Tales of a Gunslinger [Lamia Scale (Group B)]

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Tales of a Gunslinger [Lamia Scale (Group B)]

Post by PatriotArrow on Mon Sep 08, 2014 2:31 pm

Request name: Tales of a Gunslinger
Request rank: Group Mission Rank B
Guild: Lamia Scale
Client name: Virec Pyrestone
Objective: Stop the group of wizard bandits from robbing the train... again.
Location: Oshibana Town
Reward: 15 exp
Request description: We need some good men and women to help with the bandit problem spreading around Fiore. In this case, we have good men and women being robbed when they try to take a train!
Request details:
Virec Pyrestone is waiting in Oshibana, wrapped up from an injury when he tried to stop the robbers last time. He tells the group that they should ride the train and make sure the people are safe, because lately it's been robbed multiple times since the Magic Council is "busy." If they see the bandits, they should stop them and make sure they know not to mess with the railway again!


Name: Viric Pyrestone
Age: 33
General Appearance: A rugged cowboy type through and through, Viric wears rather typical 'western' style clothing. At his hip is a lacrima-infused revolver. He sports a large black cowboy hat on his head, and a shoulder wound from a gunshot of some kind on his left shoulder.
Personality: A gruff kind of gentleman, he treats any male character with respect and any female character like a lady, albeit a capable magic-wielding lady. His primary concern is the people of the railway. He used to be a railway guard until his injury took him out for a month or so, and he often curses his superiors for taking him out when the people need him.
Motivations: Protect the people on the railway
Fears: People getting hurt without him around
Spells/Abilities: A holder revolver with fire-based magic
Other: Injured and out of commission for now.


Name: Ryan "Steel-Nerves" O'Malley
Age: 31
General Appearance: Seemingly an evil mirror to Viric, he embraces the old west look as well. He has a long black duster and a black cowboy hat, as well as a pair of revolvers at his hips. He has a scruffy look and a long scar down his right cheek.
Personality: O'Malley is brave, reckless, and intelligent, having led his little gang of bandits for years without ever getting caught. Now that the council is busy, he's gotten more reckless than ever before, happy to take people's money right from places he would have never touched before. For instance - the railways of East Fiore.
Motivations: Cash money
Fears: Way too little
Spells/Abilities: The right-handed revolver uses darkness-infused bullets, while the left uses steel magic to augment it. His spells are of a B-rank or lower power level.
Other: O'Malley is just a wee bit crazy at this point.


Name: The Skullkid Gang
Age: Various
General Appearance: They all tend to wear at least some form of cowboy-like accessories. There are five women and 15 men.
Personality: Rowdy, arrogant, brave
Motivations: Money
Fears: Their plans being foiled
Spells/Abilities: Various C-rank spells
Other: They aren't afraid to attack in groups. Every member seems to have (or ride with someone who has) a lacrima-powered off-road motorcycle


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Re: Tales of a Gunslinger [Lamia Scale (Group B)]

Post by Kotone on Wed Oct 22, 2014 10:37 am

Kotone, Kade, and Hannah are taking this.
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