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O Discordia! [Shadow Heart (C)] Empty O Discordia! [Shadow Heart (C)]

Post by Abigail Parker on Fri Aug 22, 2014 10:54 pm

(NOTE: This mission is the twin of another mission: "Caught In The Web Of Duty". Neither mission can be attempted on its own. Both missions must be taken and then played out in a single topic.)

Request name: O Discordia!
Request rank: C
Guild: Shadow Heart
Client name: Rebecca Flagg
Objective: Stealing a book of black magic from the royal library in Crocus.
Location: Crocus
Reward: 10 exp
Request description: “To any parties that may be interested, I am looking to hire a crew of about four mages for a little heist I have planned. See, it's come to my attention that the royal library in Fiore's capital of Crocus holds the only copy of a certain book of magic which I would like to acquire. It is mostly ritual magic, nothing which need concern you. Normally I would simply waltz in and take it myself, but the book is being kept in a vault that is sealed shut, and it is undoubtedly under heavy guard. Obviously, I cannot do this alone. So I've chosen to hire others to do the job for me. How you choose to get into the vault is your business. I just want the job done. But be warned, the Magic Council may have caught wind of my plans, and will have assigned some of their own people to guard the vault. They may even seek outside help. You will be paid five thousand jewels each once I have the book in my possession.”
Request details:
-Meet the client in a dingy, abandoned apartment building on the outskirts of Crocus. She will go over the details of the job once more for clarity, and answer any questions you may have. She will also provide suggestions on getting into the vault if asked. Once everything has been discussed, she will tell you where to meet her to deliver the book: an abandoned church in the northeastern quarter of the city.

-Make your way to the royal library and begin casing the interior. The vault is in the cellar, underneath about thirty feet of pure concrete. The cellar door is behind the clerk's desk near the entrance, and is made from solid steel and barred.

-Once you've cased the library, enact your plan, whatever it may be, and make your way down to the vault. The usual guard detail has been replaced by outside forces; Magic Council, guild mages, freelancers, or a mix of all three. You'll have to defeat them to get into the vault.

-If/when you've dealt with the enemy, enter the vault, claim your prize, and bring it to the drop off, where you will be paid the full reward by the client.

-If the opposition proves too strong, feel free to retreat to the drop off point. The client will be disappointed, but will still play you half the offered reward so that you don't walk away empty-handed.



O Discordia! [Shadow Heart (C)] Darksorceress
Name: Rebecca Flagg (Presumably an alias)
Age: 51
General Appearance: Stands at about six feet even, and weighs roughly 111 pounds, give or take. Almost all of her physical features are obscured by a hooded priest's cassock, though it is easy to notice her deathly pallor and emaciated form regardless. Eyes are blood red, and hair is black and unevenly cut. Branded on her left hand, between her thumb and index finger, is the symbol of a red eye.
Personality: Cold and mysterious. Never gives a straightforward answer when questioned about her goals. Misanthropic and nihilistic to the absolute core. When she speaks, her tone is either whimsically psychotic, or that of thinly veiled contempt for everyone and everything around her.
-Sewing chaos and dissent for its own sake.
-Gaining power.
-Her sister.
Spells/Abilities: Though she is presumably a mage, she will be far away from the action, and as such will have little need to put her magic on display.
Other: N/A

O Discordia! [Shadow Heart (C)] WQ6uH45

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My song of the end
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