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Cain Tova
Cain's Theme

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   Power - * * *
   Agility - * * * *
   Toughness - * *
   Intelligence -* * *
   Willpower - * * *

   [Basic Information]
   Full Name: Cain Tova
   Alias(es): Azazel (Others cannot see the manifestation of Azazel but if permitted he can speak through Cain, thus he is also known as Azazel to some.)
   Gender: Male
   Age: 20
   Birthday: 07/01
   Sexuality: Straight

   Height: 5'10"*
   Weight: 150 pounds *

*Subject to change due to the nature of his magic

   Hair: Raven black hair that is short in the front and on the sides, however it goes down to his mid back in a long free flowing pony tail.

   Eyes: Cain's eyes are a soft baby blue although like his weight and height, they change in accordance to what 'configuration' he has undertaken with his magic.

   General Appearance: Cain is a 5'10" male, thin but with a slight muscular build although it hasn't been fully realized yet. His skin is a slightly pale color due to the constant contact with his weapon Azazel and the darkness magic it oozes, however it is smooth and lacks any real imperfections. Cain adorns himself in a cross between shirt and armor. What he wears at first looks like a normal shirt with a interlacing diamond pattern going from shoulder to shoulder with a curve down the chest. However upon closer inspection you can see vital points (such as the neck and under the arms) are lined with thin metal plating to offer some form of protection against sneaky blows.

This is a custom style he adopted shortly after he realized his combat situation when he obtained Azazel. He wears a leather glove on each hand for protection although they are 'fingerless' gloves as to not impede his grip or movement. His pants are plain and of matching color to the rest of his attire and his footwear consist of straight laced boots. On his left hip lays the source of Cain's power and despair, the decorated and cursed sword Azazel.

The scabbard that contains the sword and keeps most of the power in check is plain black with some kind of writing etched into it as part of the design, nothing amazing to the unknown but to the practiced seals which keep Azazel's darkness from running completely rampant while not in use. Once unsheathed however the blade which is fashioned in the form of a decorative katana is beautifully and skillfully made, lined with small red rubies which run down the center and with a single large one embedded within the hilt of the sword.

   Personality: Cain is an unfortunate soul who finds himself trapped in an impossible situation. At his core he is a good man with a strong sense of justice and a desire to be free. Although he does have bouts with loneliness and small bits of depression brought on by being homeless he is a man who sees the brighter side of things, a cup half full if you will. He is quick to stand up for what is right and is more than happy to be friends with you. Although he doesn't enjoy violence at the same time he will no hesitate to jump into a fight if he feels it is justified.

That said he does have some confidence issues as shown with his hesitation to join fairy tail earlier. He felt since he was so young at the time and he knew no magic he didn't deserve to be in the guild so although it was he dreamed he put it on hold until he could educate himself and grew a bit older. He also doesn't know how to handle romantic situations very well due to his lack of experience with them although he doesn't really think of romance that often. Sadly though, none of these good intentions and desires matter or will last forever.

Due to the curse of the sword he chose to bond with in order to save his own life he has been thrust into a situation which requires Cain to do things which defy his very core beliefs. He must inflict pain, suffering and even take lives at times to survive or at the very least be around situations which generate such anguished feelings. Slowly but surely this situation is twisting his mind and beliefs and in time he will grow brasher, colder and his sense of justice while remaining will become corrupted. But it will happen slowly as he is eroded away by his burden and it's doubtful he'll even realize it, not until it's too late anyway.

He currently has conflicting desires raging within him. The things he is forced to do to live make him think about ending it all to release himself. But he also feels doing that would be a dishonor to those who's lives have already been sacrificed so he could live. It would make all his pain and suffering pointless and the truth is he is afraid to die. Not a day goes by where Cain doesn't hate himself but he endures it and hides it. He puts on a good show as not to be seen as weak but as the constant taunting and whispers of Azazel remind him, he is nothing without his weapon.

   Likes: Justice: Although he has always had a sense of justice, the desire to see justice served has only increased since Cain has become afflicted with his curse both on others and himself. He believes all evil deeds should be answered for and he does not put himself above that, no matter the circumstance.

Fairy tail: Even though Cain would be considered an enemy of theirs now, his old dreams still haven't fully faded. Growing up he always admired fairy tail and it's members and he always wished to be apart of them. Although he knows that is impossible now, Cain still wishes he could.

Freedom: The driving force that drove Cain to become homeless at such a young age, Cain craves freedom. Freedom of speech, choice and action to do what you want, how you want and when you want. He believes this is an innate right all living beings should have. In some ways his curse grants this to him. In others, it denies it.

   Dislikes: Azazel: Although a constant presence in both mind and body, Cain despises Azazel. Although he can pretend to get along with him just so he isn't arguing with himself all day, Cain blames him for all his current troubles. He would like nothing more than to find a way to rid himself of Azazel.

Fighting: Though his life is now full of constant conflict in one sense or another, Cain detest violence. He is the kind of guy that much rather find a diplomatic solution as opposed to coming to blows although even in the past he would fight if he felt he must or to defend someone. Now though, he has no choice and it just worsens his distaste for it. Though over time, perhaps he'll acquire a taste.

Darkness Magic: The thing that embodies all his current problems and is the epicenter of the curse he now bears. Darkness magic is in many ways the natural evil of the world and it is what created Azazel and ultimately ruined Cain's life.

   Motivations: The first and current motivation Cain has is to find a way to control Azazel and the cursed power he currently has. Although he doesn't like it he does need to know how to use it or else he'll risk not only dying himself but perhaps taking people that don't need to die with him. Although he is fully aware of what he must do to survive now, Cain will do what he can to minimize the fallout. It is to this end he willingly joined up with Shadow Heart.

The second and most driving of his motivations is the desire to find a way to subvert Azazel and break there bond thus freeing Cain from his curse. Although this has never been pulled off before and there might not be a way to change his fate, Cain will do what he has to do. In the end, this is the true battle he must face.

   Fears: Cain's greatest fear is one that is slowly going to be realized day after day, every time he uses Azazel's power. The darkness and power it grants Cain is addicting, corrupting. It feels good and Cain is terrified of giving into this terrible power. He's afraid of becoming acustomed to it and perhaps even enjoying it and deep down he can sense it happening with every use. He doesn't want to lose the struggle and the thought of losing who he is, terrifies him.

The second thing Cain is truly afraid of is the thing that drove him to accept this cursed deal in the first place and that is the fear of death. Although as time goes on he wishes more and more he was dead as to stop himself from doing these things he has to do to survive, he simply has not the courage to end it himself and in many ways he feels it would dishonor those who have already suffered at his hands to extend his life. Death is something many fear but Cain is, admittedly a coward in it's face.

   Occupation: Guild Mage
   Family: None, Cain presumes them to be dead
   Medical Conditions: Struggles with Depression and has chronic nightmares
   Pets: No
   Hometown: Magnolia
   Secrets: The only secret Cain has is one so repressed that even he himself doesn't realize it yet. He likes the power. The feeling of crushing an inferior foe is exhilarating and he wants more of that power. He wants to grow stronger. But he won't admit this to himself much less anyone else. For now he doesn't even truly realize it. But in his deepest heart of's true.

Cain's History:
Cain had been an orphan for as long as he could remember. His parent's voices, there faces or even what it felt like to be coddled by them had long vanished from his memory. Although he had been bounced around a few homes, the rambunctious boy just couldn't sit still or adjust to family life so by his own choosing he left and hit the streets. He held no anger towards any of the families that took him in, in fact he came to love them all to a point. It's just that there was always something burning deep inside of him, a strong will to be free and being told what to do all the time by just restricted that freedom.

Life as a street orphan was difficult at first but within a few weeks he learned the best places to sleep, where he could go to get some food and even do a little work to earn some coin to buy some winter clothes when the time came around. Despite the seeming hardships of living on the streets and by yourself as a young child, Cain couldn't be happier. The freedom to be able to do what he wanted, go where he wanted and behave how he wanted was more than any family could give him. Despite that though, he did get lonely at times but instead of giving into the despair he instead filled himself up with hopes and dreams of a single ideal: To become a fairy tail wizard.

Even as young as Cain was, it was impossible not to know of the crazy misadventures of the Fairy Tail guild and although he could never work up the nerve to approach the guild in his younger years, nothing seemed to suit his ideals of freedom better and it would solve his loneliness as well. However as time passed life as one might expect got harder for the young boy. He started to grow older and the generosity of others started to become less and less. People started looking at him with less pity and more annoyance like they would any other homeless person. Because of this, in order to survive Cain was forced to change tactics to stealing and scamming.

He would never steal much and generally just food however Cain did have an innate sense of justice that even during these times where he was forced to break the law in order to survive, he couldn't help but service it in some way. So instead of stealing from vendors he instead would turn his sights on much more deserving and much more dangerous targets, generally local gang members. By the time he was into his late teens or early adult hood Cain had gained a reputation amongst the street roughens. Fast and slick it was said he could break into any warehouse or security vault you could put up against him and he'd be gone before you noticed. Cain even developed some fun little tricks to aid his escape in the form of poisoning guards before hand, although nothing fatal of course. Granted, the resulting food poisoning might make them wish they where.

As one might imagine with such a touch and go life style Cain ended up making a few enemies among the local gangs and it wasn't uncommon for him to be ambushed and get his ass kicked to the point of a hospital visit. But, none the less it was the freedom Cain had chosen and he didn't regret it for a minute. Besides, if he stopped stealing from criminals and started targeting good, decent people he wouldn't be able to live with himself or ever justify the dream of joining Fairy Tail. Although a little brash at times, that dream kept him good. But sadly like with many dreams, it wasn't meant to be a reality.

Fast forward to Cain's twentieth birthday and he is living a fairly decent life. Using the money he accumulated by selling off the stolen goods he got from local thugs he was finally able to afford a cheap place in the area, he had himself some decent clothes and had begun to study the basics of magic to prepare himself for finally joining up with Fairy tail. Over the years he had met many people on the streets, some of which actually ended up being his friends although most of them served as contacts, his eyes and ears if you will. One such friend known as Jonathan came by during the mid afternoon with some interesting information for Cain. One of the local gangs was getting a rather suspicious shipment in from across fiora that day. Rumors on the street said it was some priceless lost artifact that the gang boss was going to auction off.

At this point in his life Cain was attempting to go straight since he finally had enough money to live a low budget, but normal life. But the draw of that much money just waltzing into town to be sold off by some local thug, it was too good to pass up. So, against his better instincts Cain decided to go after the mystery artifact and sell it off for himself. Deny the creeps some money and make enough to have a good life in the process, it seemed like a win win in his own head. Come night fall Cain had already set up his trap along the road on the outskirts of Magnolia. The plan was rather simple actually. Cain had hired a few street thugs who weren't affiliated with any of the local gangs to fight and act as a distraction for a few couple jewels. To assist them and further enhance the distraction, Cain had crafted a few home made smoke bombs. They'll make a lot of noise and create a smoke screen but no one should get hurt.

Put the two together and the ruckus should be enough that Cain can sneak in, grab what he is after and make it out during the fighting. The sound of foot steps broke the night silence as the convoy of men which guarded the artifact approached and right on que the thugs Cain had hired stepped out in front of them to block there way. Words weren't even bothered to be traded as both sides drew weapons. Right on que and to minimize the chances of anyone actually getting hurt, Cain set off the smoke bombs blanketing the area in smoke. The sounds of weapons clashing against each other could be heard as he sneaked around the back of everyone, finding the one person who stayed behind and out of the fighting.

In his arms was a rather large box, tied up with some type of seals blanketing the box as if warding something off. Without hesitation Cain dug his elbow deep into the back of the man's neck in a surprise attack from the smoke filled night, causing him to stumble forward and drop what he was carrying. Before the surprised victim could recover and draw his weapon, Cain being speedy as he was had already grabbed what he was after and bolted off into the near by forest, giving a whistle to let the hired goons know they can retreat. Cain kept running deeper into the forest, doing his best to elude any would-be pursuers. Once he was confident he had evaded any tag along players he sat himself under a tree and started to look over this prize.

It didn't take long for curiosity to take hold and Cain slowly started to peel back the protective seals that sealed the box shut. Once he removed the last seal and opened up the box, a feeling of sickness and a hole in the pit of the stomach washed over him like a waterfall. He had read about this before in his studies, it was the effects of being near darkness magic. Looking down he observed the contents of the box after fighting back the dreaded feeling. It was an ornate sword laying next to a plain black scabbard. The sword had red rubies upon the blade which seemed to have a menacing glow to them and a single, larger jewel placed firmly in the hilt.

It was then that Cain made perhaps the single biggest mistake of his life. He reached down and placed his hand upon the blade lifting it out of it's box. Before he knew it a voice of beauty filled his ears. It was strange the voice was almost angelic sounding yet just hearing it made Cain almost vomit from a spike of terror and he didn't know why. It was his senses telling him something but instead of listening to them, Cain listened to the voice. It was greeting him, asking him who he was. Cain turned around to see a tall man who was as fair as any woman.

He had no shirt on but his bottom was drenched in crimson red and gold. His hands had ornate claws that looked like daggers. His hair was short and like his hawk like eyes shone a crimson red. The dreadful feelings inside of him aside, Cain was surprisingly calm staring at the unexpected presence. They began to chat in which the man explained who or rather what he was. He was the physical manifestation of the weapon Cain had just uncovered and his name was, Azazel. When asked how that could be true Azazel simply smiled and said magic has a way of doing things. Skipping over that though he went to his knees to be even faced with Cain and placed a clawed finger under him so there eyes met. He explained he wanted to make a deal with Cain.

The deal seemed simple. Azazel would grant Cain all the power he wanted, power which was stored within the blade and Cain himself and all Azazel wanted in return was to be fed. It was only when Cain asked what he wanted to be fed that he realized what true evil he had unleashed and the answer was simple. Pain and life. Cain was quick to reject the offer but Azazel just stared at him, slowly wrenching a wicked smile. He knew something Cain didn't and that was that Cain didn't shake his pursuers. Cain found out as a ball of fire rushed through the forest and blasted him in the chest.

The attack was of decent strength but Cain had been completely unprepared so the damage was extensive. All the while Azazel stood over Cain, looking down into his eyes telling him he could save his life. All he need do was say yes to the deal and let them bond. Cain still refused but as his pursuer, the one who blasted him with fire came into view Cain began to panic. He didn't want to die. Cain started asking Azazel for help to just save him but not only did Azazel refuse unless he would agree to the contract the man who was about to killed him thought Cain was crazy.

As it turns out only those who hold the weapon could see or hear Azazel. The pursuer started to prepare another fire ball that shined in the eyes of Cain. All he could see where the fires of hell coming to consume and end his life. He grew scared and thus made the mistake..he said "Yes." He would have been better off dead. With a sickening cackle an explosion of darkness magic erupted from the blade as Azazel melded back into it. It knocked the man attempting to kill Cain off his feet and the blade began to forcibly merge with his right arm. The pain was insurmountable as bone and sinew was torn from his body and made to form the arm of what later would be known as configuration Nemesis.

"This one time and this one time only, I'll take care of you kid...After this, it's up to you." Where Azazel's words before the now bladed arm shot forth of it's own will and to Cain's terror impaled the fire mage through the chest. The pain of the bladed arm reverting back to a normal, human limb as it was before was just as painful as it was when changing but Cain couldn't even process it this time. He was in complete emotional shock as he looked down at the blood that covered the sword Azazel and his own hand. What just happened and what would have to happen many times in the future went against Azazel so completely he just stood there for hours. He knew then that his dream of fairy tail was over. His life, was in a way over. So he did the only thing he could think to do. He started to walk, seeking out the one guild that perhaps could help him..Shadow heart.

The forging of Azazel:

The story of Azazel begins centuries in the past with a wizard who's name has long been forgotten from the annuls of history or the minds of men. He was neither spectacular or famous but he was talented and ambitious. A fan of Zeref and a dabbler of darkness magic, this wizard was both cowardly and dangerous. This man wanted nothing more than to create dark tools equal to the terror and might of the creations of Zeref. He dreamed of even usurping his fame as a dark wizard but of course he couldn't even come close. All his days he would toil away making trinkets of dark magic. Some placed curses, others were toying in death magic and fun ways to kill although, most of these all failed. But towards the end of his life the craftsman did managed to produce one jewel of an item, a sword forged with darkness magic and imbedded with gems which could contain souls and life force.

As the old wizard lay on his death bed he preformed one last act with his life that would set in motion death and destruction for years to come although none would know why or how. With his last breath the Wizard poured what little magic and life force into the weapon and using a prepared spell, teleported the blade into a forest far, far away deep into the country. The blade laid in waiting for years to be found and was hidden away by the seasons. One day however a young knight found it. His name also long lost to history but he began a cycle which would continue to renew itself. He used the powerful darkness magic in the blade to gain power and position and prestige, unaware of how much it was silently corrupting him and eating away his soul.

The knight's rapid rise to power made many of his former and older superiors jealous. They thought themselves cheated and more deserving. No emotion seems more powerful than jealousy. So it was no surprise that they formed a union with one another and together assassinated the knight while he slept. The knight's life force and magic unknown to anyone fed into the sword, as it's creator did before it. The elder knights sensing the power of the blade were smarter than the young man and disposed of it, hiding it deep within a cave. But this too would only serve to delay the cycle. For centuries this process would repeat. Someone finds the blade, they use the blade until they die and then go into the blade, feeding it's powers with life.

The blade as evil as it's origins are though grew more and more corrupt. The constant death surrounding it and the different life forces within the blade started to merge together and within a few hundred years it had become something more than just a simple, magical blade. It gained sentience. It had desires, wants and needs. The sword even gave itself a name, calling itself "Azazel." Thanks to this new found sentience it allowed it to produce results more quickly. It could manipulate beings now, draw living things to it. It could feed more regularly off the pain and destruction it so desired and through the years until present times it only grew more twisted and vile.

The powers it granted it's wielders even began to change from granting them simple darkness abilities to twisting there bodies at will into horrific amalgamations fueled by the darkness. It even decided to start forming 'contracts' with it's wielders. It's power for the wielders soul, so to speak. This contract in many ways was a spell. When agreed upon if the wielder should attempt to break the bond or go against the contract Azazel could and would kill them, taking there power for itself and restarting the cycle anew.

In present times Azazel could be considered an ancient though lost evil, his existence hidden from the world by desperation of the last person who wielded it, deep within the earth. However the influence and dark powers of the magical weapon Azazel reaches as far as it's corruption and it was only a matter of time before it got itself unearthed. Although no one could hear him Azazel could only chuckle as he awaited his next victim as the cursed blade was transported to magnolia in a sealed box. He wondered who his new playmate would be.

But in the end it didn't really matter, did it? The cycle will will always continue..

Cain Tova  Demon_zps6ea37836

   [Guild & Magic]

   Guild: Shadow Heart

   Guild Tattoo: Cain has the guild symbol stamped onto the top of his right hand in black. Although, it is not uncommon for the symbol to be hidden under the gloves he wears.

   Magic: Union of the Cursed
   Caster or Holder: Holder type magic with an elemental affinity for darkness

   Description: Although many people tend to name there magic something rather symbolic, the title "Union of the Cursed" is actually very literal. The weapon known as Azazel is a magical sword which was infused with darkness and written upon it a terrible curse which fuels it's power. Centuries of malice and corruption have twisted this simple magical object into a sentient being capable of manifesting itself to it's wielder and even to others if done through the wielder himself.

The sword forms a parasitic bond with whoever dares wield it. It melds and becomes one with the host body on both a magical level and at times a physical one. The sword does this so it can imbue it's owner with it's power which allows them to transform into what Cain has come to call different "configurations." The sword will change it's host body's shape and physical make up, turning them into what most would consider a monster. The sword itself will then change and morph into a different shape to benefit the current state of the wielder. It also gives the wielder access to darkness typed magic which must be channeled directly through the sword itself, meaning it's options compared to a caster type.

However this power does not come without price. The transformation the user goes through isn't as simple as channeling the form of a beast like takeover mages or equipping some prior selected armor like a re-quip mage. The users bones and flesh breaks and reforms itself in accordance to the desired effect and it is an excruciatingly painful process, so much so that if over used can defeat the wielder before a fight has even begun. The reason for this however is what makes the weapon parasitic in the first place: It feeds off pain both physical and emotional. It requires it to stay alive and temper it's power with and if it will happily inflict increasing amounts of pain to the wielder (to the point of death, even) until it is fed.

This is what makes it a parasitic and cursed blade. Once obtained it forces the user to constantly be around pain and suffering or else it will face death. Even using the powers granted by the weapon inflicts agony. This is the burden Cain chose, his cross to bear.

(I'll explain in more detail on how the sword became the way it is in the history. I've made a separate history section pertaining to Azazel only as the sword is as much a character here as Cain.)

   Strengths: The main strength of the blade comes from the versatility and options it provides to it's user. With the ability to configure itself to suit either offensive or defensive needs along with the limited ability in darkness magic it gives it's wielder, Cain will constantly have options to work with.

Although there are no real ranged options available to him through the blade the melee prowess of this holder type magic more than makes up for it in a fight. Since the spells it does have access too are darkness magic in nature it does have a natural duality of course with light spells, being both strong and weak towards it.

Configuration Nightmare:

Configuration Nightmare could best be described as a towering juggernaut. The strengths of this terrible form are rather obvious in this case. The mound of muscle and bone form it's own organic heavy armor increasing both the defensive and sheer brute force of Cain tremendously. Although he looks unarmed, one should not be fooled as the weapon Azazel is what makes up the tail of the beast. With two prongs and the length of the tail being a good six feet, it is his main method of attack in this mode and although he could easily cut with it, one should fear it's ability to impale a target most.

The design of this configuration is a titanic melee brawler. However like everything, it comes with it's drawbacks.
Cain Tova  Godzilla_Neo___MONSTER_X_by_KaijuSamurai_zpsb9d5e76f

Configuration Nemesis:
The Nemesis, a configuration made of bone and sinew with the blade merging and replacing the right arm entirely. The name of the game in this configuration is as the name suggest and that is pure aggression. The fastest of the frames, it increases Cain's speed and reflexes, allowing for lightning fast assaults. Although the strikes aren't as strong as his other forms in the time they can land two strikes, Nemesis could land four.

Nemesis' job is to keep up the pressure and to stay in the face of whoever it's going after while being nimble enough to evade or parry enemy attacks with it's large blade.
Cain Tova  PROTOTYPE_armor_blade_G_rolli_by_prototype91

Configuration Tyrant:
 Tyrant is the true embodiment of the darkness magic that fuels Azazel. Cain's skin is mostly stripped away only to be replaced by vividly flowing darkness which moves, lives and breaths as a mist. What is left of his skin is translucent revealing his beating heart clearly, slowly turning blacker as the corruption of his cursed blade seeps into him.

This is the caster so to speak of the three forms, giving Cain access to the most darkness spell versatility. He can fight at both ranged and melee combat in this form although he would shine as a back line fighter and support. The main strength of this form is the ability to use the staff of darkness his blade morphs into to channel various darkness spells. But like all things there are drawbacks to this.
Cain Tova  E648472ec178572a0a6c227875e55f6c_zpsf389112a

   Weaknesses: The drawbacks to the magic are varies. The first and most obvious of the drawbacks would be it is a holder magic and like any holder based magic, if someone got the sword away from Cain in some way, there would be no way for Cain to use any of it's attacks or abilities along with causing a sudden and painful reversion to his normal human state. Although this task can be difficult at times even more so due to the parasitic nature of the weapon, to do so could almost be said to be an instant win.

Another drawback would be the curse itself and how the power presents. It causes physical pain and damage to the holder of the weapon and it's not something that you just get used to over the years, not easily. Because of the self inflicted damage done to the body while he transforms, Cain would only be able to transform a few times (3 not counting turning back human) per-thread meaning he'd have to be smart with his choices and commit. Although there could be times this limit is breached it would be in most cases fatal to the user.

Configuration Nightmare:
Nothing is perfect however and neither is Nightmare as it comes with two major drawbacks. The first and perhaps biggest is that due to the power it takes to sustain this form due to the increased size and muscle mass, along with the location of the weapon (being the tail) Cain loses any ability to cast darkness spells in this form, making him a pure physical fighter. Although he has enough defense to withstand attacks of both physical and magical he can only attack with physical blows.

Secondly this is the slowest form in the possession of Cain. To compare his speed would be that of an average human in this state. This makes it much harder for him to catch slippery foes and makes it completely ineffective against long ranged foes unless the increase in defense is completely required. He might hit harder and be harder to hit but he is much easier to avoid.

Configuration Nemesis:
The Nemesis however is not perfect and has it's kinks in the armor. Although it is the fastest of the forms it is also defensively the weakest. The sinew that makes up the body of the configuration is only slightly stronger than bare skin and gets easily damaged. If Cain takes an attack in this form he will feel it, so he better be able to use his speed to avoid attacks or block them. This makes him very vulnerable to any kind of AoE based attack if he can't outrun it.

Secondly is the strength of attacks. Although getting sliced will clearly cause damage, they trade power for speed. This means against targets in heavier armor or using strong defensive spells the damage would be negligible. The only "strong" attack in this form would be a full body impale and that is due to the size of the blade but that kind of thing is rare to pull off as one might imagine. The idea here is to slice and dice the enemy so if they have good defenses, this would not be the best of choices.  

Configuration Tyrant:
Unlike his other forms Tyrant is much more a caster than a fighter and is more designed to stand in place and support allies in combat as opposed to being a head to head fighter. The major weakness of this form is the loss of most of his physical prowess. Although he can fight head to head in melee against anyone who specializes in melee combat (such as his other forms or someone like Natsu) Cain would be easily overwhelmed.

The second weakness is unlike his other forums he has no type of enhancements. He is as weak as a normal human physically speaking. No power spikes, no extra defense. The only thing he has to fall back on are his spells. Because of these it is rare for this form to come out unless as said, supporting other allied fighters.

RP Sample:
Azazel knelt down before Cain to meet the young boy eye to eye. The ancient evil smiled as he placed a single clawed talon under the boy's chin, lifting it so there eyes were even and he began to spoke. "How about we make a deal Cain?" He began as he tilted his head slightly, the smile increasing ever so slightly in it's length. "I'll grant you the centuries worth of power I have stored within myself to you. I'll make you powerful, everything you seem to want. All I ask is that you feed me. I've been asleep for so long and my hunger is ravenous." Azazel's explanation ended on a sinister sounding note that his angelic voice simply couldn't mask. Despite that though the offer was extremely tempting.

But, curiosity and caution finally took over and Cain simply asked "Feed you what, Azazel? What is it you seem to hunger for?" His voice was tinged with the slightest hint of fear, fear of the unknown. The smile on Azazel's face only grew wider into a grin as he stared deep into Cain's eyes. It was hard to tell what he was enjoying more, the chance that he'd be fed or the fact he was about to rip a poor boy's innocence to shreds. "Simple my dear boy, Pain. Suffering. Perhaps, even...a few lives here and there. Such a small price to pay for power so sublime, would you not agree?" At first Cain thought he was just joking but as they stared silently at each other it quickly became obvious Azazel wasn't.

Cain shook his head violently as he finally understood why the sword was sealed up in so many protective seals. This thing, Azazel. He was evil. "No deal. I could never accept that, how could anyone accept that?" Cain retorted. To his surprise though Azazel didn't respond, he just stood up and stared at him smiling. It was disturbing as if he knew a joke and wasn't letting Cain in on the punch line. But then it hit him, literally. A fire ball was shot through the trees and impacted into Cain's chest throw the boy backwards still grasping the blade and placing sever burns on his chest. It wouldn't have been so bad but it had caught him completely off guard.

As the smell of burnt flesh filled his nose Cain winced and leaned up to look past the now grinning Azazel to see a tall man with fire still in his hands walking towards Cain. "I think yeh have somthin 'o mine boyo." He said with a cackling smile as he placed a foot on Cain's stomach. Cain began to panic as the pain set in, he looked over to Azazel with fear in his eyes. "Please, help me Azazel. I promise we'll talk about this just please don't let him kill me." Cain begged but to no avail. Azazel simply shook his head and leaned down whispering into his ear "I'll only accept a yes. Bond with me..Feed me. Only then will I assist you."

Meanwhile the man who stood atop Cain looked at him funny, confused who the boy was talking to but none the less he began to fire another attack. The flames flared and built up in his hand. As Cain stared into those flames all he saw reflected back were visions of hellfire sweeping his life away. The fear of imminent death swelled up within him and with a single tear flowing from his eye down his cheek Cain uttered a single, shaky "Yes.." Instantly a large torrent of darkness magic flowed from the sword, strong enough to knock the man atop Cain back and on his ass. The deal had been struck.

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