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Golden Key: Virgo Empty Golden Key: Virgo

Post by PatriotArrow on Sat Oct 11, 2014 2:43 pm


Golden Key: Virgo HzWOL4u6Ui4vnmu1cfRTW2T0o1_500

Rank: As owner
Description: this spirit appears to be a young woman, usually very pretty and always dressed in a maid’s outfit. Her features tend to change based on the user’s personal preferences, including her height and weight. Virgo is naturally subservient, and always happy to do as her summoner asks. She wields powerful earth magics. In the hands of Ava Brooks, she often assumes the form of an adorable pig-tailed child.
Spells/Abilities: In addition to her amazing abilities as a maid and servant, she wields powerful earth magic. With it, she can hurl boulders or tunnel through rock and dirt, or even destroy boulders and earth-based objects hurled at her.
Strengths: Earth magic is naturally defensive in nature, allowing Virgo to protect herself or her charge with relative ease. In addition, her powers grow with her owner, making her potentially incredibly powerful.
Weaknesses: Earth magic isn't the swiftest magic, with the exception of the incredible speed increase when it comes to digging of course. It has a large disadvantage against airborn opponents as well.

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