Event Mission: Retrieving What Was Lost

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Event Mission: Retrieving What Was Lost

Post by PatriotArrow on Sun Sep 07, 2014 7:58 pm

Request name: Retrieving what was lost
Request rank: B- requires 2 people at minimum
Guild: Event (GMed)
Client name: Ranor Taiga
Objective: Retrieve Vanix's swords that were stolen by Shadow Heart
Location: Magnolia
Reward: 15 exp
Request description: "One injustice is enough! Salvage the situation."
Request details:
-Meet with Daren Lungren who witnessed the event in which the swords were stolen.
-Find the location of the hideout headed by a wind mage who was given one of the blades by the Shadow Lord
-Defeat Kirin Amer, the wind mage who has one of the swords as well as his henchmen
-Bring the sword back to Fairy Tail
*Minimum post requirements 3 per member‏


Name: Daren Lungren
Age: 18
General Appearance: Daren is a young mage who happened to be at Fairy Tail when the Shadow lord attacked. Thanks to his magic he was able to remain as a fly on the wall (albeit one that had to move to a different part of the wall) as he watched helplessly. Thanks to not having been in the thick of things he was able to notice details most of the others didn't.
b]Personality:[/b] Quiet and normally difficult to notice even when he isn't using his magic, Daren is an intelligent and vigilant person. Despite being somewhat paranoid he has only the best wishes for his guild and has been somewhat melancholy since the attack. When the mages approach him he takes a bit to actually gather himself and give the information, even more so if the mages are non fairy tail as he is paranoid of spies and people working secretly for Shadow heart.
Motivations: Vanix was the Ace of Fairy Tail. For him to have been taken out, his best friend injured, and his swords stolen on top of the destruction of his guild and death and injury of family members it's unforgivable. In order to try to assuage some of this, he wants to at least get Vanix's magic weapons back from the hands of evil before they are used to commit some sort of sin against another guild or group.
Fears: Daren is deftly afraid of another attack, more deaths of his friends and family, and being in crowds (although the last one is less recent). He is also afraid that Vanix might never return.
Spells/Abilities: Daren uses sight make magic. He specializes in invisibility, blinding, and recording spells so he is more of an information gatherer.
Other: Being stern or angry with him will cause him to clam up. It's best to be patient and kind when asking him for information.



Name:Kirin Amer
Age: Unknown (he wears a mask)
General Appearance: Kirin wears a long red scarf and a mask with multiple eyes. It is said by the guild members of shadow heart that he actually has that many eyes underneath the mask (though that is mostly hearsay since no one has seen his face). His physique is very muscluar and he is obviously a melee combatant.
Personality: Cold, cocky, calculating, and ruthless, Kirin is one of the Shadow Lord's "the Shade's right hands" though he is ranked enough to lead the others. No matter the threat Kirin has a reputation for overcoming it. It is said that he is planning an attack on Lamia Scale (though only among the inner escelons of Shadow Hearts' leadership).
Motivations: Seeking to make good on the words of their leader, Kirin endeavors to replace the Shadow Lord's croney Noburu and help take over Fiore. Firmly under the belief that not only are the guilds corrupt and worthless, he believes most holder mages in general to be his prey.
Fears: Kirin fears only the Shadow Lord and holds a begrudging fear of Noburu. Past those two, the only other thing he fears is failure. Even if he dies as long as he succeeds he will happily fight against whatever the threat.
Spells/Abilities: Kirin specializes in dread weapon mastery. He us able to take another holder or requip mage's weapons and make them work for him. The more powerful the weapon the more capable he is with it. So far the weapons he has stolen include-
Desert storm- A large curved scimitar that allows him to use the following spells
[desert wind= A powerful gust of wind blows against enemies, forcing them backward or down to the ground and laced with cutting bits of sand- Power:***, Speed:***, Ranged, impact]
[Burning aura= Kirin coats himself in a fiery aura that burns his enemies and sets fire to whatever he or his blade touches- Power:(**)***, Targets self, burning***]

Sleeve of silent death= This oni bow fire arrows of magical energy, often laced with his spells.
[Shatterspike= Lacing his arrows with the power of his murderous intent, Kirin laces his arrow with magic power to fire at shields and the like. Power: *****, Impact]
[Nice try= Once again lacing his arrow Kirin fires a piercing arrow meant to paralyze his opponents. Power:****, Binding, piercing**]

Sky Oath and Wind dancer= Formerly Vanix Tracy's former weapons, Kirin wields these with deadly purpose and his corruption is evident as sections of the blades have started to turn black. Still he had not fully mastered these weapons and so he has not unlocked all of their spell potential.
[Dance of blades= Kirin spins and swings sky oath as a huge wave of wind lashes out from his weapon, cutting everything in its path. Power:***, Speed: ***, Area:*, Cone]

[Dark Ascension= This spell allows Kirin to fly, dodging attacks as long as he's in the air Power: (**)*, Speed: ***(**) , Flying, High speed, Targets self]


Name: The Shade's fingers (There are 10, but only five are ever with Kirin at once)
Age: Ages Vary
General Appearance: The shade's fingers vary in appearance, gender, tactic, magical ability, and talent but all of them possess a sense of duty and devotion (a fact mirrored by their uniforms).
Personality: The group will often fight in groups of two, though they aren't famous for overwhelming their opponents with numbers. Each member has a sense of honor, superceded only by the need to accomplish their task. All of them will drop what they are doing in order to come to the aide of Noburu, the Shadow Lord, or Kirin, in that order.
Motivations: The Shade's fingers are dedicated to their task primarily because they were adopted young and trained by Noburu. Each one is thankful for freeing them from a life of toil and struggle and making them strong. Because they've never had anyone else to back them up, and this is the only way of life they know, they all live for and will die for Shadow Heart.
Fears: The group collectively fears nothing, though each of them does fear the dissolution of their guild and home, returning to being an orphan or being homless, and failing to protect the three they have been charged with protecting.
Spells/Abilities: Each of them is equipped with a weapon whether or not that had anything to do with the magic they actually use. Most of then use some sort of shadow magic whether it's holder or caster based, although one of them uses buffing spells almost exclusively for shadow mages and specializes in being invisible.


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