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Special Magic Guidelines

Post by PatriotArrow on Thu Oct 09, 2014 6:50 pm

Tips For Roleplaying Limited Magic

Though set spells and such may not be required, it might be helpful to have a quick list of how certain magics would still work in the world, especially Dragon Slayers and the soon-to-come God Slayers.

Dragon Slayers

Dragon slayers in the anime are immune to magic of the same element, and can eat all of that element they want except for god slayer versions of the magic and such. In our world, however, dragon slayers are simply resistant to the type of magic. They can still eat spells, though time must pass from one meal to the next. Mundane versions of the element in question can be eaten, but gives no benefit other than sustenance as if it were food. In addition, the dragon slayer is immune to any negative side effects of the character’s element. (Examples: The fire dragon slayer is immune to heat, and the ice dragon slayer can’t become chilly.)

God Slayers

God Slayers work exactly the same as dragon slayers, with the exception that they can eat dragon slayer magic. However, the magic of dragon slayers still affects them normally, and vice versa. This means that the fire dragon slayer and the fire god slayer can hurt each other normally instead of reducing the damage.

Celestial Wizards

When it comes to silver keys, a character is free to have what one would consider appropriate. That said, it would be highly beneficial to keep a record of what keys a celestial wizard has at any given time, since a celestial wizard’s spirits are like secondary characters of their own. Gold keys are still special, and can only be obtained if the character is given one in an event of some sort.

Takeover Magic

Takeover wizards are a lot like Celestial Wizards in the fact that each form is practically a version of the character, and part of that character’s overall identity.  A form is special, and should be added to the list of takeover forms for reference.

Re-equip Magic (Or requip magic)

Re-equip magic gives characters the ability to diversify by carrying lots of different items. Several, if not all of these items are an important part of the character, and should each have special mention once obtained, preferrably in the equipment section.


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