Yang Xiao Long

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Yang Xiao Long

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Yang Xiao Long

Power - ****
Agility - **
Toughness - ****
Intelligence - **
Willpower - ***

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Yang Xiao Long
Alias(es): Blonde Bombshell, FireHeart Yang, Goldilocks
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Birthday: February 14th
Sexuality: Straight

Height: 181cm (5’9”)
Weight: 65Kgs (143.3 pounds)
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Violet

General Appearance: Yang Xiao Long is generally tall for her age and is well developed in all areas of her body, she likes to make herself look like the pretty girl whilst still dressing in combat ready clothes. She wears a tan vest with gold sequins over her yellow, low-cut crop top with a black burning heart crest on her left breast. Her vest has puffy sleeves with black cuffs with golden buttons on the side. She wears a brown belt with a pouch to hold her items. Her belt is almost big enough that it covers her small black shorts that she wears underneath it which when you look from the back looks like she is wear a pleated white skirt that she wears over the shorts but under the belt at the back.
Other than her orange scarf she wears around her neck, she has no noticeable jewellery as she believes it would be unconventional to have it during a battle and it would only be a hindrance. She doesn’t need any jewellery to make herself seem pretty, her long wavy blonde hair and her D cup breasts make it so no boy can only look at her once. She knows this and she flaunts it by the clothes she wears.
Her long blonde hair becomes lighter in colour at the tips and flows in a loose and messy manner, with a few locks sticking out and a small cowlick on top of her head. She has a pale complexion and lilac eyes. Her hair seems to burst into flames the longer she fights. Her eyes turn red and her hair produces more fire when she becomes angry.

Personality: When someone is asked to describe Yang Xiao Long, the most dominant thing people say is that Yang would teach someone to swim by pushing them into the deep end of a pool. She is very charismatic towards her friends and especially boys that she likes but sometimes her cheerful playful side takes over and she tends to not think before she acts. When she does think she would probably still do the same thing, the way she lives if something is blocking your way, knock it down with force. She is a very straight forward and confident girl, which is displayed in her choice of clothes and fighting style.

When out and off duty Yang tends to be incredibly flirtatious, this is because she knows what she wants and knows exactly how to get it. Knowing that all guys are perverts and will do whatever she asks if given the right bargaining chip, she could get away with almost anything. This plays into her life on and off duty as there is always something that Yang wants.

Now Yang may be all happy go lucky but when it boils down to it, there are still plenty of things that can get her mad. When fighting, the moment a hit is placed on her the smile goes away and her eyes turn red, and her hair stands on ends, it makes it look as if she is on fire. Yang’s temper can also be displayed off the battle field as she is very protective of her look and doesn’t want to lose the perfection that has taken her years to get.

If a strand of hair falls from her head or a drop of water is spilled on her clothes, the people around her better go running scared as the same as when in a battle Yang goes crazy.
- Yang loves boys and being flirtatious, she always has been. Being the centre of attention has always been something Yang has strived for.
- Alchohol, being 19 Yang knows how to liven up the party and a few drinks and a wet T-Shirt competition is just the thing Yang loves to do when times are slow.
- The most important thing and the thing Yang likes most in the world is her look, she takes twice as long as any other person to get herself prepped and perfect for the days activities.
- Other good looking girls. Yang knows she is good looking but can’t help but get jealous when another good looking girl is in the room and is getting more attention than her.
- Books, Yang hates to read because it is slow and boring. It makes people quiet and non-sociable.
- Being Dirty, For Yang to keep up her image and to get boys to like her, she needs to keep clean and beautiful at all times. She will do whatever she can to stay clean, no matter what.
- The thrill and excitement of adventuring, Yang hates to sit still so the fact that danger could be just around the corner makes Yang go on.
- Yang lives and breathes off of praise of her good looks and abilities. If she is ignored, she goes into a slump and will try and prove herself to the one who ignored her.
- Being alone, Yang has grown up and always been with other people. If she was to one day wake up and go into town or go somewhere without someone she would soon begin to fall apart.
- Bugs. Anything slimy, crawly or just plain weird looking makes Yang Jump and scream. She will brutally brutally murder the bug until it’s complete existence is gone.

Occupation: Guild Mage
Family: No blood family.
Medical Conditions: N/A
Pets: N/A
Hometown: Magnolia
- Yang loves chocolate to the point where she goes and vomits it back up in order to not gain weight and lose her fantastic figure.
- Her original hair colour is Orange.


Yang grew up in Magnolia Town admiring the Guild Fairy Tail, the people who walked in and out of that base were all such strong, fantastic and handsome people. At a young age Yang and her sister would run around the town pretending they were a part of the guild, Yang however only did it when she knew no one else was around. She liked playing with her sister but she didn’t want to be dorky so she kept it a secret, she instead kept herself looking grown up and mature. Yang had always had a thing for looking good and pleasing people but as she got older the want for that rose and she began to leave her sister out of her life.
Yang was 14 when her mistake of shutting out her sister made everything that much worse. Her life and her sister’s life changed far more than they could every dream, their parents split and decided to each take one daughter. At first Yang didn’t really care as she was busy hanging out with friends and making herself the centre of attention, nothing changed for her. Slowly and slowly it started to sink in, she screwed up and completely blocked Ruby out of her thoughts and out of her life. It was too late now for her to change everything back but she had to do something.
The next 5 years went by slowly, Yang couldn’t figure out what to do and had given up, she could get it out of her father where her mother and Ruby had gone and she was too young to go out and look for them herself. She began to disown her father and cursed out her mother as well for tearing them apart like that. She ran away from home and used her beauty charm and figure to get by in the city alone. She even began to fight and train to get out all her anger but no matter what every time she got hit a bit of the anger came out and she would go into a frenzy, all her compressed memories would fly out and there is nothing she can do to stop it.
At the age of 19, now Yang has decided that what’s done is done and all she can do now is enjoy her life. She didn’t change anything because that is who she is, but sometimes she can’t help but miss her goofy little sister that she would play Guild Mage with. Yang has grown up though and along with the constant partying she needs a job and she decided, what better job to have then to work in a place that she could ways remember her sister. Now is the time, the time for Yang to do something that will truly make her happy, The time to join the Fairy Tail Guild.

[Guild & Magic]

Guild: Fairy Tail
Guild Tattoo: Her guild tattoo is placed below the right side of her neck around her collar bone.

Magic: Fire Magic
Caster or Holder: Caster
Description: Fire Magic is one of the basic elements of magic and is normally one of the most aggressive. The fire magic can be displayed by the amount of hatred or emotion the user has. It is a very offensive magic with very little defensive capabilities.
Strengths: Fire magic, being very offensive could cause the most physical damage of all the magic as it can be used to burn, smoulder and destroy anything in its path. It is great at area of effect damage as it can easily spread and cause the same damage as if it was pinpointed to one spot from the sheer heat and power of the magic. Against magic such as Ice Magic Fire magic has the upper hand and is fairly effective against defensive time magic as it has the area of effect qualities.
Weaknesses: Being almost entirely offensive the main weakness of fire magic is that the user must keep attacking, if they stop and allow their opponent to gain some ground for just a few seconds they will be overcome and the battle could completely flip out of their favour. Fire magic can be taken care of if the opponent has a way of smothering the magic or taking away area for the user to cast as most fire magic requires a large area for the full attack to come through.

RP Sample:

Yang sat at the bar on a spinning barstool, after downing her drink she turned around crossing her right leg over her left and putting her elbows on the bar. She scanned the area, looking for someone who would be happy enough to pay for her meal. Her beautiful violet eyes went back and forward across the pub studying every male in there, some were too ugly, some were clean and some just looked plain poor.

Suddenly the pub door flung open and in walked a tall dashing and handsome man, Yang smiled and evil grin as the plan went through in her mind. The man walked up to the bar and sat next to her ordering a meal for himself. Yang smoothed out her skirt and yang at the top of her crop top shirt, making sure she looked good.

She leant over the man rubbing her body against his arm as she spoke. “You don’t look like you are from around here big guy.” She giggled afterwards as she watched the man pay her no attention. She took a step back and let out a little hmph as she stamped her foot on the ground. She pulled down the zipper on her jacket and yanked at her crop top again, this time it had to work.

She tapped the man on the shoulder and tried to look as cute as she could. The man didn’t turn around, she tapped him again and he lifted up his hand signalling her to stop. This was the last straw she pulled on the man’s shoulder turning him around and as he did she raised her clenched fist and punched him on top of the head knocking him to the floor. The rest of the pub went quiet, not even whispers could be heard as Yang walked out. Angered and disgusted by the fact that she was ignored. The man at the bar yelled at her “Hey! You didn’t pay for your meal.” But she was already gone.

Username: Yang Xiao Long

Face Claim: Yang Xiao Long from RWBY

Desired starting level: 2? I don’t know what I need to be 3


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Re: Yang Xiao Long

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Hiya, welcome to ftr!

First off we don't mind you basing a character off of another character,but you can't just transplant Yang into the site.so a bit of work needs done there.

Bump when things are taken care of.


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Re: Yang Xiao Long

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This character has been archived due to inactivity.


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Re: Yang Xiao Long

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