New World Order (Council Crusader [B])

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New World Order (Council Crusader [B])

Post by PatriotArrow on Wed Sep 17, 2014 10:51 am

Request name: New World Order
Request rank: B
Guild: Council Headquarters in Era (Magic Council Crusader Faction)
Client name: Paladin Gorah
Objective: Arrest the Loyalist scum who oppose our rule.
Location: Kunugi Village
Reward: 15 exp
Request description: A group of Loyalists have set up camp in a small village. Wipe them out for the good of Fiore.
Request details:

The premise of the mission is rather simple: Recieve orders from Crusader Paladin Gorah, then travel to Kunugi Village. There is a "safe house" there where several known Loyalists are staying, disguised as mercenaries in the hopes of getting away with their vigilanteism. As a Paladin or Seeker of the New Order, you'll need to enter the safe house and take care of the traitors.


Name: Crusader Paladin Gorah
Age: 30
General Appearance: Gorah has dark skin and strangely orange eyes. her hair is slightly wild, but like that of a warrior. She is clad in Paladin armor, and is actually rather pretty, in a rough sort of way.
Personality: Gorah is rough around the edges, like her name almost seems to indicate. She hales from a remote location in Western Fiore, where the country is less civilized, and acts as such, despite her position in the Council.
Motivations: Destroy the Loyalist traitors
Fears: The Loyalists' lies undermining the Crusader's noble cause.
Spells/Abilities: B-Rank Holder magic imbedded in a large mace.
Other: N/A


Name: Loyalist Traitors
Age: Between tenty and thirty
General Appearance: The Loyalists are disguised as mercenaries, wearing assorted gear and clothing. There are three men and two women.
Personality: They like to preach about how they're the original spirit of the Council and how the Crusaders are taking away freedom, but really, the Council wouldn't have to take away any freedoms if people like the Loyalists would just follow the laws and respect proper authority.
Motivations: Helping the town and being Vigilantes
Fears: The Crusaders
Spells/Abilities: Varying types of C-Rank abilities
Other: The Loyalists are unwilling to go quietly, calling the Crusaders monsters and tyrants. You'll have to subdue them with force.


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