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Post by Christopher Langdon on Sat Oct 04, 2014 11:34 pm

Christopher wandered around. He had nothing to do. All he could be bothered to do was to lie down and look at the ceiling. Of course that was impossible since he was walking around in a town with an open sky. Maybe he’d go shopping. Was shopping bad for a guy? He didn’t think so. Shopping was alright. He needed more spells on his arsenal. His massive flop at the battle in Lamia Scale proved that. The only way he could do that would be to buy a holder weapon or buy a new key. Holder weapons were way too expensive in his opinion. Therefore, buying a new key sounded like the option to go to.

The boy milled around the shops for a while trying to find one that sold Celestial Keys. He didn’t think it’d be that hard since he never thought they were rare but life was proving him wrong at the moment. He walked around the village three times before he finally saw the shop selling keys. Well a shop. He couldn’t believe he had missed it. It was massive. Okay, maybe that was the reason why he missed it. Here Christopher was, thinking that his shop had to be tiny and dinghy. Kind of like in a stereotypical fishy shop selling magical goods. But alas, this shop was pretty grand. And didn’t look fishy at all. Bonus!

Christopher entered the shop and immediately was bombarded by a ton of holder weapons. Nope. That wasn’t what he was looking for. Not at all. But still. Shiny. The boy gave into his distractive thoughts and looked around, browsing the wares. Sharp, shiny, and way out of his league to use. How even did one use a holder weapon. Apparently they didn’t come with spells right off the bat which sucked. He needed more protection. Both in his mother’s eyes and his own. He was a pretty fail wizard as far as he was concerned and his current key didn’t help. Cygnus was great but not particularly good at fighting. He needed a key more… combat orientated.

Which reminded him why exactly he was at the shop in the first place. Christopher snapped himself out of the lull of looking at the weapons and forced himself to walk up the stairs to see the selection of keys. Woah. That was just as impressive. Christopher grinned and looked around the wares. As his eyes skimmed the prices, his mind thought exactly one thing – expensive, expensive, expensive. Also, way too high levelled for him to use. How much magical power did he have? That’s right, not that much.

And then finally, just as he decided he’d give up. He saw the magic key. Well, all of them were magic but this one was good. It was cheap (relatively) and he knew he could use it. Christopher immediately decided he’d buy this key. He picked it up and looked at it. Sparkfly. Hmmm. Sounded good. Possibly even combat related. Christopher took it up to the cashier and bought it.


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