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Post by Christopher Langdon on Sat Aug 30, 2014 3:23 am

Cost: 5,000 jewel


Picture of Cygnus:

Description: Cygnus ‘The Swan’ is a fluffy cygnet that has yet to evolve into a beautiful swan. It is friendly, tries to help but unfortunately, is not particularly intelligent. It does, however, try it’s hardest at all times. Appearance wise, it's upper body is a light aqua whereas it's lower body is a baby blue. It also has a yellow beak and legs.
Rank: 1
MP Cost: 10/post
MP: 70

Power - ****
Agility - ****
Toughness - **
Intelligence - *
Willpower - ****

Special Ability – Butler:
Cygnus has the ability to summon non-violent objects from the Celestial World for its key holder. This can be anything from a pen to a set of clothes. However, because it is only non-violent objects, weapons, armours and the likes cannot be summoned.

Spell Name: Intimidate
Element: N/A
MP cost: 10
Effect: Cygnus adopts an intimidating face which it uses to instigate fear into its opponents. It debuffs their willpower and lasts for one post after the spell has been cast.
Power: **
Extra: *Debuff, *Lingering

Alpha Form:
Spell Name: Alpha Form
Element: N/A
MP cost: 10 (Sustain: 5)
Effect: Cygnus gathers energy around itself and transforms into a bigger version of itself. It gains a buff onto its power
Power: *(**)
Extra: *Target Self, *Buff, *Sustained
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