Kade Lazarus Spells 4

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Kade Lazarus Spells 4

Post by Kade Lazarus on Sun Aug 24, 2014 3:15 pm

Breathe Light:
Spell name: Breathe Light
Element: Light
Rank: 4
MP cost: 30 MP
Effect: Kade inhales before exhaling a ball of light. Though the ball is not extremely fast, it does knock back the opponent it hits. The ball travels until it makes contact with something, glowing and lighting the area as it does so. The ball of light is around three feet in radius, similar to a large beach ball.

Power: ****
Speed: *
Area: 0
Extra: **
Ranged*, Radiant(Free), Impact*

Trip Kick:
Spell name: Trip Kick
Element: Light
Rank: 4
MP cost: 30 MP
Effect: This spell is very simple. With the usual burst of light this spell is delivered usually in a kick. It can he delivered as a punch, with similar effect. It strikes the opponent, knocking them back with speed and a great force of power. It is designed to be used as a trip or a leg sweep, using the extra impact to ensure unbalancing the opponent. The increased power will often injury opponents enough that they will struggle getting back on their feet after this as well.

Power: *****
Speed: *
Area: 0
Extra: *

Radiant(Free), Impact*

This is an update of the Breathe Light spell found Here. I am updating it from rank 2 to rank 4. So I will need 1000 words to make the difference in training. The second spell is Kade's free 4th level spell for leveling up.

Kade Lazarus
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Re: Kade Lazarus Spells 4

Post by Maxus on Sun Aug 24, 2014 7:19 pm

Breath Light is good for training.

Trip kick is approved for use.

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