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Post by Verity Lohlepher on Sun Jun 01, 2014 2:20 am

Verity Lohlepher

The Diary of Verity Lohlepher 5y85kg

Power - ***
Agility - ****
Toughness - ****
Intelligence - **
Willpower - ******


[Basic Information]
Full Name: Verity Lohlepher
Alias(es): Vera
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Birthday: 25th of April
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Height: 168 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue

General Appearance:

Vera is a slightly above average height young lady who possesses a fairly well-endowed body. Chest-wise, she’s is slightly above average and is probably not the type of person who would garner a hoard of fans for her looks. Her build is slender with few muscles showing in her arms and legs thanks to her 30 minute daily run around town. To the average passer-by, they would probably think she’s at the very least healthy-looking but not especially fit or about to collapse.

She has bright aqua eyes and light blonde hair that goes up to her lower back and is mostly straight with some wavy bits at the end. She usually keeps her hair down and long due to memories of her sister and has two long bangs beside her face and a parted fringe. She has fair skin with her face shape being a bit of a cross between a round face shape and heart-shaped leaning more towards round. Her features are also quite delicate. Vera has the rare gift of having great hair in the morning when she wakes up which is fortunate as she rarely spares the thought to look in the mirror and check her appearance.

Her sense of fashion usually involves wearing the same item of clothing repeatedly. As such, she can usually be seen wearing a strapless white shirt with a ruffle design across the top and stripes heading downwards. This shirt has strings attached to it that is tied around her neck and is her favourite item of clothing. Also, the thing one will never see her without (unless it’s been knocked off her head is) a blue butterfly hair clip that sits pinned up in her hair. Colours wise, Vera prefers shades of blue and green as well as black and white. When she does change her clothes, she usually goes with a nice casual feel, generally feeling constricted with formal wear and feeling too weird when wearing the polar opposite.

Overall, people who look at her would probably ‘oh yeah, she’s prettier than av-ooh! That other person is like waayyyy prettier’ so from that you’d conclude that she’s prettier than average but won’t hold your attention for a long time if her look wasn’t your type.


Vera, to put it nicely, is not the brightest young person to grace the world. In fact, she’s rather below average when it comes to intelligence. As a young child, Vera has always had problems when it came to learning, never having the attention span required to listen and being slightly impaired due to her dyslexia. As a result, she stumbles at times when it comes to reading and writing although due to continuous practice she isn't as bad as she was before. Despite this, she still does have an avid passion for learning and experiencing new things, having a book to read on hand all the time.

A thing she does have going for her though, is the impossible amount of will she possesses. For example, if Vera decided to stand in the middle of the road even if a car was going straight for her and people were yelling at her to leave, she would still stand in the middle of the road (and probably get hit by the car). This is not always a good thing as sometimes when it is vitally important to back down, she will most likely still stand firm unless she doesn't feel the need to do so anymore. She is not the kind of person who rebels for the sake of rebelling and is fairly logical when the time comes. Another thing she does have in her favour is her extremely hard-working nature when it comes to something she really wants to do. She is willing to work for things she wants and not afraid to get her hands dirty.

Vera doesn’t care that she under average in about everything she tries at first and lives by her motto ‘I don’t care what anybody else thinks’. Vera is an outgoing girl who is honest to the point of being brutal. She always states her opinion. This may seem to pass her off as rude and uncaring but in actual fact, it is because of her slight inferiority complex that she had developed in the previous years. She thinks that somehow, if she is able to state her opinion all the time, people would view her as strong and not be able to see her lack of inner self-esteem. Because of this, Vera also tends to act irrationally and impulsively, not stopping to think of the consequences.

In a battle situation, Vera is highly incapable of thinking up strategies on the spot. As a result, she usually ends up relying on her instincts (which thankfully are at least half decent) and what she knows. Also because of this absolute unwillingness to concoct plans, she has a tendency to rely on what she calls 'strategic' luck which reflects in what happens to equipment when it gets attuned to her. Strategic luck is basically deciphering what works, remembering it and fighting accordingly while trying other things as well.

Vera is extremely generous in her compliments and equally so in the amount of passion she has in everything she does. Due to being around her sister for nearly every second of her life and looking up to her as well, she has also adopted some of Kuroha's personality traits. These include a tendency to the side of mystery, a love of abnormal things, slight fey nature at times and a desire to win.

When Vera gets seriously upset and cannot find a way to win, she runs off to be by herself so she can cool down and recollect her thoughts.

Stating her opinion
Cute things

People who dis her family
The inability to state her opinion
Dark Guilds
Creepy looking creatures
People who like screwing with her mind
Weak willed people

Strength – Vera wants strength; Both physically and mentally. She also wants to be good at magic. She feels that if she is strong enough, she will be able to avoid getting into situations that she fears. She also wants to have the strength to help people and overcome her own weaknesses in order to do so

Her Sister – Vera feels obliged to honour her sister by doing everything that she wanted to do for her. Especially since she feels it was her fault that she died and thus it is her duty to carry out her wishes.

Exploration – Vera wants to explore and experience the world in all ways possible. She wants to learn, live and give. She wants to discover this world her former guardian (not parents) talked about pre-war and fully embrace all parts of it.

Hopelessness – Vera doesn’t want to become someone who has lost all hope ever again and strives to think optimistically to avoid this. She is paranoid about it to the point that she can’t even bring herself to imagine being hopeless. She has an idea in her head that being hopeless means being incapable of doing anything ever again.

People’s Negative Opinions – Vera fears letting people’s opinions influence the way she is in a negative way. She has experienced a situation where people’s opinions got her nearly in a point of depression and she fears ending up like that way another time.

Enclosed Spaces – Vera feels constricted in closed up spaces. Basically, she has claustrophobia.

Loss - Verity doesn't want to lose anymore people that she cares about


Occupation: Guild Mage
Family: All deceased
Medical Conditions: Dyslexia
Pets: None
Hometown: Magnolia
Secrets: Verity doesn't like letting people know about her state of depression during the war


Vera had a relatively normal childhood. Her parents were plain shop keepers and she had a sister named Kuroha. They were all one big happy family. As her parents were busy nearly all the time, Vera spent time with Kuroha. When they attended magic school, Vera still hung out with Kuroha and tagged along with her sister’s group. Unbeknownst to Kuroha, Vera was bullied by her ‘friends’ leaving her in tears on numerous occasions as they considered her too dumb to hang out with them. When Kuroha eventually found out about this, she told her friends off and protected her sister. This caused Vera to look up to Kuroha greatly.

As they begun to learn magic, Kuroha was known in their school for having almost prodigious talent while Vera was one of the dumbest, unable to find a magic that she could do. Although they never said Vera was dumb to her face, she knew they were always talking about her. Eventually her sister confronted Vera about her strange behaviour and Vera revealed her frustrations of being called dumb and being unable to learn a magic. This caused Kuroha to become frustrated at her sister’s dejected state and yell at her, telling her that it didn’t matter what other people said and that she should just get back up and prove them all wrong. Initially, Vera was upset and ran away to the woods crying. However, she realized that her sister was right and became determined to do what she had said.

She came back to school shortly after and began to work hard at it although people still mocked her and now her dedication as well. However, she didn’t let their words hurt her. Eventually, she found she could use re-equip magic much to her delight. From there, her life began going uphill. And then the war started.

It was just as well that she never got out of bed on that one day she slept in. As she got closer to her school, she had a feeling that something was wrong. And she was right. The place she called her school had been destroyed by the enemy. Her first reaction was to see what had happened to everyone else. She started her search but after an hour, she still couldn’t find everyone else. She began to lose hope when she felt herself being dragged by someone to a safer place. Initially thinking she was being taken, she found to her relief, that it was Kuroha dragging her towards her family. Once it was deemed safe, they took her and her sister to Magnolia, a place they decided was safer as the guild Fairy Tail was situated there. However, on the way there, they became attacked by soldiers. Her parents did their best to defeat the soldiers but unfortunately were slain. The soldiers were about to come for Kuroha and Vera who were shocked by witnessing their parent’s death but before they could, the family friend that was meant to meet up with them came and defended them. This event leaved Vera feeling angry at herself that she couldn’t do anything.

Once at Magnolia, the man who had saved them took care of the sisters and as the war came on, became increasingly frustrated at doing nothing when so many people were dying. After a while of looking after them, the man decided that the sisters were old enough to take care of themselves so he then decided to fight in the war with Kuroha’s consent. Soon after, they received word of his death, making Vera fall into a depression.

For the rest of the war, their lives continued much the same as it had been previously post-war. However, after the war, Kuroha decided that it was high time she should do something. Vera on the other hand was adamant living in her shell and not wanting to do anything. This caused Kuroha to try and drag her around town to help but only served to make Vera more depressed as she was convinced that life was hopeless and all she could do was wait to die. Eventually, Kuroha lost hope in her depressed sister and joined Fairy Tail. Every day she would come home and tell Vera about the things she did, in the hope that it would help Vera recover from what they had witnessed in the war.

Unfortunately, the only service this did to Vera was to make her despise herself more for being unable to bounce back. Slowly she began to become more moody and frustrated but tried to create a façade of happiness for her sister. Eventually after a year of hearing her sister’s stories, she finally snapped and yelled at Kuroha about meaningless things. This surprised Kuroha who hadn’t noticed her sister’s behaviour, having believed her sister’s act of being happy. This proved to be Kuroha’s last straw as in turn she yelled her frustrations about Vera to her which caused her to run out of the house much to the dismay of Kuroha.

After a while of running (and not looking where she was going), she found herself in the forest much to her fear. This forest was considered to be unsafe and full of dangerous monsters. Vera knew this and immediately tried to find her way out to no avail. She eventually gave up and started to cry, thinking about how Kuroha was right about her inability to do anything. Fortunately, a very relieved Kuroha found her within the next hour and apologised, to which Vera said there was no need to apologise and she needed to have some sense knocked into her.

They were then about to leave when they became surrounded by the monsters in the forest. Kuroha warned Vera to stay back and immediately tried to defeat the monsters with her magic. However, Vera could tell it was a losing battle for her older sister and tried to convince her to run, all the while secretly admiring how her sister didn’t run away and stayed to fight. It was inevitable that the monsters were eventually defeated. But it was also inevitable that Kuroha would have become wounded at some point.

Vera saw this and tried her very hardest to help her sister. However, despite her best efforts, her sister ended up dying in the forest. After her sister took her final breath, Vera nearly found herself wallowing in her grief again and wanting to die for being so helpless when she remembered that her sister wouldn’t want her to become like that again. So, determined, she found some strength inside of her and brought her sister back to Magnolia and Fairy Tail.

After her sister’s funeral, Vera made a resolve that she would never succumb to depression ever again and became determined to find the Vera she had lost when the war started.  It was only when she deemed herself ready about a year later that she joined her sister’s former guild, Fairy Tail (which is currently now). During that year, she helped around and practised her magic till she thought it was at a decent level.


Guild: Fairy Tail
Guild Tattoo: Right upper back, dark blue in colour

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Type: Caster
Description: A form of re-equip where the user summons things around the theme of all things considered mystical. In essence, the items that can be summoned are widely varied and usually to do with witches, gypsies and fortune tellers. For example, broomsticks, knives, staves, deck of cards, and cauldrons, (all of which could be treated as support items, weapons or shields) are just a few of what could be in the other dimension. It is a strange form of re-equip and as such, is a bit quirky in its usage when it comes to the items that become attuned to the user.

Strengths: Re-equip magic allows for the user to have a versatile range in what they can do thanks to the dimension in which the user’s equipment is stored in. It is better than the standard holder magic as one can have more than one piece of equipment on them and they won’t necessarily need to carry it around. Witch magic is useful in that the type of things stored in the pocket world have varied support functions, defensive functions and offensive functions. It is versatile and can give the element of surprise if the item summoned is more than unorthodox e.g. a flat cauldron that could be used as a shield. Items also don’t have to be merely for combat; they can be used in everyday life such as using a broomstick to sweep one’s floor. Also, if an object is broken, once it is stowed away in the other dimension, it will fix itself. A quirk about this form of re-equip (that is further elaborated in weaknesses), is that while casting a spell properly is a hit and miss, when it is cast right on the jackpot in the favoured way (not necessarily the proper way), it can gain an added effect such as burning.

Weaknesses: As with all holder magic, once the item is not in the user’s hands, they are unable to utilize its properties. Also, because the weapons stored in the pocket dimension are weaker than actual holder equipment utilized by holder mages, they will be more likely to suffer breaks. A disadvantage to her ability to 'heal' her weapons in her other dimension once they are broken, is that she is unable to use that item for an hour till up to even a month, depending on how severe the break is. A short time span for recovery would be a break such as an accessory fell off (5 minutes maybe) and long time span for recovery such as a complete obliteration would be around a year+. For the actual theme itself, one requires creativity when using the magic as some of the objects that can be summoned is pretty unorthodox. Some of these objects are difficult to master and/or figure out in its usage too. A quirk about the magic is that it likes to be used in a very specific manner to be able to be utilised properly. In essence, it likes being impractical and is prone to lowering the intensity of a spell if not cast the way it is supposed to be cast. This then requires a bit of guess and check in how to utilise a spell properly and to its full capacity.

Fiera Ignus - Broomstick/Staff - Uses Fire Magic - Get Description From Below
Hauskor - Dagger - Uses Electricity/Lightning Magic - Get Description From Below
Relica - Sword Thing - Uses Rune Magic - Get Description Elsewhere
Caet/Excessively Long Name - Dress Amour - Uses Water Magic - Find description somewhere

Ignore everything below this point: (within reason)
Actually, just ignore everything, I need to edit this!
Special Ability - Requip:
Element: Special
Rank: Caster Level
MP cost: 15
Effect: The caster summons an item to their location, but only if they are able to wield it when summoned. For weapons, this means that the required number of hands must be free. For armor, they must not already have some sort of armor equipped.

Fiera Ignis Spells:
Spell name: Burning Circle
Element: Fire
Rank: 2
MP cost: 15 - 30 (Depends whether the overcharge is activated or not)
Effect: When casted the proper way, the user stands in a stance where their feet is placed directly vertical from the ground and is spaced evenly. They hold the broom over their shoulder and is slightly twisted away from their feet. The user then twists their body back to its normal position while swinging the broom sideways and then pointing it directly at its chosen opponent. They must yell ‘BURNING CIRCLE’ before they start re-arranging their body in the correct position. The broom will catch a light at the bristles while the pole will becoming burning hot to touch to anyone either than the user. It then proceeds to release a steady stream of fire that is directed towards the target. When cast with only one hand on the broom, the spell loses the ability to heat up the metal in the pole and the flames that emerge are much weaker. On the other hand, when it hits the jackpot way of casting the spell, the broom will start producing its flaming rings at the top of the broom before exploding outwards. When the jackpot is hit, the overcharge extra will kick in, if not, the spell continues as per normal. The jackpot is hit when the user spins around in a circle while saying ‘FIERA IGNIS BURNS MY FLOOR FAIRLY WHEN I SWEEP’ followed by ‘Burning Circle’. The target will experience burning if the spell doesn't miss.

Power: **(*)
Speed: *(*)
Area: (*)
Extra: Burning, Overcharged, Ranged

Spell name: Flaming End
Element: Fire
Rank: 1
MP cost: 10 - 20 (Depends whether the overcharge is activated or not)
Effect: The user raises the broom stick above whilst gripping the pole towards the bit without the bristles before bringing it down and yelling ‘FLAMING END’. The broom, already glowing pink by then will erupt in flames by the time it has reached its target. This is the proper way of casting the spell. The bad way is when the spell is casted when the user is holder the broom near the bristles. Instead of lowering the attack’s power, it attacks the user instead. The jackpot way activates the overcharge and it is achieved by holding the stick in the middle of the pole and being airborne. The target will then be engulfed by the flames and burnt when hit by the flaming end  of the broom.

Power: ***(*)
Speed: (*)
Area: (*)
Extra: Burning, Overcharge

Spell name: Flame Arena
Element: Fire
Rank: 2
MP cost: 15 (Sustain: 8)
Effect: The bristles of Fiera Ignis light up and flames spill on the ground and has a reach of 4m, all sides. The main target will have their toughness attribute lowered by 2 *s while anyone else in the radius boost area (4m) only has 1 * gone in addition to all having the effects of burning

Power: **
Area: (**)
Extra: Burning, Sustain, Radius Boost, Debuff

Hauskor's Spells:
Spell name: Electrical Surge
Element: Electric
Rank: 1
MP cost: 10 - 20 (Depends whether the overcharge is activated or not)
Effect: Causes the dagger to get charged with electricity all over before releasing the energy around the blade causing electricity to race around and transfer into the target after it hits its target (causing them to have a shock by all the electricity sizzling around in their system). This doesn’t change with how the spell is casted although the intensity of the electricity is brightened or dimmed depending on whether it was well casted or not. The jackpot way of casting is by casting the spell and then throwing the dagger. The proper way is just stabbing the person.  There is no bad way. When the jack pot is hit, the spell will activate the overcharge for double MP.

Power: ***(*)
Speed: (*)
Area: (*)
Extra: Shocking, Overcharged

Spell name: Ribbon Shock
Element: Electric
Rank: 2
MP cost: 15
Effect: The ribbons around Hauskor's hilt generate tendrils of electricity in ribbon-like shapes that reach forward to bind the opponent. The tendrils have a reach of 2 metres all around the dagger and the dagger itself does not have the be in Verity's hands to be cast

Power: ***
Area: *
Extra: Shocking, Binding Spell

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Verity Lohlepher
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Current Threads
1) Tourist Attraction - With Zahn
2) Rush Hour - With Haruto
3) A Day of Happenings - With Astra
4) Rethinking Objectives – With Kotone

Chronological Order

Starting Point:
1) Tripping Traps - With Kade
2) Letters and Love with a Dash of Robbery - Failed D rank mission 'Letters of Love', Solo
3) Scares and Fairs - D rank mission 'Festival Troubles', Solo
4) Highway Robbery - With Tatsuma
5) In Light of Consideration - With Tatsuma
6) Trespassing? - With Kensie
7) Missing and Meant To Be Found - Private, Costume Fears D-Rank FT Mission
8) Strategy Follows - Solo Training Thread
9) Different Kinds of Annoying - Private, Everyday Heroes D-Rank FT Mission
10) Tourist Attraction (See Current)
11) Mix-Up Manor - With Tatsuma

Tournament Isle!:
1) Crisis on Tournament Isle - With Tatsuma and Crisis/Event 2 - Survival Teams
2) Chance Encounter - With Raven, Convenient Timing, Guildless C-Rank
3) Exciting Mysteries - Private, Find a Ghost? BP D-Rank
4) Rush Hour (See Current)
5) A Day of Happenings (See Current)

Third Chapter:
1) Run and Hide - With Tatsuma
2) Rethinking Objectives (See Current)
3) Instant Stress Relief - Solo, Punch A Bunch FT C-Rank

Kade - Acquaintance ~ Friendly
Tatsuma - That Person ~ Mixed Feelings
Zahn - Friend ~ PiC (temporarily)
Kensie - PiC(ish) ~ Show Buddies
Crisis - Acquaintance ~ Friendly, Former Teammate
Haruto -
Raven -
Astra -
Kotone -

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Verity Lohlepher
Verity Lohlepher
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Name: Hauskor
Weapon type: Dagger
Power: ***
Speed: ******
Durability: *

Description: A dagger made out of glass with and inner core of steel. Only the blade is fully made of steel. The hilt is decorated with bright blue ribbons akin to lightning wrapped around the blade tightly and hangs off the hilt slightly. Due to its glass nature, the blade is highly fragile and breaks fairly easily (generally on the first shot on trying to break the blade. On the plus side, it heals very quickly when restored in the other dimension. The blade is serrated and sharp and is easily capable of slicing skin.  Its blade is around 17 cm

Fiera Ignis:
Name: Fiera Ignis
Weapon type: Staff (Modified)
Power: *****
Speed: ***
Range: **
Durability: ***

Fiera Ignis takes the form of a burnt broom with the words ‘Fiera’ carved in its steel. Its total height is 150 cm with the bristles of the staff like weapon being 25 cm and the pole, 125 cm. The pole in its design is a solid silvery colour with paint of black, red and brown all over the top. The bristles of the broom, although still steel, can bend and is also painted the same way as the pole as well as with extra actual bristles added in. When these bristles brush against an opponent, scratch like marks like a cat could be expected to appear, only less deep. To any old observer, the broom looks like it has experienced a fire and doesn’t really have much use. It is an ugly weapon at first glance due to its burnt coat of paint, however, upon second glance, a person might begin to see the beauty in the way the broom is slightly curved and the mesmerising steel underneath.

Weapon type: Short Sword
Power: ***
Speed: ****
Range: *
Durability: ****

Relica is a short sword about the length of Vera’s arm. Characteristics of the blade is that it is both straight and made out of a silver steel. While Relica doesn't appear to be very sturdy, it is in fact more durable than your average weapon. As far as handles go, this blade is pretty neat. Leather wrapped, comfortable grip? Sounds wonderful. The blade's pommel is composed out of some dark crystal. This appears to be glowing when certain spells of the blade are activated. There's a glyph symbol at the base of the blade. Structurally wise, the blade of the sword is split into three. Two big ones on the outside, a small one in the middle. The outer blades have small runic writing on it as well.


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Verity Lohlepher
Verity Lohlepher
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