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Oda Ryōta [Done] QCpXMG9

[Attributes] (Insert *'s in each category using the guidelines in the attribute topic)
Power -  ***
Agility -  *****
Toughness -  ***
Intelligence - ***
Willpower - **

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Oda Ryōta
Alias(es): The Devil or Shadow
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Birthday: September 22
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Height: 6’0 ft.
Weight: 210 lb.
Hair: White
Eyes: Blood Red, piercing gaze.

General Appearance:
Oda is a man of mystery never truly revealing his past to anyone, and this always being written on his face. Not truly a loner vibe but rather one of illusion and distance until you get to know him. His white medium length hair accompanied by blood red eyes seem to allude to a rather dangerous appearance for not many people around the world or rather that he has meet. His snow white hair always banged to the right side cover his eye on that side. In addition to this, he is usually seen wearing a black jacket with a red shirt underneath which has a white belt around it. The ends of the red shirt appear to be ripped/shredded. He also wears black jeans and a necklace that is wrapped twice around his neck with a golden or bronze colored key on it.

However, the greatest assist is not truly his pretty boy face, but the body that is hidden underneath. Standing at six feet and weighing in at 210 lb., he is pure muscle. Through the torturous training that his family put him through his body has been prepared to withstand many blows, and that is represented in the definition and detail of his muscles being that of a well-trained fighter.

Initially, Oda was; cheeky, cheerful, and full of mischievous ideas. He is also one of the quickest-thinking people that many people had ever known. He is confident in his abilities, often being humble about it, but when somebody compliments him, especially Rose, he gets easily embarrassed. However, his ruthlessness and aptitude in killing shows the other side of him — deadly, violent, and bloodthirsty. Having been tortured since birth, Oda has been conditioned to possess extreme tolerance for pain.

However, Oda is still carefree, hates doing any responsibility, and does not like to do much. That is how is life has changed in what seems the small amount of time he has been alive. The only other thing that keeps him carefree and sane is his sisters that he uses as rather exotic weapons.

However, most of the time Oda is portrayed as entirely self-interested and does whatever he likes as long as it pleases him in some way. He lusts for the thrill of killing powerful fighters in combat; likewise, he grows excited to meet any new people he deems worthy of fighting or anyone with potential to be a good fighter and entertain him in the future. However, he isn’t one to get off on this act, but rather simply enjoys a good battle and finds himself excited for knowing there are still many to come. Furthermore, he isn’t all about battle and seeking it but rather truly is mellow and sarcastic never targeting his guild members out of a sense of respect but knowing that one day many of them could find themselves on his list if ever the circumstances fit. While he tends to be mellow, outgoing, nonchalant, and rather sarcastic with his friends or people he finds enjoyable to be around he would rather say he has a completely different side when it comes to outsiders of his friends and respected comrades.

In addition, Oda is or at the least, can be sociopathic. While he does like people, he finds himself stating that, valuable one day could mean trash the next and could kill anyone with little to no reservation. He is completely self-centered and manipulative with all of these traits being indicative of sociopathic nature. He does not care for what has happened in the past as he is only interested in what could be amusing to him in the future or present. While Oda’s nature tends to be malevolent, he isn't an indiscriminate killer. While he has no problems killing anyone regardless of age or sex, he only kills people who are in his way or people he deems "worthy." As such, he is more simply amoral than flat out evil. He will even assist the people he deems “worthy” if there is "fun" in doing so or if it will make them stronger for a more entertaining fight in the future. So in addition to previously stated behavior, Oda cares about having fun and a good challenge which may or may not involve killing people.

There is one thing about Oda, however, that will never change and that is his undying love for music but to be specific he is in love with trap music putting it in his ears whenever he truly need to focus or when he finds something that he is going to give his full attention to. He usually has his headphones in and depending on his mood will depend on the song.

-"Sisters": He loves his sisters more than anything in the world and would do anything to protect them from harm.

-Taking naps: Simple is relaxing everyone loves taking naps here and there.

-"Worthy" people: They are the things that seem to drive him to grow forever stronger and stronger.

-Music: Music is what keeps him from going to his more bloodthirsty side, this is the thing that from his childhood left one of the biggest impressions to keep him calm.

-Bungee Gum: This is simply his favorite childhood gum.

-Cowards: Seeing as he loves combat and exciting confrontation he hates cowards in all sense that run from anything different and never venture to understand or attempt to break out of the norm and to become their person.  

-Dragon Slayers: He feels that dragon slayers are simply failures who claim to be something that they could never possibly hope to achieve. Being cowards in a sense never seemingly wanting to challenge their trainers to prove that truly they are what many people whisper tales of aka "dragon slayers."

-Boring Personalities: Seeing as the young man wishes to live a life full of excitement and adventure he hates seeing people with very boring personalities and uninteresting conversations. However, he also has a disliking for this for what happened to his sisters while he was away on a training excursion to prove his strength to protect his sisters to begin with.  

-Power: This being a rather cliche motivation it should be self explanatory, however, Oda does not simply wish for the power to destroy all that are before him but rather ultimate power in all aspects there being combat, social standing, social manners, infamy, and magical recognition.  

-Sense of Immortality: Knowing that immortality is nearly an impossible feat to achieve he has gotten the mindset of not truly being immortal, but rather just the sense of it. That means that he strives for his name to be forever spoken in stories and history books to reflect one of the most feared and dangerous mages to ever have been in existence.

-"Freedom": Seeing as he was always raised  taking orders until the faithful day he finally retaliated against his parents and family, he seeks to find a sense of freedom to travel the world finally and find everything that would give him joy and freedom.

-Living a Dull existence: He would rather go out in an early execution rather than living a long, dull existence, for he feels if you are simply living to survive and not achieve a greater sense of life than truly you don't desire to live period.

-"Love": Being raised as an assassin he fears that one day he shall find the emotion that many seek being love. That for an assassin only means a weakness that people may exploit and use to defeat you. Therefore, he fears falling into a state described as "love."

Occupation: Magic Council Paladin/Assassin
Family: Two sisters-
Oda Ryōta [Done] 1166843545_animegirl1
Oda Ryōta [Done] 225354-bigthumbnail
Medical Conditions: N/A
Pets: N/A
Hometown: Isle of the Hedge Witch
-His life as an assassin
-His "Sisters" being his weapons

The reincarnation of the devil would be born on September twenty-second late in the afternoon on a wonderful breeze filled day. His birth would be the continuation of his families’ gene pool and the start of what should have been a wonderful lifetime… Is that most people would say. However, truly his birth was a mere inconvenience to train yet another soldier to do the dirty work of the Ryōta family. He was born not of his family of mysterious assassins but rather was taken at the young age of two when his real father would have been the target of the current family head.  His life was taken down a greatly tragic and twisted road after that day; he would be treated merely as a project attempting to build the greatest assassin the family had ever seen. So his childhood instead of filled with screams of joy and excitement and a wonderful innocent smile were instead filled with screams of agony and despair and a smirk that only appeared when he found his blade, bullet, or fist hitting the mark of his target showing that day by day he was growing stronger.

Therefore, he wouldn’t truly grow to dislike the Ryōta family that he was taken into and eventually treated as one of their own after seeing the astonishing talent he had for merciless killing and ruthless displays to gain what he needed when he truly needed to have it; but rather would view the entire family minus his “sisters” as targets to show his final ascension to becoming the perfect assassin.  At the tender age of six, he was sent to stay on Isle of the Hedge Witch a place so dangerous that survival is the main priority one you arrive. His goal on this adventure is to come back a hardened killer able to take the life of anything and anyone with no hesitation or mercy.

Though this would be achieved in his late teens his personality as well would have taken a turn for seemingly the worst instead of being a cheeky, cheerful, and full of mischievous idea child, he would be reformed into an amoral monster that seeks only to challenge stronger and stronger opponents to seek to seemingly validate his worth so that once he returned he could hopefully bargain to be the personal guard for his two sisters. However, upon his return at the age of seventeen he would find his sisters were both killed. His mind would take a mortal wound so deep that his once seemingly bloodthirsty yet cheerful and innocent eyes would change into piercing eyes only seeking to survive and enjoy his life.

Therefore, after he returned he would take a few weeks of training his mind and spirit once more. While on this adventure to better himself he would see the first thing to spark his interest in leaving his so called family. This event would be called the Inter-guild tournament with that it would be his first exposed experience to magic as in view it in a combat sense and he would instantly fall in love with one that he saw being requppied magic. With that his goal would change from simply becoming the perfect assassin but also becoming one of the most powerful mage’s in history feared or respected by all. So with that he would send the next two years training and would then later leave his family to pursue his dream further, and his first stop would be becoming a paladin of the magical council.

(Seeing as my character doesn’t care for history I shall continually add arcs from In character actions once I begin roleplaying.)

[Guild & Magic]

Guild: Magic Council Loyalist
Guild Tattoo: Left side of his  pelvis & Jet Black
Magic: Fallen angel
Caster or Holder: Holder
Description: Oda’s magic is called Fallen Angel and allows him grow a pair of black wings while he wields is holder item named Kaoru. This magic grants the user an ability to levitate or fly while they are in possession of the holder item. This magic is simply an holder type magic that always for the user to gain access to wings that allow them to fly and or levitate and as well the wings equally act as weapons that can be used to send razor shape feather like daggers at a target or be used as a great shield. (Wings can still be used as speed boosters. However, cannot be used for flight until level 5.)

Strengths: This magic as the strength to proved a great offensive and defensive help to the user, for the wings that spawn once activated give a great variety of possibility for attacks and combination during battle. With the ability for close combat, mid-ranged combat that only leaves a small area of great weakness when it comes to opposing magics when having to battling for once life on the battlefield. In addition, to this there are a few other strengthts that should be more of common sense than needed to be stated. (This are darkness element wings. However, the ability to fly cannot be used until he furthers his magical prows.)

Weaknesses:  The main weakness of this magic would be light magic for it is a given opposite of darkness/shadow magic. So these spells tend to be more damaging to the weapon and to the wings if they are hit while other elements do standard damage light attacks get a rank boost in power once making contact with either the sword or wings. Another weakness, of course, being that if in mid-flight the wings were to be destroyed it takes a great deal of concentration to rebuild them. Therefore, it can become rather problematic if that event was to transpire.

RP Sample:

It would be a dusty desolate morning, the forest life still asleep with a light breeze blowing the tattered remains of his cover slightly his white hair the only other thing that could be seen if he would have been followed flowing from the inside of the hoodie on his head. A light smirk on his face for finally he had found his “home.” It had been many months traveling and questioning people finally to find the seemingly mysterious Magic council loyalist…

“Finally, you are within my grasp… Hopefully, they prove to be a worthy organization.”

He would have a wonderful smirk on his face as he would slowly let a stream of bloodlust flow from his body seemingly forming an aura of pure evil around him. However, this wouldn’t be powerful enough for anyone to realize unless they were in a five meter radius of him. His pace nice and steady as he would try and real in the blood lust before reaching the organizations main door. His adventure would finally be taking a turn for excitement and fruitful encounters.
Though his personality seemingly not fit for the Loyalist, he seeks for only entertainment and wonderful encounters making his decision even easier to stick with. He would become the amoral paladin that would lead great armies into battle to thrive and once more being the council back to their rightful thrown of power and unity.

Username: Oda Ryōta
Face Claim: Subaru from diabolik lovers
Desired starting level: Level three

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