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Marianne Greire

Marianne Greire 26734262_maho-senso-il-cast-lo-staff-dell-anime-0

[Attributes] (Insert *'s in each category using the guidelines in the attribute topic)
Power - *****
Agility - **
Toughness - ***
Intelligence - ****
Willpower - **

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Marianne Greire
Alias(es): Mari Willows, Bloody Mari
Gender: Female
Age: 18 (Although she says 4 and a half sometimes)
Birthday: 29th February
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Height: 160 cm
Weight: 64 kg
Hair: Black
Eyes: Pink

General Appearance: Mari is an extremely short for a girl of her age. Of course, she’d say she’s extremely tall for her supposed age of four and a half, judging from the fact she only counts the years her birthday ever appears on (every leap year only). To describe her body shape, petite is suffice of a word; nothing else would match. Her features are sharp and can be seen as quite beautiful, especially on certain angles. She carries herself in a very dignified manner with a raised chin at all times and straight posture.

Mari is the kind of person whose skin tone changes with the climate; fair when in the cold, tan when in the heat. Even her eye colour changes from a jewel like light pink to luminous dark pink. Never mind the perfect condition of her skin or captivatingness of her eyes, talk about the three scars that hide on her shoulder, abdomen and upper thigh respectively. No one would ever suspect she had them. She possesses ‘naturally’ luscious silk hair that does, however, stay the same shade of midnight black all year round, good weather or bad. Naturally is in inverted commas because of the fact that she just says so when in actual fact she washes her hair almost to the point of obsession.  

Whilst her physical appearance of being slight implies to normal people upon hearing so that she is an extreme light weight, this is definitely not the case as her size offers no hindrance to her weight. While her weight indicates border line overweightness, this is in fact her muscle. She likes her ability to punch people’s face in and she makes sure her extremely toned body remains so.

Her fashion sense in her guild could be considered so last millennia or so other worldly it hasn’t made it to the shop stands. What she does for clothes is buy them and then chop them up to suit her own taste. Well that and or buying a piece of clothing and randomly adding things to them.  Her fashion statement makes people want to cringe sometimes and the way she likes to defy current fashions is ghastly at times. She is definitely the kind of person who would rock up in pyjamas to a formal event just because the invitation said to wear a long elegant gown. But outside her guild, she generally wears the ‘normal’ clothes. Then, her fashion sense consists of whatever works.

Personality: Five words to sum up Mari’s personality on first appearances are hyper, nonsensical, immature and rebellious. She is always intolerably happy in the guild, having a delightful optimistic outlook on life, which is somewhat of a contrast to the usually dark and ominous people one would think they’d find at Shadow Heart. She complains about the most irrelevant things at times and to be most people in the guild, they may assume she’s suffering from some sort of mental illness. She doesn’t seem to have a care in the world and usually says she does things ‘just cause’. Sometimes, she also just rebels for the sake of rebelling because it just makes life more interesting. Because of this persona, most people usually wonder what on earth she is doing in Shadow Heart.

However, this is only her general act when around her fellow guild mates. This is not to say that she’s a completely different person. She does, after all, believe the best lies that are told are always based on the truth. Her real self still does have a somewhat debatable optimistic outlook on life; she does possess quite the slow burning anger that’s always there but at the same time subdued. As for being hyper, nonsensical and immature, Mari has always wanted to be like a child due to missing most of her childhood out and thus can act like one. That being said, she doesn’t mind those kinds of people either, even liking to play along with them sometimes. She is definitely still quite a rebellious and mischievous human being but for the most part, reasonably so.

The only reason why she acts like this is because she feels if she treats being in Shadow Heart like a joke, she will be able to tolerate it more. She knows not all the people are bad and does want to get to know those not that bad people better but as a generality, would prefer it if she didn’t have to stick around the guild. While inside, she is seen as clueless and short-tempered whereas in real life, she is in fact very sharp (as well as her tongue) and possesses quite the sense of humour. She also boasts a high tolerance level. Despite her general abhorrence to some of her guild members, she still does have some sense of loyalty to Shadow Heart and wouldn’t give information away willingly.

She enjoys the arts and has a talent for them too, in particular acting. Often when she is by herself, she hums a tune and on the occasion, starts belting out random songs. She is exceptionally confident in her abilities and her kindness knows no bounds sometimes. But as a member of Shadow Heart, she does need to have steel in her heart and mind to a certain degree. She has no qualms about killing, interrogating and all things espionage when necessary and is highly tolerant to the likes of it although she does not believe in unnecessary killing as it is not smart. When she does partake in these activities, she always says sorry. It doesn’t disturb her in the slightest that she can do things without caring as somewhere inside of her, she believes to be too far down to bother with giving herself to pain and torture of regretting the path she unknowingly took.  She does however, knows it’s not right and does not like doing it so will avoid the subject when talking to people.

As a generality, she is more laid-back than she is willing to fight for what she wants. This can be bad as she might dismiss a fight with someone because she can’t be bothered. Funnily enough, she also considers herself to be a pacifist which further deters her will to fight. However, there is the rare occasion that she does want to fight with all her heart and although she hates it, she does strive to be strong enough to survive against other mages. In battle, she is quite the strategist and usually fights using her surroundings.

- Strategy
- Peace
- The Arts
- Her family
- Her hair
- Relaxation
- Surviving
- Laughter

- Power-Hungry People
- Shadow Heart
- Violence
- Disloyalty
- Pointless Laws and Rules
- Conformity
- The Magic Council

- To Protect Pieter and Sabby
- To Keep on Living
- To Not Regret

- That Pieter and Sabby will die
- Getting Caught
- Being touched

Occupation: Guild Mage
Family: Adopted Brother (Pieter, 19) and Adopted Sister (Sabine, 14)
Medical Conditions: Slight Amnesia
Pets: A small bird called Anna
Hometown: Crocus
Secrets: That she’s a Shadow Heart Mage, that her alias in the war was ‘Bloody Mari’, that she has killed a lot of people and for Shadow Heart Members in particular that she doesn’t actually believe she’s a 4 year old

Marianne was brought up more or less in a world of hatred and domestic violence. One day when she was 7 the violence between her parents came to a point where her sole grandparent tried to step inside but in doing so, was killed. After that incident she ran away and trained herself in thievery so that she could survive. One day she tried stealing from a boy except was caught. Instead of selling her out, he took her to his family whom then adopted her and treated her like she was their own. For a while they all lived happily. However when Mari was 12, this soon fell apart. As usual, Pieter and Mari were running around the streets of Crocus when they got lost. Unfortunately they became separated and while Mari was looking for her older brother, she was knocked out.

When she awoke again she was in a cold and isolated room. She was confused and felt like something was different. For one, she felt older.  A man came inside saying he was pleased she had finally woke and wondered if she could tell him anything. Scared and confused, she tried to run but was detained by the man. She then discovered her fear of being touched. All of a sudden she blacked out again and the next minute she opened her eyes, she was outside. Behind her was a broken building. While she was still trying to make sense of what happened, she was then surrounded by the Magic Council who accused her of gaining information about them to later exploit it. Now even more confused, she could only get arrested by the Magic Council and let herself be interrogated although she had no answers.

By then, she remembered what had happened before she woke up and became determined to find Pieter and his family. Unfortunately upon her escape attempt, she was captured by the Magic Council again except this time, she saw red before blacking out again. The next time she regained consciousness led her to a bloody scene which she was in the middle of. Desperate for answers, she became lost and decided the only thing she could do was to find Pieter.

However, the country at this time was at war. She soon discovered she had a title by which she was known for: ‘Bloody Mari’. Everyone was near scared of her and she didn’t know why. Eventually she snapped, and this time fully conscious, witnessed herself kill every person who was around her. Absolutely horrified at herself, she ran from everything until the war was over. She emerged, still shaking and traumatised by what she had done. One day when she was trying to piece herself together, an old woman approached her and touched her.  This caused her to accidentally kill the old woman due to her phobia. At first she was devastated before she realised some of her memory had returned. It was only snap shots but she remembered events of being possessed by the woman, spying on the Magic Council and seeing the same man she had awoken to sometime before. Also after she killed the woman, she felt majority of what she had been capable of before disappear magic wise.

This solved some of her questions and she became determined to figure out what else happened. After a while, she found Pieter and his younger sister Sabina by accident. They were surprised, but pleased to see her and vice versa. Seeing this as a chance to find out more, she asked what happened to which they responded she had disappeared for roughly four years and that their parents had died. Overjoyed at seeing them, Mari lost some of her anger and personality that she had built up over the past years. They were reunited briefly before the same man who had appeared in snapshots of her broken memory came and threatened to kill Pieter and Sabina if she didn’t join the new dark guild on the rise, Shadow Heart. Seeing no other option, Mari joined despite her adopted sibling’s protests and came to the conclusion that he wanted her to join Shadow Heart so he could continue doing whatever he was doing beforehand. However up until now, he never did anything more than watch her and occasionally take notes which confused the girl. Never the less, during her two years with Shadow Heart, she decided to do things her own way and vowed to become stronger so she could protect Pieter and Sabina better.

[Guild & Magic]

Guild: Shadow Heart
Guild Tattoo: Heel of Foot, orange

Magic: Mari's Telekinesis
Caster or Holder: Caster
Description: Mari’s Telekinesis is different from normal Telekinesis magic. First of all, one must understand that all psychic magic is achieved by using the psychic energy that emits out of all objects even if the user is not consciously aware of that fact. Second of all, telekinesis users manipulate the psychic energy to do things which as a generality, is moving objects, instead of using it for something else e.g. using it for pathways to enter someone’s brain and communicate to them. Psychic energy is highly versatile like that as it can be manipulated to do whatever the user needs it to be. Its core principle is the same though; Mind over matter.

Now for the juicier bits: Firstly, her magic isn’t really called Mari’s Telekinesis. All she knows is that what she is doing, while possessing the same kind of function as Telekinesis, manipulating psychic energy as a force, it is different. The main difference is that telekinesis magic users are generally unable to do anything else either than move objects. This is because of a rule that applies to all telekinesis users whatever the type. This rule is that they can only manipulate things in their line of vision or things they really know. Thus because they can’t see psychic energy, they are unable to do anything else then manipulate objects.

You might be able to tell where this is going now. Mari’s telekinesis is different. She has the capability to see psychic energy if she wishes too, thus her telekinetic ability of manipulating psychic energy to move things is increased. Due to the fact she can actually see the psychic energy she is using to move stuff; she can now use it for other things as well. Some of these could involve moving psychic energy into a visible level and creating an attack with it. In this case, the visibility of the attack is determined by its degree of power. Why she still calls it telekinesis is because she is still manipulating stuff via psychic energy. The same rules that apply to normal telekinesis mages apply to her of course. It’s just that she does have the ability to see the psychic energy and thus she can now manipulate that too. The manifestation bit is unique to her. Either than that, she can do the same things as telekinesis mages such as increasing her own physical abilities or others, flight, etc. although on a greater scale if she wishes to be able to see psychic energy while doing so.

Strengths: Mari’s Telekinesis is a very all rounded magic. It offers good support as she is able to enhance her own abilities as well as others and at the same time boasts good offensive and defensive capabilities when used properly. Of course, she has the option to activate her psychic sense, the thing unique to her. Her abilities are enhanced greatly when it is activated and gives her even greater power. A nice benefit is because she can see psychic energy if she wishes to, she now has a greater advantage over normal psychic mages as she can see what they are doing with the psychic energy. With her psychic sense is awakened, she is capable of learning other spells and if they are a rank below the psychic sense or at the same rank, she does not need to cast the spell in order to gain access to that particular lower rank (or same rank) spell. If she does cast it though, those spells are enhanced.

Weaknesses: Like all other kinds of magic, the Mari’s telekinesis has its downfalls. First of all, she must really know what she manipulating or have to be able to see it in her line of vision. It also is weak against physics magic. When using other spells minus telekinesis, she needs to be able to see or sense the psychic energy, even the other things that other telekinesis mages might be able to do without looking at the psychic energy such as self-support (although they would have had to be really talented to be able to do that). This means she is unable to cast spells more complex than her psychic sense allows for bar telekinesis the actual spell. In the case of telekinesis the spell, she is only able to manipulate what the area rating for the spell suggests they can manipulate. This also means that without using psychic sense, she is unable to tap into their fully tap into her potential of learning the magic. One last disadvantage of Mari’s telekinesis is the fact that it is a very draining as in order to get the full potential of one spell, she must also use her psychic sense spell and be able to sustain it in addition to the MP used of that spell.

RP Sample:
The cool breeze wrapped it's arms around the swaying tree causing shivers of goosebumps to crawl across the blonde girl's bare arms.

Why couldn't she have thought about bring some form of a jacket? In all honestly she didn't have an answer to that. She had decided several hours before that no jumper was needed and that the cold wouldn't bother her. How wrong did she turn out to be. She was freezing up in the tree. And apparently hot air rose. Screw that theory. did seem like the ground was colder.

Vera turned her gaze to the ground and gulped nervously. How far up was she again? The ground seemed like it had been miniaturised to a quarter of its full size. She did like heights but this...this was different. She was clinging on a thin branch for one. The way it was swaying precariously in the wind would be enough to make any sane person at least a touch nervous. Well looking at it wouldn't help her in the slightest would it.

After a while of a one-sided staring match at the ground, the mage gave up trying to win and averted her line of sight to the skyline just above. It didn't matter that she was playing who-can-hold-on-in-the-wind-for-the-longest-time at this current point. She had intended of doing something before climbing up after all so she would at least attempt to do it even if she died trying. She shuffled her feet cautiously from the branch and began to climb nearer to the trunk. A faint cracking noise sounded in the background but it didn't seem to reach her ears.

Soon she thought. In the mean time maybe she wou-wait. Why was the ground growing bigger?

It was all she could do but stare wide-eyed at the incoming ground. She didn't even have time to scream before her body decided to greet the ground with a face plant.

Stuff that thought about trying and dying.

Username: Lena

Face Claim: Mui Aiba - Magical Warfare

Desired starting level: 3
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You are APPROVED to start at LEVEL 3 unless a higher ranking staff says otherwise.

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