Caught In The Web Of Duty [Council, Light Guilds, Guildless-C]

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Caught In The Web Of Duty [Council, Light Guilds, Guildless-C]

Post by Abigail Parker on Fri Aug 22, 2014 10:58 pm

(NOTE: This mission is the twin of another mission: "O Discordia!". Neither mission can be attempted on its own. Both missions must be taken and then played out in a single topic.)

Request name: Caught In The Web Of Duty
Request rank: C
Guild: Fairy Tail, Blue Pegasus, Lamia Scale, Magic Council, Mercenary
Client name: Moredekai Argon
Objective: Prevent the theft of a tome of dark magic from the royal library in Crocus.
Location: Crocus
Reward: 10 exp
Request description: “This notice is going out to every Council outpost, legal guild, and every mercenary board in Fiore. The Magic Council has recently received a tip about a plot to try and steal a book of black magic from the vault of Crocus' royal library. The word on the street is that somebody is looking to hire dark mages to carry out the job. We don't know who that somebody is, or who they've hired, but we know when the heist will be attempted. The Council is requesting the aid of a group of mages in guarding this book, whether they be our own men, mages from any of the legal guilds, or civic-minded free agents. You will be compensated appropriately for your efforts.”
Request details:
-Meet Moredekai outside the royal library. He will explain the layout of the building to you, and inform you of where you will be posted. He will also answer any questions that you may have. Once everything is discussed, Moredekai will leave you to your duties, telling you to meet him at the Council's outpost near the royal palace when the chaos has blown over.

-Once inside the building, make your way to the door behind the clerk's desk. You'll be allowed through, since the library's staff is aware that you are to guard the book. The door leads down to the vault where the book is kept. Once you are inside, the door will be barred behind you. Make your way down to the vault and begin your watch.

-It doesn't take long for the action to start. As Moredekai predicted, a group of dark mages begins their assault on the library in an attempt to steal the book. You must fight them off, either until they retreat or you manage to knock them out.

-Once the thieves have been subdued or driven off, report to the rendezvous to receive your payment.

-Conversely, if the thieves manage to make off with the book, go to the Council outpost as ordered. Moredekai will be disappointed, but still comp you half of the promised reward.



Name: Moredekai Argon
Age: 25
General Appearance: A ruggedly handsome man, Kai is often seen wearing dark clothing and wielding a large dark sword. When he is not trying to look official for his father's council meetings, he often wears a cocky grin and a look in his eyes that dares you to give him an excuse to use his power. He is lean and muscular, and to many considered a heartthrob. Often he wears a short shoulder-covering cloak and wrappings around his arms that match that of the wrappings around his sword's hilt. Despite his naturally unruly hair, he manages to look decently tidy when he needs to.
Personality: Kai is several things to several people. On the one hand, he is a highly competent and loyal servant of the Magic Council, wishing to do his father proud. On the other, he's a cocky, headstrong, and gung-ho individual, relishing a good fight. He has been known not to take fights seriously enough, but with his vast skill with a sword, he rarely has to to come out on top.

He is one of the Magic Council's most favored Paladins, and he knows it. He is a skilled leader of his team of wizards, and is famed for having personally led the assault on several of the former dark guilds.
-To become strong.
-To serve the Magic Council.
-Losing his sister.
Spells/Abilities: Moredekai knows an extremely aggressive form of wind magic, but since he is simply in a coordinating role for this operation, he will be far away from the action. Therefore, his abilities will not be put to use.
Other: N/A


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My song of the end
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Re: Caught In The Web Of Duty [Council, Light Guilds, Guildless-C]

Post by Crisis on Tue Oct 28, 2014 3:13 am

Well, I finished it. Assuming no one else comes in to bother me, anyway. Do I still report these things? Anyway, here's the link.

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