Flash Point: Kunugi Raid

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Flash Point: Kunugi Raid

Post by PatriotArrow on Thu Oct 09, 2014 1:17 pm

This mission is first come first serve, and anyone who posts that they are taking it with someone gets it. You have to actually have the partner to post, however.

Request name: Kunugi Raid
Request rank: B
Guild: None
Client name: Open; depends on who takes the mission.
Objective: Bandits currently hold the small village of Kunugi. Someone needs to step in and show them that we won't stand for their destructive ways.
Location: Kunugi Village
Reward: 15 exp; Faction control of area
Request description: The people of Kunugi are frightened and oppressed by foolish bandits. Liberate them.
Request details:

Somehow (determined by the RP'ers) your faction has caught wind that Kunugi Village is under the control of criminals, and the men, women, and children there are living in fear. The bandits need taught a good, hard lesson about what happens when you try and promote anarchy and destruction in Fiore.


Name: Kunugi Bandits x30; most of them don't have magic
Age: Various
General Appearance: Various ages and genders
Personality: Aggressive, hates that you've intruded on their new turf
Motivations: Money and power
Fears: Death; losing their money and power
Spells/Abilities: Various
Other: The bandits will give up if Old Deadeye is killed or otherwise incapacitated


Name: Old Deadeye
Age: 45
General Appearance: Greying hair, an eye patch, and light armor adorn this bandit. He carries a large, ornate bow that is obviously a holder weapon.
Personality: He's cocky. Very cocky considering he managed to take a town without anyone noticing. He's a bit of a coward deep down though, and a flashy enough display can make him lose his nerve. Of course, if that happens he'll likely throw his boys at the problem with reckless abandon.
Motivations: Money and power
Fears: Death, losing money and power
Spells/Abilities: B-rank wind magic/ Wind bow
Other: If he is stopped, it's all over and the village belongs to your guild or organization.


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Re: Flash Point: Kunugi Raid

Post by Crisis on Fri Oct 17, 2014 2:24 am

First! I will be taking this mission with Meneil's Saigara.

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