I'm here right now." Tatsu said to himself as he walked into the building.

It was night time before he started to wonder if anything was even going to happen. Naturally he was pacing back and forth the whole time, though it didn't matter to him that the robbers probably knew he was in there. So naturally when two of them came in the front door ready to fight he wasn't surprised.
"Alright, you can get out of our way or you can get hu-" One of them started to say, but Tatsu had been waiting for this all night long so he simply cut him off.
"Alright so here's what's going to happen. You're going to say some generic criminal threat, like you just did; then I'm going to say **** you, like I just did; then you're going to charge, I'm going to get angry, and then I'm going to introduce you to the floor, and I promise your relationship will be intimate." He responded. The robbers didn't waste any time after that. After all he had pretty much taken the wind out of their sails.
They charged at him with their palms outstretched and Tatsu kicked into gear.
"FLAME PALM!" They roared in unison. Not a word was uttered from Tatsuma as his palm stretched out, stopping just short of theirs as electricity crackled all over his body before erupting and electrifying both of them. When they both fell to the floor he stepped over them just as another voice erupted behind him.
"FLAME PALM!" It shouted striking him in the back and sending him reeling forward, though he continued with the momentum and rolled forward, coming back up onto his feet and facing... her? At that point the other two got up both held their palms down, though their body surged and muscles contracted as Tatsu watched.
"FLAME PALM!!!!" All three shouted as they began to rush him. It was insanity, they were doing the same stupid thing they had been doing before.
"LIGHTNING DRAGON ROAR!!" Tatsu shouted, charging it up with the maximum amount of lightning he could muster. As a result, a wave of lightning discharged from his mouth, electrifying the first two that he had struck in the first place. That had been the extent of what he could do with that attack however, though as the girl came charging from the lightning field Tatsu had been ready. As her palm made contact with him his shock shield activated, electrifying her arm and sending her reeling back, stunned just as her companions had been.

Finally Tatsuma held his hand out, a surge of electricity flashed over his hand as a small sphere erupted from it, striking the girl in the chest and paralyzing her as he got rope to tie up the three of them. As soon as that was done he watched for them to wake up and would strike them in the back of the neck if they started struggling against the ropes. In the mean time he cleaned up the mess their scuffle had made and waited for the next shift.

The next day when the guards came back Tatsu simply handed the robbers to them, and as much as he had abused them over the night they were happy to get away from their shocking experience. Wordlessly, Tatsuma left Hargeon Town to turn in the job, satisfied it was well done even though he may have destroyed a scroll or two. At lest the robbers were handled right?


Lightning Palm:

Spell name: Lightning Palm
Element: Lightning
Rank: 2
MP cost: 15
Overcharge cost: 30
Effect: Tatsuma races forward, striking a target with a full palm strike. In the regular version his hand crackles with electricity, an opponent hit with the palm strike is struck with powerful blast of electricity. With the overcharged version the lightning crackles around his entire body before being discharged at the enemy and affecting the area in front of his palm. Additionally, in the overcharged version the palm strike does not actually have to connect.

Power: ****(*)
Extra: Overcharged, shocking

Lightning Dragon Roar:

Spell name: Lightning Dragon Roar
Element: Lightning
Rank: 3
MP cost: 25
Overcharge cost: 50
Effect:  Tatsuma inhales a large amount of air before exhaling and a blast of violet electricity as he shouts "Lightning Dragon Roar!" The blast covers a small area when overcharged but only strikes a single target when used normally. With the non-overcharged version a lightning bolt streaks across the area, with the overcharged version a wide blast of lightning energy is exhaled in a wave. The resulting damage leaving anyone struck feeling numb and unsteady.

Power: **(*)
Area: (*)
Extra: Shocking, ranged, Overcharged

Shock Shield:

Spell name: Shock Shield
Element: Lightning
Rank: 1
MP cost: 20
Effect: This shield blocks very little damage. While the electromagnetic field causes some of the damage to be siphoned off, the main function of the shield is to retaliate against an attacker which in turn causes them to be numbed and slower, giving Tatsuma the edge to overpower his enemies while they are recovering. The shield shatters and becomes ineffective for protection if the attack is at more than *** power total, meanwhile he takes half the damage inflicted is at **** or more. If the spell is three or more ranks higher it simply blows right through, providing no protection at all.

Tatsuma's body seemed to exude electricity creating a visible electromagnetic field outlined tightly over his body. This is always used in overcharge mode. In addition the shocking effect is tied to reflected damage since it is electrified on contact with his shield.

Power: (**)(*)
Extra: Defending, ReflectiveX2, Overcharged, shocking

Lightning Dragon Burst:

Spell name: Lightning Dragon Burst
Element: Lightning
Rank: 1
MP cost: 20
Effect: This ability is always used in Overcharge mode. A sphere  of electricity arcs from Tatsuma's hands, feet, or forehead and upon striking the enemy causes a shock to their nervous system resulting in paralysis. A split second wave of electricity over the part of the body firing the sphere flickers just as it is fired. Once launched the discharge covers a small area.

Power: *(*)
Speed: (*)
Area: (*)
Extra: Overcharged, binding, lingering

HP: 220/250
MP: 80/200
Word Count: 1319/500
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