Gather what you can and put it in the truck.

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Gather what you can and put it in the truck. Empty Gather what you can and put it in the truck.

Post by PatriotArrow on Mon Nov 17, 2014 9:45 pm

As of tonight, the site is officially done! That means in about one week (11/24/14), officially everything moves to the other site. In the meantime (and even after), you can move your characters and other things in and get comfortable. I'll even be unlocking the approved characters here for awhile so that you can easily get your coding and transfer.

Note: Spoilers do not function presently on the new site, so remove spoilers from your apps. Also, the [center] command is now [align=center] and [/align]

If you want to continue threads that are here to there, don't worry. You can either transfer threads or link to the old threads and continue. However you want to handle it.

A few quick notes:

1. the new site features a handy parent/child account system, allowing you to attach all of your characters to a single account and even choose which account you're posting as from a dropdown menu while posting. This does mean you'll need a parent account for you as an rp'er and a child account for each character, but don't worry. Unlike forumotion, the new site allows you to use the same email as many times as you like.

2. When you move, your experience will be moved over as well. Some things have been reworked bit to function better with the new site host, and as a result many people who have bene rp'ing here for awhile will be rewarded with the opportunity to apply for a higher rank.

2b. We're also re-adding a shop due to a handy new site function, so check that out.

3. The site's plot is going to be jumping ahead two months to allow for a fresher start in a new place. However, the timeline won't proceed until February, when it catches up with real-time dates.

With these things in mind, I hope you really enjoy the new site. Here's the link!

Gather what you can and put it in the truck. MFy5LBe

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