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Ava Brooks Information 3pik9i2

Power -  *
Agility - ***    
Toughness - **  
Intelligence -   ****
Willpower - *****

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Ava Dorothea Brooks
Alias(es): Pretty much just Ava
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Birthday: July 20th
Sexuality: Straight

Height: 5’3”
Weight: 100lbs
Hair: Sandy blond
Eyes: Sea foam green

General Appearance: Ava is not very large. She is five foot three and fairly light. She looks bigger because of the dresses she wears, but it is still pretty obvious she isn’t huge. She usually wears very Victorian looking dresses. A lot of fluff and lace involved. Most of her dresses are from home, and so they are quite expensive. She has a few simple dresses she can use for outdoor excursions, but only one pair of pants. She does not like breaking out her pair of pants, so almost no one has ever seen her wear them. Her long blond hair goes all the way to her hips, and is usually worn down, with some sort of adornment in it. Her usual expression is either a smile or blank. She still looks like a girl in some ways, as opposed to looking like an adult, but she is growing up slowly.

Personality: Ava’s best friend in the whole wide world is Rolland. When she talks about him she gets excited and happy and lights up, inside. Externally she might not. She can seem a bit sour when people as her about deeply personal things. This is not because she is so very secretive, but more so because she is paranoid. She has faced a lot of judgments, primarily from her family, and so she questions peoples motivations when asking about her very personal life. If she were to be reunited with Rolland she would act as she had in the past with him. She was always very cheerful, even allowing herself to act goofy at times. She shared everything with him, but unfortunately he could not come on her journey with her. She still writes to him.

Ava really does love her family, but she feels that their judgment of her was unfair and has created a large divide between them. She has three younger sisters, and she adores them all, mostly because they do not hold things against her. She is a very willful woman and when challenged she stands her ground. At times she can be manipulated because she so dislikes being told what to do. If she isn’t considering things it will not work, but if she is, it often times will. If she is considering jumping from a large cliff into water, for example, and someone says she is too scared or too weak to do it, she will just to prove them wrong. She hates being underestimated. She hates being bossed around. She hates have her life written out for her before she even gets  a chance to hold the pen.

She can be fairly spoiled. She doesn’t want to be, but that is how her life has been. She enjoys nature, but not rolling around in it. She isn’t much for camping, or trekking through the woods. She would very much enjoy having a castle in the forest, overlooking a lake, one day, but she knows that is not likely. She loves lace, and her fancy dresses, and proper society. She gave up her standing with her family to achieve her own success, so this does show strength of character. She is growing up, but she can still throw tantrums when she is especially upset.

Ava is extremely intelligent. She’d had her nose in books, or listening to important people for her whole life. She has strong reasoning skills, and one of her least favorite things is being looked down on for her age. She may still be a child, but she sure knows what she’s talking about, and people ought to listen. Sometimes they refuse, and there really isn’t anything she can do about it. She will not argue much with these people. Their huge ego is blinding them from having an intellectually stimulating conversation, and it is not her job to waste her time on them.

She can also be really cute. She is still young after all, and she has grown up in a very sheltered environment. When she sees stuffed animals she wants them. She loves stuffed animals. She loves loving stuffed animals. She loves touching them, and talking about them, until she realizes she is. Then she gets embarrassed and pouts. Still, it is usually fairly cute. It is one time she lets her guard down and allows herself to be very childish, but in a good way.
Likes: Stuffed animals, looking at nature, culture, class, fine foods, good conversation, friends, Rolland, her sisters, her parents even if she doesn’t really talk to them much now, playing games, and being treated like an adult.
Dislikes: Being judged, being looked down on, being excluded from conversation, being told what to do, missing Rolland, wearing pants, and trudging through nature.
Motivations: To prove her parents wrong. To achieve her own success. To have her own life, apart from what anyone else thinks she should do. To improve her magic.
Fears: That she won’t amount to all that she wants. That her parents will eventually stop speaking to her. That her sisters will be taught not to like her. That she will grow apart from Rolland. That she will let down her guild.

Occupation: Lamia Scale Wizard.
Family: Her parents(Gerome and Silvia) and her younger sisters: Philomena(10), Saundra(7), and Kristie(5).
Medical Conditions: She has low blood pressure, so some extreme activities can make her faint.
Pets: Not currently.
Hometown: Magnolia Town is where she lived, she lives at Lamia Scale now.
Secrets: Well she doesn’t really mention the blood pressure thing. She also doesn’t mention that she has a mild crush on her former butler.

The Brooks own a very large house in Magnolia. They tend to ignore Fairy Tail as long as the wizards there don’t come crashing into their house. The family never really had much of a positive relationship with magic. It was fine, really, but they didn’t look into it overly much. They had other things to do. Such as raising their daughter Ava. Ava was the first born, and very smart. Her parents loved her and got her the best education. She was happy. Happier still when she was five and she got a baby sister, Philomena. She wanted to call her Phil, because it was easier, but her parents said that wasn’t ladylike, so she called her Mena instead. Next came Saundra three years later, and finally Kirstie two years after that. By now Ava was ten.

At ten years old Ava got a new friend, and not just her sister. They got a butler. He was only thirteen, but he was very smart. Not smart like Ava’s parents liked, but she thought he was a genius. He even know how to do the housework, and Ava had never really understood that topic. Rolland found Ava cute, and funny, and usually not in ways she had intended. They became close friends, not that her parents were especially fond of that. They didn’t mind the boy at all, they just figured the person their oldest daughter should be spending the majority of her time with ought not be their young butler. They had another butler, as Rolland was only apprentice butler, but Ava didn’t care about the other.

At eleven years old Ava found out she had magical potential. Her parents said it wasn’t important, and she needed to focus on her studies. She’d seen the fights, she’d seen the powerful magic in their town, and she wanted to learn about it. The war was raging and her parents were absolutely not letting their eleven year old go out and learn about spells. Absolutely not. They loved her, and she knew that, but she wanted to do her own thing. She kept wandering off in the house on her own, not wanting to be around people who restricted her. Her parents’ solution to this was to give her her own personal butler. Since it was Rolland, now assigned strictly to tend to and babysit Ava, she didn’t complain. He kept her responsible, but he didn’t tell her what to do, unless what she wanted was dangerous.

When Ava was thirteen the war ended, and she again started insisting she wanted to work with her magic. She’d even gotten ahold of a simple silver key for her Celestial magic. Her parents dismissed her, but when she refused to do any of her studies, they relented, slightly. She could go to Fairy Tail and see if any of the wizards there knew of a way for her to learn. The wizards she spoke to thought she was too spoiled and too out of touch with the world. The war had also just ended, and they were busy. She was upset, but she gave up briefly.

Ava knew there were other guilds out there, and if she got better, she could join one, and she could make her own way in the world. Her parents, unsurprisingly, refused. When she was fourteen she wrote them a letter and left home. Rolland knew about it, but she didn’t tell them that. She found her way all the way to Lamia Scale. Of course, she was a spoiled little princess with no experience on her own in the world, but someone took a liking to her and allowed her to practice. She joined the guild shortly after, and found it to be one of the happiest days of her life. She writes to Rolland frequently, including a letter to all of her sisters. She writes to her parents less frequently, reminding them that she is alive, and that they are not to come meddle in her affairs. The relationship is strained at best.

Guild & Magic:
[Guild & Magic]

Guild: Lamia Scale.
Guild Tattoo: The back of her right hand

Magic: Celestial Magic
Caster or Holder: Holder.
Description: A rare form of magic that summons magical spirits into this world using Gate Keys. Celestial wizards are exceptionally rare. They are many silver gate keys that can be purchased, but there are only twelve rare golden keys. The magic of the summoning wizard is necessary to sustain and connect with the summoned spirit. It is both their power together used to fight. Most wizards can only keep one summoned spirit in their plane at a time, though it may be possible to keep out more.
Strengths: The strength is that you can use more than one key. A Celestial wizard can have an arsenal of keys at their disposal. Even with only one key out at a time, the wizard is able to select which magic will be most useful in any situation. They have access to various elements and powers. They are able to form not only a connection with their magic, but at times an actual relationship with their spirits, as they are their own entities.
Weaknesses: Unfortunately some of the strengths of this magic can also be weaknesses. Although the Celestial wizard is able to pick and choose which of their chosen keys they will use, they have to first acquire these keys. They also have to keep track of their keys. They must make a relationship with all of their spirits so that these spirits are willing to work for them. In some cases it is almost like hiring a mercenary at the beginning of every one of your fights. You must trust that your spirits are prepared and willing to risk themselves to fight for you.

RP Sample:
Dear Rolland,

I am bored today. I do still love it here, but today I am bored. Most of my comrades are out playing outside. You would think they were little school children. In fact many of them are grown men and women. It’s strange, but I do not mind. I simply will not partake in their games. You know what they are doing? Well of course you do not, that is why I am telling you. I do miss talking to you. It rained so much yesterday. I sat in my room, looking out the window, and reading a book. It was so relaxing. You would have enjoyed it too. Except you would have had to take the clothes off the line early. In any case, it rained yesterday, and so today the ground is mush. They are all outside running around in it and playing. One of them has water magic and is make it into a sort of slide. I hope someone has earth magic to fix how they’re destroying the yard. I can see them from my window right now. It looks fun. Unfortunately I do not find getting disgustingly dirty fun. I promise I am not the only one who is not playing. Still, it is lonely up here right now. I miss you.

Sincerely yours,

Face Claim: Victorique de Blois - Gosick

Desired starting level: 1.

Ava Brooks
Ava Brooks
Lamia Scale C
Lamia Scale C

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Standard Spell:
Spell name: Pass Through the Gate
Element: Special
Rank: Caster's Rank (Currently 1)
MP cost: Rank of Spirit Summoned
Effect: Holding the key of the spirit the summoner wishes to call forth, they issue the words “Pass through the Gate! Or some equivalent, calling the spirit from its home in the spirit world. The spirit fights for the summoner and must be sustained for a cost each turn equal to its summoning cost. The spells the spirit uses, however, use the spirits’ own MP, freeing up the wizard’s MP to keep the spirit in the human world.

Rank 1 Keys:

Key name: Sparkfly
Key type: Silver Key
Key Rank: 1

Rank 2 Keys:

Key name: Glacial Renard
Key type: Silver Key
Key Rank: 2
Glacial Renard


Key name: Malkah
Key type: Silver Key
Key Rank: 2


Key name: Porcelain
Key type: Silver Key
Key Rank: 2

Rank 3 Keys:

Key name: Teddy
Key type: Silver Key
Key Rank: 3

Gold Keys:

Key name: Virgo
Key type: Gold Key
Key Rank: 2


Ava Brooks
Ava Brooks
Lamia Scale C
Lamia Scale C

Posts : 118
Experience : 139
Primary Magic : Celestial Spirit Magic
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