Spheres of Influence (By Area)

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Spheres of Influence (By Area) Empty Spheres of Influence (By Area)

Post by PatriotArrow on Wed Oct 08, 2014 10:18 pm

Central Fiore
Crocus - Shadow Heart
Era - Crusaders

North Fiore
Blue Pegasus Guild Hall - Blue Pegasus
Shirotsume Town - Loyalists (Some Blue Pegasus presence)
Worth Woodsea - Loyalists

East Fiore
Hargeon Town - Shadow Heart
Onibus - Shadow Heart
Kunugi Village - Bandit Held
Oshibana Town - Crusaders
Clover Town - Shadow Heart
Magnolia - Fairy Tail

South Fiore
Cerulean Town - Crusaders
Lamia Scale Guild Hall - Lamia Scale
Hosenka Town - None (Those that try keep disappearing)
Oak Town - Shadow Heart

Beyond Fiore

Akane Resort Island - None

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