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Post by Travis Moon on Wed Nov 05, 2014 2:49 pm

Request name: Guard the shop
Request rank:C
Guild: Lamia Scale
Client name: Seras Jade
Objective: Guard and watch the clients shop while she gone visiting her family for a week.
Location: Hosenka Town
Reward: 10
Request description: I need someone to guard and watch over my shop while Im gone  visting my family in oak town for a week.
Request details: 1:Meet the client in her shop
2:for the 1st 3 nights you will sell and deal with customers.
3: stop Bandits from trying to rob the shop at night on the 4th and 5th day
4: On the 6th and 7th day you will be restocking and checking inventory and make a list of what items are low in stock.


Name: Seras Jade
General Appearance: Seras jade is a 29 year old girl who is tall with shoulder length blonde hair and green colored eyes. She wears a light green blouse with tan caprices and dark green running shoes.
Personality: seras is a bubbly and joyful person who is a dedicated shop owner who is conecerned on leaving her shop alone because she is paranoid that someone might rob it when she is not there.
Motivations: She wants to make sure her shop is safe.
Fears: She is afraid of her shop being robbed.


Name: robbers x2
Age: 25
General Appearance: black clothing with a ski mask on
Personality: They are greedy and only care about money.
Motivations: To get stuff for free and sell it for their own benefit
Fears: Being caught
Spells/Abilities: Shadow knife( an attack where the user stabs opponent with a knife made of shadows, weak against light based magic)

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